Available settings on Simucube / Assetto Corsa config

hi there, i’ve read the other threads here, and my question isn’t answered, hence the new one, but if that’s not satisfactory, here’s my humble apology:


anyway: i am a new owner of an OSW from SimRacingBay - very happy with it, and particularly happy with them, Tomo especially. however - i have this feeling that i’m not getting a level of detail that i thought i would get. everywhere people are saying things like “feel every bump”, and i’m not getting that. sure, it’s pretty strong, and in some places so strong i can’t fight it, but there are two situations where i thought i would get something different to what i’m currently getting:

  1. if I rev the engine hard, and push on the clutch, so the revs are at max, 9000ish, but obviously clutch is not engaged, car does nothing, i would have expected that to come back through the Mige. similarly if i then engage clutch i’d expect a jolt as the car comes into life. but nothing there, car just moves forward but not really any noticable difference to the wheel

  2. if i understeer on a corner, i’d expect the wheel to go very light. i’d be able to fill the spin before it came. i’ve noticed this is now there, but it’s there about 200ms before the car spins out, and the feeling is very slight. that’s not sufficient time nor strength to do anything

So: i thought i would investigate all the options and see which one will do what i need. i’m using the simucube firmware. realisticallty this appears to give me 4 usable options:

Recon filter

There’s the DirectInput as well, but these are marked inactive nearly all the time. are these the only ways we can play with the settings? i’ve seen a lot on MMOS, which whilst similar does appear to give a few more options. for now i’ve used the same settings as LARS555, and these are just fine. but not the omigodicanfeelitwhenanantfarts that i’ve read about. it’s undoubtedly strong, for sure, and it is more fun, but i still have that sneaking suspicion that there’s more, and because i’ve not really done anything with configuration here

So any advice would really help:

Settings in Simucube to set up the wheel. mine are currently:
900 range
100% overall strength
recon: 1
damping: 0
friction: 0
inertia: 0.05 // i like this one because it does make the wheel softer in some corners.

Gamma, 1.0
Damping: 0,

gain: 32%
all else is 0.

or are there better firmware, or further firmware within simucube i should play with?



Assetto Corsa seems to lack this type of effect, and because of its physics engine, there is a gradual reduction of friction effect as the speed increases, which will mask tiny jolts at low speeds.

For the point 2) you have, I think there are more knowledgeable people about AC than me to give the things you could try. But mainly, its a limitation of the Assetto Corsa’s physics engine, I think.

SimuCUBE firmware is still under development - of course further development is expected. Stay tuned!

What is your setup? Small mige with sincos? What pedals are you using?

Can you please post photos from simcube configuration , all tabs ?

Is gyro on? Is softlock on or off?

C:\Users\Home\Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg . in file ff_post_process my advice is to leave it stock :



also in assetto_corsa.ini



Do you change wheel rotation per car ?

Please post settings of your wheel in game.

Please tell me if you are speeding in a straight line , give your wheel a small twist and leave it, does it autocorrect or it starts going left and right?

I ll wait for you to respond before giving my thoughts since we play the same game.

Pete, if you are using @LAR555 settings for AC, as am I (Small Mige, 40k), you cannot go far wrong. He is a circuit/rally driver who coaches other drivers using OSW and AC and has 10 Simucube wheels, so he sort of knows what he is talking about.

Although, at the end of the day FFB is down to personal preference. I use some of the extra effects (kerb, road etc) in AC, as I like the additional information, but many keep these at 0.

A lot of this is to do with expectation. If you are told you will feel every bump, and the whole thing will blow your socks off, you can only be disappointed. After having my OSW for a year, I started to doubt how good it was until I tried a friend’s T500, and realised (again) how very good the OSW is.

I run TBW at unlimited. I get a lot of feedback from the tyres and bumps through corners but very little in a straight line with AC. Don’t forget you can play around with the FFB level for each car. If you haven’t already done so, map buttons or a rotary to this so you can experiment in car.

Just my opinion but playing ac with road effects at 0 with a wheel is a no go. I have seen people saying that road effects is a multiplier but that is not accurate. Anyway better play with gamepad than play with wheel and road effects at 0. Just put 0 at road effects and see what road feel you get.

