rFactor 2 and SimuCUBE

@SKeijmel Do you have any new settings since the last video? Because there have been quite a few updates of RF2 and simucube since then. Thank you for your settings.

i use this now https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/139815407279144960/590252103302381609/unknown.png

and ffb smoothing ingame on 5


download link in the video discription https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDdzphVOvwU

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Okay, thanks, you kept the same one.

I like to run the game-FFB smoothing at 2 or 3 because it gives me a little margin to make adjustments in-game, so it’s really a combination of both in my case.

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Hello! I recently bought the Small MiGe 20nm from SimRacingBay running FW - 0.11.2. Got settings right in iracing so all good there. However if someone could help me get the latest good base settings right for rFactor 2 i would be very happy (need to try the new LeMans track). This thread is miles long and its hard to find all the settings needed. I drive mostly GTE / LMP2 cars if it helps.

So need the SimuCube software settings and also game + controller settings :slight_smile: Cheers!

For Simucube 1, load the osw_simucube profile in game and assign controls.

Then, add reconstruction filter to whatever softness you like (I would start at 3) and add friction and damping (maybe 1.5% damping and 1% friction in Simucube 1 Configuration Tool). Then adjust the strength to your liking.

There are no absolutely correct settings for any car.


So this would be a good start? (1440 for the auto DOR if I understood that correctly)

do you plan to do this evolution for SC1?

Thanks for your work !

Yes, but the development of the Sc1 configuration tool is in a different project than the Sc2 software, so every new feature will be manually carried over, so it is extra work. Not promising any time table for this.


If you want some help on SC1 I’m here.

setting templates are mainly very similar if not the same for sc1/sc2, so a bunch of settings .ini files for iracing/rfactor/dirt rally / raceroom / etc would help. Maybe if the title has both openwheel and GT cars, two profiles could be used for them. We are aiming for around 50% power level for any template created profile.


I run SimuCUBE (Small Mige) at 100% with rF2, but I have to turn down the FFB multiplier in-game on most cars down to .50 or less. Does that sound right or do I have some ini or json settings that need to be changed? Otherwise most cars the FFB is just too much and in no way realistic, especially on GT3/E cars that have power steering and not a ton of down force.

That’s higher ffb than I have so I don’t think anything is wrong in what your doing.

I’m using 100% force in True Drive and my in game multiplier is always around .25 for the GTE and GT3 cars.

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Thanks, good to know. I changed anything that needed to be changed back when I first got the OSW but I wasn’t sure if one of the rF2 updates since then may have reverted everything.

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Hi there, did you ever find a solution to this? I raced the GT3s the other day and didn’t really feel any discernible ABS effect. Same for a buddy with SC2.

Yes and no, I managed to improve by modifying the brake effect line in your steering wheel file. However, to ensure that this is properly taken into account, it must be loaded into the game after any modification.

For example, this is what I do:

  • in the game I create a backup of my configuration
  • I come to modify it with a text editor
  • I go back into the game I reload the configuration

From memory I think I’m at -10000

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Ok great stuff, thanks for the quick reply :+1:
Seems odd that you have to do those 3 steps, but anyway I’ll give this a try later on and see what happens.

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@Skeijmel: thx for sharing again. I noticed that the controller.ini with your settings was one prior to the auto steering rotation implementation. Might confuse people a bit. I also noticed your latest setting in SimuCUBE is at 900degrees steering wheel rotation, and with 100% FFB strength now with some dampening and friction (in SimuCUBE). That makes the wheel a bit slower, but feels a bit more natural is my first impression. However are you still at a steering wheel saturation of 0.1? Mine are a bit higher, gives me more that feel of weight like AC which to me feels a bit more realistic (soon I’ll test this with reality on Zandvoort).

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The best settings. Proper weight of the wheel and great detail.

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