New IONI firmware 1.6.30 -- update: 1.6.90



Hey Mika,

I’ve reloaded the Beta and run until it faultd, I loose FFB & steering for a split second 2-3 times I run until I need to pit but on the way out I loose everything completely until I hit the wall then the wheel keeps rotating/kicking.

No error shown on the Simucube firmware UI… I couldn’t load Granity as it couldn’t find the motor when I Disabled Ion i Usb Config… Power cycle brings it back

So Granity Testing Tab… do I run Capture instantly or on fault ?


On fault, as with the SimuCUBE firmware you can’t have connection there while driving.


I’m not able to run the test within Granity without loosing wheel completely… Pretty sure I’m doing something wrong…


you are supposed to go to Granity only after wheel has faulted.


Hey Mika,

I’ve checked the Granity user guide but can’t find a step by step to capture faults, should I disconnect from the drive once I’ve started to record on fault then go back to the Firmware UI etc etc… just feel a little lost



I wanted you to check whether there are any faults visible in Granity if/when you loose the wheel like you described. No need to set captures etc.


For that do I stay disconnected from the motor via granity and only connect when it faults?


yes. One cannot remain connected and still use the wheel, as there can be only one Master in the SimpleMotion bus.


The gdf file is 100kb. Is that correct?
First time I will flash ioni… Hope I won’t break anything.

Are the settings stored somewhere and will be automatically reused by the new firmware?


And you can choose to reset all the values if you tick that box.
But yes just flash it in granity and it should all be fine.


I’ve gone back to 1.6.1
I can’t feel anything on turn in with the new firmware


This is very strange as we didn’t change anything that would affect that kind of driving situation.

Which cars are you driving and what amperage is your motor running at?


And i think this is much better than older firmwares.
Small mige here.

Dirt rally is good.
Iracing is good. Maybe few sharp spikes on some tracks, but it is more acceptible level now.
Next i will try pcars2.



For some reason I feel the same as Scully, I was going to ask whether you changed anything on the ffb or whether any adjustments had made on the beta that may or could have an impact how the ffb feels in general on beta.

I know lots have commented and voted that they have been satisfied with the updated. But compared to the 1.6.1, I feel that on the turn it turns wider (understeer) and feels slightly loose to me.

I dont know whether it is specific to what game you play and whether the update is more suited to Iracing, which I havnt had a chance to test it on yet.

However, the last couple of days, I have used beta which feels good and I will not know the difference and adapted well to it, however when I reverted to 1.6., I could feel the car more and it was sharper, maybe its just a placebo or just me and the way I drive. I will probably find out more as time goes on with more testing. I do want to use the beta because its much quieter. I could probably adjust something else ride height or ffb and fx to get what I want from beta, but that not the point. Mostly been testing on PC2 and DR.


I‘m back at the old IONI firmware …
In DR I had 6 overcurrent faults since yesterday after installing the new firmware, while I had none since the beginning I was using SimuCube (MMOS and SimuCube firmware)! I even have the max power slider at 80%.
I have a modified effectsetup_v2.xml file with modified feedback for tire slip, but this was in use since several days now.
Setup is small Mige with Heidenhain encoder and ndr480.


458 GT2, 7.2 Amps running 50% in AC

And when I say I can’t feel anything, it’s like the wheel is almost completely free, I end up completely messing up turn in


Please post screenshots of all your Granity settings. Do you actually mean overvoltage faults?


It’s not a fault thing. It’s gradual, I can feel the self aligning forces build up, but I get way less detail, & it’s very light on turn in, then weights up.


Just done a noise comparison between 1.6.1 and 1.6.30. Using the mige sincos I definitely have more noise with .30 than .1 With .1 I struggled to find a point on the wheel where I could feel the noise and when I did it was quite faint. With .30 i can find numerous points on the wheel where I can feel the noise. Some places where about the same as .1 at its worst and others where it was about 2 x more prominent.
Audible noise wise its about the same.


Hi Mika,
what info do you need in detail?

After switching back I had no issue for 1,5 hours of driving in DR with all kind of cars - faults where happening for non 2010 cars, where I really already felt quite strong FFB.
I anyway noticed that FFB is quite different for some cars since the new max. Current was introduced - some cars like the Lancia Evo 37 are close to break my hands while others cars are not giving any feedback at all. For now I’m trying to optimize the 2010 cars using the effectsetup_v2.xml and then I hopefully can use the in game settings to choose a suitable strength for the other categories (for the Evo I need to reduce some sliders quite a lot to get a FFB that is matching my expectations.