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I felt a lot like yourself, especially about Assetto until i set up as recommended here Assetto Corsa and SimuCUBE

The experience I have from this game is now amazing and by far the best sim I’ve tried. Can’t wait for this months firmware update so it will be even better!

hi, i’m sorry for the delay. real life got in the way, in a big way :frowning:

i’ve since tried iRacing, and rFactor2. IMO both these games are EXCELLENT in the FFB dept. iRacing particularly. i tried driving WITHOUT the FFB on iRacing and i crashed and burned very quickly: the info i get from the wheel does tell me exactly when to start accelerating, whether i go full, or ease in first etc.

ok, now for AC, the setup i have is a mixture of LAR555 and the youtube i was linked to below. I tried LARS555’s efforts because the SKjimel one wasn’t doing it for me. no offence intended, the opposite, i want to acknowledge what a great thing you’ve done there for the wider communnity. and also… i still haven’t found anything better. it was just initial disappointment.

however, i’ll send all i have:






Simucube: AC_game

I know the game shouldn’t have everything set to zero! But what i needed to do was isolate the effects so i know that when i move dial_X, then … will happen. that’s the reason. please do credit me with iq > shoe_size (well, except maybe not European, let’s not go crazy here). the reality is tho, the effects coming from simucube without the additional filters in game are the majority of the effects. so seems like a decent base with which to have a conversation.

as for the other advice - no i have not, good idea. i will make sure FFB is tunable inside the car rather than explicitly options each. and. every. time!

btw thanks to EVERYONE for the replies. it’s really great you guys are answering. again apologies for my slow reply - really was a lot on last 2 weeks, work, life, wife waaaaaaa let me play my games!


Is there a specific reason you changed DAMPER_GAIN=1.0 to zero ? If you try now direct dampening it will not work with that setting disabled.

Please try to set wheel rotation simucube and ingame to be exact acprding to the list here

We dont have small to know if max simucube and 32gain ingame is a nice combo. Is it heavy ? Have you tried other combos ? Lets say 6A with 50gain?

Does your weel autocorect if ypu are going with some speed in a straight line and give it a twist left or right or dpes it start going left to right with force (oscilate)?

You are missing all thw magic with no road, slip etc effects. You dont have tp max them. Try mild settings like 50road 30slip etc until ypu find a combo that you like. Ffb after all should be made to your liking. Also you should adjust those settings in order to set ffb force per car with keyboard numpad + - to avoid clipping forces.

I can not understand how people can decrease their graphical settings with a 1080ti to get 500 FPS and then they try to get himselves convinced that they will have zero input lag.

And then they put all effects to zero to get the maximum ultra mega driving simulation experiencie , doing totally the opossite to what the developers desing.

One of the most wonderfull experiences ever is to be one second faster than them with v-synced 60FPS ,with maximized graphical ,DI effects and Game effects on.

I see some videos floating around with video settings suggesting to turn off completely post processing effects. Lol. Playing pacman 2018.

In ac i believe you can achieve better results by capping the frame limit rather than vsync , but vsync also works.

Perhaps I’m not clear enough: I am playing with those settings. Reason picture is zero is twofold: the first settings I was directed to are from S. Keitel (sorry for butchering your name) he has these at zero. And so secondly, I thought I’d start there through process of isolation understand more about what they actually do. I thought I was clear when I stated I’m well aware they should not be zero and I’m currently testing them out: that the implication is that I’m well aware they should not be zero and I’m currently testing them out. Natural consequence of playing around with them is that any picture I send is incorrect within a matter of seconds. So I sent zeros.

Please don’t misread my tone, I don’t wish to come as unkind. I’m just trying bit confused as to the implication I’m a big derrrr-brain for doing something I’ve explicitly said I’m not doing! No harm though :slight_smile:

These settings are the mangled love child of S.Keijtel’s (sorry again) and dar5555 from a well read post. I think Mr. 5555 suggests we change that setting.

Have to say I played with ffbclip last night and that meant the gain went up and I felt the car get upset with revs as expected so that’s cool.

