No force feedback in ETS2

Lol at least it works, right :joy:. That’s all I need.

My test was on AmericanTS, and Friction doesnt work too, with my another Thrustmaster servos Friction effect changes with Speed

Working OK with TrueDrive version 1.0.10

DirectInput Spring works OK
DirectInput Friction works very harsh and is active in menus and out of truck.

DirectInput Square wave needs a rescalation, is very subttle/almost imperceptible at 200% in TD and with full Crash forces ingame. Is not at the same level as Spring or shine

I shall test it again quite soon. The last time we reviewed the DirectInput effects, they were as specified in DirectInput specification. However, trucks have very heavy power steering systems and thus there really shouldn’t be much felt on steering column in crashes.

I would love for any fix for ATS/ETS2 also make it into the SC1 as well.
Those weird always on centering force is killing it for me.
And I’ve so much looked forward to do some trucking with 1800° of rotation:smile:

Ever since TD v1.0.10 released with the fixes, I’ve been using 1800 DOR and its just great. Hopefully SC1 gets a fix as well.

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Can anyone share his TD and ingame FFB settings for Euro Truck Simulator? Thanks in advance!

This is what I’ve been using. I like it.


Thanks mate, I’ll give your settings a try asap!

eurotruck sends engine vibrations to the steering wheel. I like the feel of this (makes the simucube2 act like a very lightweight butkicker), but i wonder if this can do any harm to my simucube2 / ascher f28-sc wheel, since you can hear it rattling alot… ?

Just wanted to follow up on this older thread since it’s the only one I see with ETS2 mentioned as of late. I wanted to know how the force feedback is now currently in ETS2/ATS with their new versions releases where they did for one of them some work on FFB I thought.

Has anyone had great success for this title using the simucube pro?

Have a look here

thank you for the reply. I don’t know how I missed this.