Assetto Corsa and Simucube 2

Mate i had to read this 3 times to get the overall idea :joy:… As always from you that is great stuff! But just to simplify things my settings are these

I would seriously appreciate if you could spend some time and try these out. Your feedback could indeed be very valuable.

Do you see little filled circle next to Damping strength setting in TD while driving. That should indicate that effect is actually Active.
With Damper gain and minimum damper both at 0% as in your settings, this effect wouldn’t even register in TD. Something bizzare is going on with that.

Actually it didn’t occur to me before that DI damping was even doing anything as i thought there was always a dash in that, cause i always alt-tabed to change settings. I think that previously i had it in 0% or 8%. But when i start using your settings, in order to try and adjust them to my liking, i was playing AC in windowed mode open next to TD. That is when i realized that only while driving this circle was there and i thought i should fiddle a bit with it (irrelevant but the same case is with DR 2 and DI friction). And indeed this made a serious difference and i was able to balance some forces especially with counter steering. I don’t know if this is a bug or not, all i am trying to tell you is that by playing with DI damping maybe this can help you reaching to better settings with the old and new gyro as well. Then of course you can post them here so we give them a try… :smiley:.

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Have spent some time testing that.
What I’ve done is disabled ALL TD Constantly operating filters so they don’t mask the results.
My findings.
When car is standing on starting line DI Damper effect is show as filled balloon (active)
Shortly after starting moving it turns into empty circle (effect registered but not active).
Running back and forth multiple times with DI Damper at 100% and 0% did not register any difference in my system, all felt the same. Adding little 5% of TD damper (the one at the top) registered right away and was very noticeable.
For the reference, this is how to properly interpret Active notification flag next to DI Effect.

Honestly don’t know how to explain anomaly you are experiencing, unless it’s just some placebo effect.

And on separate topic, discovered another not so pleasant thing with new Gyro implementation, you can read here. Join Gyro discussion there if you wish, Stereo (mod author) on that forum and responding too.


Andrew thanks for taking the time to check this and this is very interesting. For sure though it was not a placebo effect, with 100% DI damping cars were impossible to control when grip was lost. When i reached to that conclusion i was using the experimental verison AC CM with the hardware lock and the shaders bug. Maybe there was an issue with this version, or there is something else wrong. Now that i got the confirmation from you on this, i will have to investigate further.

Mmm… my experience with SC2 and DirectInput games tells me that that empty ballon is not “real” and Simulator is sending signal (sine, shaw, etc…) but TD is showing an empty balloon. Somethin is off for sure, SC2 DirectInput filters are not so well integrated i think


September´19 - DI filter effects not working properly over ETS2/ATS, always active. True Drive software v1.0.10 solved the issue with DI spring but others remains “offset”. No chages so far

Highly probable, DR 2 DI effects are completely screwed in TD and better all off.
But in this case I have also done actual feedback testing, not sure how accurate my senses are though.
You can try this out yourself, may be there is some difference. Just make sure to use the same damper settings in AC, that is max and min damper both at 0.

I tried it with the settings you shared and find the FFB quite enjoyable. Makes me want to go back to AC now.

That said, the FFB can feel really harsh on non-Kunos tracks, specifically on bumps.

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If you use these settings
They are fine, except at the moment I personally cannot recommend “tweaked” gyro due to broken SAT dampening when the wheel snaps back after gaining traction.
Stock gyro provides more gentle transition, while with the new one it’s pretty harsh kick back. Adding more damper in TD can alleviate that to a degree, but it also mutes other things and makes wheel really slow.

And yes, AC truly shines with Simucube2.

Hi, where i can found the page ffb tweaks in the screenshot above?

@AndreaRally In content manager update to Custom Shaders patch 1.51 or above. The FFB tweaks page should now be available.

I am pretty sure it’s 1.52.
Keep in mind that it completely broke dynamic damping, so expect harsher SAT kick back after slides.

FFB Tweaks was first implemented to 1.51.


“SAT kick back”?
Is that what happens a lot in PC2 & Automobilista 2?

There seems to often be this “all of a sudden jerking” on the wheel that happens as the slide is ending & the front wheel is to retain grip?


Watch Gamermuscle video. Dynamic damping is Gyro in ACC, effect is the same.

I read there were some changes to the gyro in CM 0.1.51+

Has anyone had the opportunity to try it out with the SC2

Some discussion just a few posts above and a big thread on RD.
Try it. Seems like belt wheel users like it, not so sure it works that well for DD.

Where do u find those FFB tweaks in Content Manager ? I cant find them

It is under Custom Shaders Settings, listed as separate FX.

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tomorrow i get a visit from someone who would like to test drive a Simucube. Could someone send me screenshots with the most important settings? I own the game but have no idea what to set up there