And I haven’t done as you’ve suggested, play with each car adjusting individually, that is the mission for tonight

Take everythin into consideration and try it for yourself. I am giving you suggestions because what may be perfect for me and mt setup ,may be awful for you. Drive the car , change that setting and see what it changes and if it changes something. That also goes for that setting i told you about. Although as i told you with your settings bec you have 0 direct dampening you wont feel a difference but it is always better to understand for yourself what an option in the config ini realy does.

I would like to know yoyr pedals. If they have a loadcell i would advise you to change the brake gamma to 1. Works out great for most cars.

I would also like you to tell me if with these settings your wheel oscillates. That is pretty important.

Ffb clip is a nice addon but i dont use it anymore. It is better to feel the car and make adjustments yourself. Although it was a good starting point for me aswell.

Hehe :grinning:

Dont worry, and sorry me too, i was not pointing at you , inwas talking in a generic way.


Just came from a thread on rF2 OSW users and i dont understand how people that have been using for years DI dampening hided on their Logitech, thrustmaster or Fanatec drivers and now they get an OSW and try to get rid of any DI damping …because they do think damping is Evil or something…

When damping is way more necessary on OSW than on comercial wheels…

In the meanwhile Mika is working hard to get those DI effects work as they should, when the talibanese hardcore simulation OSW users thinks that those DI effects are Evil…

I have a mix of settings taken from here and there, i will share them too as soon as i arrive home.

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Also in my opinion atm ioni damper is miles better than direct dampening for assetto corsa.

@peteisace tonight if you have time also try with road effects set to 50 and tell us how it feels

There is a lot of information and ideas about OSW and AC in the 114 pages of the OSW Owners thread in the Assetto Corsa Official Forum.


Atle Dreier, the man who invented the FFBClip tool once told me, “My tool is redundant with a direct drive wheel.” Although this was before he created a DD specific add-on to his tool.

As I understand it, if you keep the Overall Strength in SimuCUBE (and before that Mmos) high and the AC Gain lower, you should not have to worry about clipping. e.g SimuCUBE 100%, AC Gain 32%.

There is no rule that says you must or must not use the extra effects in AC. There are many who claim they are canned effects, and even more who feel you don’t need them with an OSW. It is personal choice.

@peteisace Tonight, with no AC effects, drive a car over the grills that run lengthways along the pit lane at Imola. Then do the same with AC road or kerb (I can’t recall which) on at 45% and you will feel the difference.

The key to disabling the effects in Assetto is to also disable the input effects on the Simucube side. Magically the kerb effects and all that are there! I think it feels immensely better in both translating the road surface and in the force feedback. I used to hate Assetto and now I can stop playing it. And its even better on 0.9.9!

@Loukas_Bourdas I wasn’t aware of the brake gamma. I have a load cell so I tried it and wow what a difference!
So much better!!

I also had my graphics down as I’d seen it stated that the FFB is tied to frame rate. I cranked it all back up and set v-sync and I can’t notice a difference in feel. Thanks so much its nice to have it all look pretty again!

Glad you like it. Get used to it and you ll lap faster. A lot faster. Brake confidence is essential.

road effects 50 seems pretty good. playing around with ffb per car tho seems to be where it’s at. i’m running gain of 50 (may try even higher, because i think some effects are a bit muted) but taking it down to 65 on the user effects so the wheel isn’t mentally difficult to turn. road effects 50 seems better than not, but honestly it’s quite hard to attach it to a particular sensation.

currently, there is no oscillation, the wheel basically doesn’t move if i drive in a straight line. but i only checked after setting the DAMPER_GAIN to 1.0. i’m not sure if that was what you were looking to ascertain. my pedals are the Heusinkveld pros with clutch. and yes it had the load cell which is why i used the brake gamma setting.

right now the ffb feels pretty decent in AC, I think the only think now that stands out is this feeling of it being a bit muted when the car is going. but, i do think it’s a lot better than what i came to the forum with.

and of course thanks so much to anyone who took their own time to suggest or even to criticize. all feedback is welcome, absolutely it is. i will continue to play around with the user ffb settings and the ones in AC, and possibly relationship of gain + user ffb.


I have those pedals also and id definitely go with his recommendation of no gamma. Linear for the brake setting for sure. You will adjust to it pretty quick.