No force feedback in ETS2

I have absolutely zero force feedback in ETS2 and ATS. I can feel bumps, curbs, engine vibrations and stuff like that but that’s it. No directional force feedback. The spring slider in TD acts exactly like a bungee cord in game making it a bit tedious to control the truck at speed. I have played around with the TD sliders and in-game sliders for what felt like hours, even setting everything to 100%
I understand that ets2 uses very basic ffb, but is it normal that SC2 outputs no steering force feedback at all?

Dont tried ETS2 but with other wheels is mandatory to rise up DirectInput effects at 100%
Only Spring effect at 100% IIRC

I tried everything at 100%. And the spring effect slider acts exactly as a bungee cord. Both while just sitting in the truck and even in the game menu, if I turn the wheel, it will just snap back to center. That’s why I have it at 20%, so it won’t be as harsh and hard to turn.

Yep, just tried it and its unplayable.

Its like DirectInput effects are allways active, without any variation…
Ingame Forcefeedback Stiffness bar is DI friction bar in TD
ingame Forcefeedback centering bar is DI spring bar in TD

Wathever you put on that, will be allways on play, even on menus.
With any other wheelbase, if you are parked, only friction/stiffness forces are active, centering forces comes in play at certain speeds and friction decrease

Yes, this is exactly it.

@Mika is it normal that sc2 does not have ffb in this game?

We will investigate this soon. But while we had as per spec Directinput effects implemented already in Simucube 1, these titles never actually did effects consistantly.

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Ok. Thank you. I play this game a lot, so the lack of ffb was quite a bummer. Looking forward to your findings.

By consistantly, I mean that it did not seem to always create the same ffb effects when you alt tabbed out of the game and back. But it warrants another investigation as its been a while.


Please, it’s worths to take a look at it!

Paste here a recurrent topic from SCS forums:

Important note from developer:
“ETS 2 will recognize and use any wheel that falls within reasonable DirectInput standards. Any wheel should work as long as that wheel doesn’t mess about with DX drivers or reports values that fall outside the range of normal DI operation.
If your wheel does any of that you need to ask ascher racing for a “standard” mode that you can use for games that doesn’t deal with exotic wheels of this nature.”

@mika said that problem is gone for SC1 but my test with SC2 tells me that DirectInput is not well implemented right now, its like SC2 software only takes the first effect at 100% and is not capable to change that values, they are always active.

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Yes, I saw this information on the SCS forums as well, and seeing that SC2 officially supports ETS2 was a great benefit and was the deciding factor for my purchase of SC2 over other DD options on the market. While its unfortunate that its not functioning as intended at the moment, its good to know that Mika is looking into it.

It was me who commented on that forum that the information is most likely outdated as the thread was started in 2015… But yeah, I will re-test at least ETS2.

I’m currently investigating this for the first time in a long while. It appears that there is indeed bungee cord type of effect. I do not remember it being like this previously.

So you’re saying that at one point, the game did in fact have ffb output with SC2?

We last tested this with SC1, more than a year ago.

I’m implementing a fix for at least this spring effect at the moment, the current implementation is clearly wrong.


Ok awesome, a fix for the spring effect would be fantastic because everything else seems to be working fine. Thank you.

I also verified the friction effect that ETS2 is sending, and it seems to either use full friction, half friction or zero friction, and when alt-tabbing back to game or when resuming driving, it does not consistantly activate the same level of friction. But at least it does not change when driving, its all up to the spring effect.

Fix will be in 1.0.10 this week.


Now it is time to give my input to the American market.


Awesome, thank you very very much.

this american truck seems to have much less centering force, but still it seems to work in a logical way now.