Available settings on Simucube / Assetto Corsa config

@Ceolmor didn’t know this about ffbclip , although i am not going to use it , it is a nice feature.

There’s an option page with some new settings:
DD-mode. Enable this if you have a DD wheel. It will set all gains in Nm, and enable the hardware torqque slider. Set this to your wheel’s maximum sustained torque.


If you are using max Nm in simucube config then i think gain must be less than 50. I cannot say for sure since i haven’t played with small mige but . if the wheel is hard tp turn that means you have higher ingame gain than you should and it is basically not reallistic since no car has that stiff wheel. Road effects work in collaboration with gain so you have to find a good match, but you also need curb and slip. In due time i believe you will nail a combo that you will like. In game ffb per car varies a lot from type of car and gain that you have used, but in general gt2,3 and dtm, f1 need more than road and drift cars.

Ler me clarify about damper gain.
You have direct dampening at simucube set at 0

So 0 and 0 damper gain gets you 0

Also 0 and damper gain 1 (or higher for that matter) gets you 0

Now if soneone proposed you to try direct dampening for some reason , let’s say 25% . if you still had damper gain at 0 you would still get 0 .

The only damper that is permanent and doesn’t xare for damper gain is ioni damper in simucube configuration.

I wanted to check if your wheel oscillates. I guess it’s not that big of a problem for small mige as it is for big, to have to set ioni damper in order to avoid oscillations. Just to be crystal clear about this , in order to check it try at a bit higher speeds and don’t just let the wheel in the straight but give it a bit of motion left to right in order to see if it will center by itself.

Maybe because is used on low speed for gyro effect?

Maybe to have some kind of resistance when the car is stacionary?

Maybe because ioni dampening is working all time and not only when the devs want it…?

Just maybe…:grinning:

Ioni damper is constant and has nothing to do withthe damper gain in the config ini. It is relevant to direct dampening though.

Think of damper gain as volume gain on your favorite video player. If you set it at zero at the player even if you set volume at 100 on your os ,you will still listen nothing from the player. I don’t know if it is a good example but it was the first i could think of.

@Gonzas i have seen your post with your test with gyro and direct dampening. Dunno how it works on small mige but in big mige atleast in our setup it doesn’t dampen the oscillations. Only ioni damper fixes that.

I play with a friend on fridays and he have the same Augury kit as me but with a large mige.

And we can share our settings for almost all sims , just changing gain, except AC.

ATM the best settings for me are… (umbrella open) Gyro=0 damper=1 gamma=0.5

Rekon =1 TBW=unlimited, gain 100, all ioni filters 0 , DI damping on 35%

Ingame gain 40% , damping and minforce on 0, enhanced understeer 0 , and a bit of effects 8% curbs, 20 % road and slip.

Im very Happy with those settings with my small mige, i have oscillations, but if i touch
the steering wheel with one finger i dont have them, and i can feel understeer as soon as i lose grip, same with the rear of the car…

But those settings seem to be not working fine in a large mige, seems that bigger inertia makes gyro absolutely necesary and he have to add some ioni dampening yo avoid the rough ffb punch when he comes again to the track after going to the grass or sand , same going over some curbs.

So, yes they behave quite diferent.

I am certain that they behave differently since all reccomended settings coming mostly from ppl with small mige don’t suit the large.

Just to clarify something , you set gamma enabled 0 with 0.5 , or gamma enabled 1 with 0.5 . i am asking because the value of 0.5 will take effect only on the second example. Although i believe you use the first example and you should know that the value 0.5 set in the first example is bypassed.

If you have time try to play with damper min lvl inside the ini. Since its % don’t try high values. Start from 0.05 or even smaller and work your way up but don’t overshoot 0.25 . It could eliminate those oscillations for you. Ofcource another way is to set a really small amount of damper in ioni, but from what you have said so far, i can understand that oscillations is not tha big of a deal for you since they are not that heavy like in the big mige.

With big mige we use 3% damper and 0.50 friction. Gyro on all else stock. Only downside is in drifting high speed countersteer causes overvoltage and loss of ffb. Other than that it is phenomenal with gt2 gt3 f1 etc.

Since you have the small you are more qualified to give your opinions in this thread :wink:

We are going to use the big mige with another psu and when we have more info about that we ll give our thoughts. We ll also get a small mige to test in due time.




0 and 0.5 … so… that 0.5 does nothing…:roll_eyes:

DAMPER_GAIN=1.0 ; Set to 0 for Logitech g920

that damper is for Directnput damping, i have set it at 35% on the simucube config tool.

1 of 35% is 35% 0.05 is very low even with DI damping at 100%… 5%

anyway it does not remove oscillations, but seems to help to not to START oscillating if gyro is off.

i will try to make a video

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I know that it is a percentage of the value set in direct input dampening but i didn’t want to advise you to set 100 direct dampening and damper min value 0.15 or 0.2 or 0.3 and try these also with gyro on. The reason i didn’t want to tell you something like that ,is that i can’t test them myself in small mige to see how it reacts. I can’t reccomend specific numbers but i am sure your setup is already great , don’t know if it can get even better.

if you want something from me to test , there is a small mige here for whatever you want. :wink:

i from time to time i put gyro on and try, but i always get into the same conclusion, is great on high speed corners and it removes completly the oscillations but it dampens somehow the feeling on understeer on low speed corners.

and i dont like at all the “enhanced understeer effect” that you can activate on controls screen , seems to be quite overdone and unrealistic.

i will try gyro with no DI damping or very low and add a bit of ioni damping .


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