New IONI firmware 1.6.30 -- update: 1.6.90

First beta has been released.

Changes since 1.6.1:

New features/Improved features

  • New buffered motion stream clock synchronization method. Reduces average time difference in buffered multi-axis interpolation under 50 ns.
  • New motor regeneration method in SimuCUBE mode. Reduces heating of regenerative resistor on SimuCUBE.
  • Improved effectiveness of encoder signal crosstalk filtering when Torque bandwidth limit TBW is set to 680 Hz or less. This may reduce motor noise in high inductance motors with incremental encoders.

For SimpleMotion developers

  • Added support for new SimpleMotion CB1_FORCE_ENABLE flag to ignore missing physical ENABLE signal to the drive
  • Drive now ignores all writes to SMP_CONTROL_BITS2 variable


  • Fixed calculation of power used in Maximum peak power MPP thus improving accuracy of the maximum peak power feature.

Update: scroll down to see discussion about later 1.6.90 version.


i will have a look after dinner how do you flash this in granity i guess. ill have a look in the wiki after dinner :wink:
Happy to try it out :wink:

Update: link to the wiki
How to flash ioni firmware :slight_smile:

i read this @ release notes

Force enable drive button in Granity older than than 1.14 will not have any effect due to SimpleMotion changes.

but the newest version i can download is 1.13

Update firmware seems great less overall motor sound its quite a bit quieter overall. and now the weird popping noise and “cross talk” is gone at tbw 1000+ 4700 Unlimited ect!
Also the motor feels smoother/ same go’s for the ffb

Small Mige 10.000 PPR here

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Did 50 laps Brands Hatch with the iRacing Nissan GTP and the new firmware feels really good. I couldn’t stop driving. I used TBW 680 before and now Unlimited with recon 3. Noise (sound) from the motor is reduced which is nice. You can still feel some noise (ffb) in the wheel when slaloming on the straight but that’s probably down to iRacings poor 60 hz force feedback.

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Hi Guys,

I’ve just run with the new 1.6.30 but have 1 or 2 issues, I’m running the Simtronics encoder @ 3.7mil. I’ve found the FFb drops for a split second then returns but the biggest problem was during a race were I lost FFb & axis direction and a grinding sorta noise from the motor and grainy feel on the wheel, I power cycled the wheel and all returned just fine but in the next session I loose ffb & direction again.

I’ve reverted back to 1.6.1 and all my isseues disappear but I also find the Ffb feels better with a fuller feel while driving compared to 1.60.30

Hi, agree with you that the FFB feels better with a fuller feel while driving with the 1.6.1 when using an earlier firmware, i feel less understeer and its more easier to catch slides with older firmware 1.6.0. Tested on GT3 PC2 with few cars on Fuji and other a couple of other laser scanned tracks. However my wheel stopped working after checking the two versions trying to resolve this, although the new fw seems to have eliminated much of the noise at all frequency ranges for me, which is great.

I tried the new firmware briefly last night. It seems their is some sandyness or grainyness, where nefore there was none.
But I will have to test some more

Really happy with the new firmware because it removed 90% of noise!

  • Everything ok
  • Noise increased
  • Feeling is better
  • Feeling is worse

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For me the new firmware is an early Christmas present.

Since I replaced my 10k encoder with 40k version and setting [TBW] above 680 my motor were hissing as if somebody was deflating a tire right in front of me.

I could reduce this noise to an acceptable level by lowering [ML] an [MR] in Granity, but I never got rid of the grainy noise/feeling.

Now, with [ML] and [MR] measured and set (very close the original motor spec) and even with [TBW] set to Unlimited the motor is dead silent and there is no more grainy noise/feeling.

I am happy with this new firmware, thanks @Tero and @Mika

Just adding to my notes above I feel understeer soooo much better with the 1.6.1

Just upgraded the Ioni firmware to my small Mige… I can now run unlimited TBW, before I could only go up to 680 before inductance grinding noises started. The wheel just feels smoother,as a direct result I have reduced the reconstruction filter from 5 to 3 and have upped the ffb 10-20% ( from my own preference ). I hammered round road america for an hour in the Porsche in iRacing, played with the settings and did not have any glitches.

I had considered getting a uprated encoder… not any more, can’t see the point after this update.

What can I say other than a big “thank you” to Mika and Tero… They keep making the OSW better and better.


Can you report whether there were any faults in the IONI when viewed via Granity, when you lost FFB totally? As this is a beta of the IONI firmware, there could be some issues there that cause this, and we really would like to get them fixed before bundling this to SimuCUBE firmware.

Will reinstall the beta and attempt to make it fault again… It happened during a race so I powercycled to get going again so no idea of fault codes, so to be clear you would like Simucube error code on the UI… anywhere else ?

I would like a screenshot of the Granity Testing -tab if possible. Also the SimuCUBE configuration tool will show a reason for the wheel fault in the top of the screen.

also, cycling e-stop will clear all faults in SimuCUBE mode on the IONI drive. Can you test if that helps?


Remember that Assetto and other titles offer much higher resolution than say iRacing (60hz), and with DD becoming more common (Fanatec’s upcoming launch), game devs are going to start working on providing higher resolution.
Software can use the SinCos/Biss encoders much higher capabilities to create better feel.
So, at least for me I think it was a worthwhile investment to future guard my OSW - I got the $150 option from SimRacingBay and can feel the differences in AC.

Wasn’t 1.6.1 only for BiSS encoders? Not SinCos.
Placebo perhaps?

Mika - correct me if I’m wrong, but the description said nothing of improving SinCos functionality in this 1.6.1 version?

The improvements were not specific to any particular encoder types as far as I know.

Hey GlobeSpy

I always run the latest offical release ‘1.6.1’ for the Ioni unless I wanna play around with the Beta versions…

Looks like I was already running that version!
My bad!