New IONI firmware 1.6.30 -- update: 1.6.90



Thats cool! Thanks.




I am happy with the current simucube version and the last ioni is working as well so this is only a question from me really. What is the plan when do you want to publish the next stable ioni fw? Is it possibel that we will get it soon or the development needs more time?


We are working on it.


Quick update: IONI FW 1.6.90 has been released. It has improved regen algorithm (to address changed feeling in some cases). Now FW uses the traditional regen resistor as first option and fall-back to the alternative method only if regen resistor is near it’s heat disspiation limit. Also Measure R&L feature has been fixed. I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


I have installed the latest Simucube firmware. I wanted to know if the procedure for updating the IONI FW has changed. It seems the instructions on Wiki are confusing for me(noob).
Can we update this thru the configurator?
Any help as far as proper steps to take would be appreciated.
Hardware: SimRacingBay small mige OSW


There is more hiss at idle and u can feel the hiss thru the wheel again like in 161.
10630 was a lot more quiet. @ small mige 10.000ppr.

but no tbw noise from tbw unlimited just the idle motor hiss.

Testing driving now.


Agreed. SinCos a lot worse. Cant hear the hiss over my pc’s fans but can feel it.
Its been getting worse since the last 2 firmwares


Thanks for feedback! I will investigate and want to understand the reason before non-beta.

BTW, @SKeijmel & @Ippai did you re-run Measure motor resistance & inductance with latest FW? Or did you just install FW without touching any settings?


You can compare crosstalk noise by enabling the scope in Granity with “torque setpoint” and torque achieved" selected. Just let the motor sit idle and watch the graph. The amount of noise can vary by angle of the shaft. Also, as you’ve probably noticed in-game, the noise increases with load, so cornering makes the noise more noticeable. Of course, audible noise is no big deal, but feeling the noise through the steering wheel can be immersion breaking.

I’ve tested dozens of servos and encoder types and the noise is comparable in all situations. The only meaningful difference I’ve found is using low inductance motors. The crosstalk filtering implemented on IONI has helped, but the improvements since the first implementation have been fairly incremental, other than being able to run >680Hz TBW with filtering enabled.

I think the filtering techniques have probably been exhausted. Adding more filtering might be possible, but latency probably becomes an issue. From what I understand, Argon is virtually crosstalk free and the signal is butter smooth even on high inductance motors. Presumably the noise could be virtually eliminated on IONI with a PCB redesign.


i redid measurements with 10690. and tested back to back.
going back to 10630 with those same values.
( measurements ware virtually identical to my measurements on 10630 anyway :stuck_out_tongue: )

and did audio recording with my HQ mic Rode NT USB to be “scientific” :stuck_out_tongue: and compare data

tbw unlimited at both firmwares feels better than old 161 where 680hz was only possible of the crosstalk

is it really a cross talk problem or is there more to it ? i always tought it was the magantic poles at different spots since the noise is different on different spots.


Appart from the noise the 60hz iracing ffb signal feels more pronounced / noticable / notchy in 10690
10630 has smoother ffb

even just the bootup beep is a lot louder @ 10690

but yea we probably don’t want to much filtering if it adds lag.

i also would say 10690 feels more like 161 but without the tbw noise problem.

It will be interesting what people with lenze motors have to say :slight_smile:


Just did a quick test of all 3 fw in quick succession 1.6.1 and 1.6.3 hard to tell the difference but 1.6.9 seems like more noise. Remeasured for all 3. It is possible that it s placebo. Will need to do more testing to be sure


Thanks for well thought replies guys! I will perform some measurements between FW versions as well. The final release definitely should be at least as good as any older version.

BTW if you want to do more analytical tests, you can capture the “output voltage” graph in Granity. The noise diaphragm there directly is the producer of the noise. It’s like voltage waveform being played to speaker (instead of speaker voice coil mounted of diaphragm, we have motor coil mounted on its metal frame).


Thanks, Tero.

What is the likeliness of a redesigned IONI to eliminate crosstalk noise? I’m just assuming, but the compact nature of IONI leads to increased crosstalk between components, correct? And Argon does not have this problem because there’s more PCB room and components are spaced more effectively?

Thanks again.


The static hiss actually comes from ADC and PCB design won’t save there. Argon has that noise too, but perhaps little bit less due to tiny bit better ADC on its microcontroller.

PCB design affects encoder crosstalk.That is the biggest difference in Argon (encoder signals are very far away from current sensors there). I have couple of new ideas to try to reduce crosstalk in firmware and will experiment them one day.


Sounds good if that works ffb and general feel will improve a lot, if the noise gets lower since you can literally feel it through the wheel. 10630 was a good step forward already on small mige 10.000ppr but apparently not for all.

All the crosstalk from before is gone on both beta firmwares @ tbw 1000+ / unlimited no more of that kind of noise.
(that hiss improved on 10630 over all the other firmwares)

So to make things clear the 1000hz+ TBW crosstalk is the same as 10630 its gone since that firmware. only the hiss is a bit more. And ffb seems a bit more notchy.


Thanks Tero,

Definite improvement over the 10630 for me, which I could not use and reverted back to 1.6.1 because the wheel felt loose on turning due to lose of detail.

Its also much quieter for me than the 1.6.1 which is a win win. This are my first impression anyway and need more testing. But Im happy with it. Hope it doent crash.


When we get a new stable version, it will be included in the SimuCUBE firmware and it will be automatically updated after the SimuCUBE firmware update, on the first bootup of the SimuCUBE firmware.

These beta versions, if you want to test them, have to be manually updated with Granity.


i am back to testing 1.6.30 vs 1.6.90 again.


Great, let us know about your results!