New IONI firmware 1.6.30 -- update: 1.6.90



I need general overview of the settings in Granity.


Hello, I tried the 1.6.30, I removed 8.4 simucube and I went back to Mmos, and the sum of 1.6.30 and Mmos gives very good result, sdr 480/720, big mige (Augury), ionipro hc, I tried it in Rf2 , Automobilista and it’s going very well, but in AC it makes a horrible noise when I go out on the track and it blocks my steering whee


Hi, after some testing with the new firmware (1.6.30) i have a more detailed ffb but the motor comes faulty quite easily (FUV - under voltage fault). So i tried to decrease FUV from 30 (standard value) to 20 and with better results but still fails under big shakes (crashes, some big saves…). With old firmware i was running FUV at 20 too without problems. Seems that trying lower values could be risky?

SimuCUBE based OSW kit with CM110 case
Servo Motor: MiGE 130ST-M15015 30Nm (SinCos)
PSU: Mean Well 480W/720W peak (Noiseless) 30Nm
Servo drive: Ioni Pro HC (25A)

Granity settings:



after sending my settings to Mika he suggested to set Over Current Tolerance (FOC) to maximum - I used very high before - and I had no over current fault in DR since then.

Mika thanks for the quick response/solution!


I have Large Mige system and updated to beta 1.6.30 firmware. It has been working fine for several days. I post this info to assist Mike and others in case this has any significance to issues others are having.

In 1.6.1, under Machine, my measured (MR) Coil resistance was 1.247 ohms, and the measured (ML) Coil Inductance was 4.461 mH. After flashing 1.6.30, I did “Measure resistance & inductance” again, and it is now MR 1.216 and ML 3.859. Noticing the difference, I measured several more times with consistent results. I don’t know what these values do, and it may not be material to anything being discussed, but I thought I’d throw it out there for the experts to discuss.

1.6.1 Firmware

1.6.30 Firmware


As I’ve understood it, the measurement should work the same. Maybe @Tero has an input or interest to look at this.


for the people who say they lost feel i got a tip.
Move tbw back to 680 or 1000 if you where running unlimited now. it makes the ffb less smooth so you can notice details like oversteer more clearly. if my testing from just now is correct:)


Regarding the MR and ML calculated values: I reverted back to 1.6.1 and measured resistance and inductance, and I get the lower values reflected in 1.6.30. I am quite confident that when I first installed Granity after acquiring my system I had measured at the higher value. Very strange. Would these values change in the motor over time or with use?



I have just installed this firmware and the servo became noisy. i have a lenze servo and with the previous version it was quit. No noise at all. But after installing this one i have a constant electrical sound when i turn the wheel. Is this normal? What should i modify in the config to avoid this noise?

thank you in advance

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This is now a known issue, and you can use the non-beta version of the IONI firmware.


Thx for the qucik answer. I hope that it will be eliminated easily.


You can also see Tero’s comments about this issue here:

… and the following posts after that.

Summary: Something goes wrong in the new beta IONI firmware when measuring MR/ML values, specifically evident when using Lenze servos, but you can manually set those to reduce the noise.


Szabolcs I am the other Lenze driver and glad to hear I am not alone :wink:

Mika, my MR/ML values only work with reconstruction filter ON (1-10 doesn’t matter) If I turn of recon, the Lenze is noisy no matter the ML/MR values. This is indicating to me that something is wrong - no other ioni firmware leads to a noisy Lenze.

I hope there will be a real fix. Until then I am driving 1.5MR and 4.2ML.



I am sure that they will fix this issue. And i am sure that the problem is caused by the new ioni firmware.

Question: do you feel any difference if you use manual settings in ml and mr?



I tried hard to feel a disadvantage with my manual settings but there is none. as terro said, I think the values are not displayed or not set correctly after measurement.

MR 2.0 and ML 11 is ok as well.

But I keep the MR value around 1.4 because you loose torque otherwise they said.


Anyway i hope that this will be corrected in the new version


We have fixed some things, but only Tero knows exactly what, in the next version. Pending the results and decision of this, we might even include just the “old” 10601 firmware in the next week’s SimuCUBE build, so that maximum amount of people can get the best possible FFB via manual IONI firmware update. Target is, of course, to have just one version eventually.



is not better to think on thousand of people with mige motors?

the 1.6.30 is a BIG step forwars on mige motors.

i really dont want to come back.



they might release a newer version of the ioni firmware too?! and anyway you can re flash the 1.6.30 if you want that. with the new upcoming firmware


Yeah and a SimuCUBE firmware doesn’t overwrite Ioni firmware if the Ioni is new enough. I was just talking about what to include for auto update IF an update is required.