Assetto Corsa and SimuCUBE



Assetto aproaches direct drive wheels differently from what iracing or automobilista does. Ofcource ffb settings can be both objective and subjective. There is no right or wrong , nor best values here. If you are a solid gt3 racer and i am always drifting we will more likely not use the same settings. Now as you may know most ppl use 12A for their small mige in granity with 100% in simucube and some of them have the slider at 50% for gain in ac. But that doesn’t mean that all people with large mige have lets say 27A in granity , nor that they use 100% in simucube. That gives a lot of variations. So my thoughts are that you can not approach those questions in theory. You have to put it to the test and figure out in practice what works for you.


On my large Mige, to test LAR555’s settings I started running at 18A power, which approximates the power of the small Mige at 12A. With that as a baseline, i tweaked around LAR555’s settings as a baseline, and haven’t felt the need to up the power.

The large Mige actually takes more juice to put out the same nm as the small.

Regarding road texture of AC vs Automobilista . . . I don’t know that any sim does as nice a job with road texture as AMS, especially on tracks produced by Reiza and Patrick Giranthon. The feedback is subtle and . . . organic, for lack of a better word.

I have gotten a pretty nice road texture out of AC by using the Road effect and slip effect each at 7 to 10 percent. Much more than that and it feels artificial and digital. Tweaking AC settings in Content Manager, with gamma at 105, gyro on, and road and slip effects at 7 %, I’ve come to really enjoy AC’s ffb. Nonetheless, I don’t think AC can be made to have the detail, subtlety, and useful information provided by AMS ffb.

AC’s ffb is great, AMS is just truly a pleasure on a DD wheel. After first owning AMS, I couldn’t enjoy AC until I spent a bunch of hours lapping with it to learn that it has its own excellent qualities as a sim and forced myself to quit trying to make its FFB feel just like AMS.


Well said manashttu; each title has it’s own character and subtleties to be appreciated once we stop tweaking and just play. I too, think AMS has superb FFB and I actually hope Kunos can improve theirs a bit with ACC.



Here are my latest findings for AC FFB with 0.10.3b. This time I think I really hit the sweet spot with wheel weight, reactivity and most importantly tyre information from understeer. !




I changed min damper back to 1 in order to have some constant weight in the wheel.


Simucube is all about raw power avoiding effects. Only a bit of Friction to slow the wheel down from twitchy movements.

Assetto corsa IN GAME - 38% overall and all effects at 0.

I have not used Automobilista since AC is my work tool with racing drivers. I have tracks created from my region (baltic countries) and cars to fit customers needs.




Nice settings you have there


Indeed these settings make AC feel awesome. Thx LAR555!


Great settings LAR555 ! Thanks

  • Thomas


Hi LAR555

Thanks for the update.
For me the gain is a little on the weak side (small Mige at max 12.86A) at 38, but that’s personal preference.

One thing that’s still not working is collission FFB with walls - nothing at all.
Of course we try not to hit walls, but nonetheless is happens and it’s kind of immersion breaking when you feel nothing at all!

I use (like many) the content manager app for AC. Have you changed any of the post processing for center boost gain/range? Stock is range at 10% with 0% boost gain, which I would think equates to nothing happening here if there’s a 0 value for gain?

Also, has there been any workarounds for getting the in game wheel to match real wheel?
Other than soft lock which is horribly violent the only option is to keep making a bunch of profiles for different cars - seems the Huracan GT3/Ferraris are 360 degrees, but it’s still required to create individual profiles for each car if you want to maintain realism of having the bump stops hit when the steering rotation maxes out) to match up in SIM wheel with real wheel.

There is another section in the content manager under controls in the “Axis” tab that has an option to "Auto Adjust Scale to match steering lock, with what looks like filter/speed sensitivity sliders below this option.
It’s unchecked by default, but wondered if this would be useful to help with aligning the wheel rotation without creating individual Simucube profiles for all the cars - instead save in game profiles instead?
Maybe I am misunderstanding this option?


I always set the wheel rotation per car with the list available on ac forum. I have seen 2 other options but i do not know if they work with simucube. The first is hardware lock in content manager. The second is Slimax. Haven’t tried any of them though.


I’m using the AC-Standard of 1180 degrees and have no issues with the soft-lock functions of AC / automatic rotation per car. To my knowledge, it only works with that hardware-driver rotation setting.


I tried your latest settings and they work very nicely by making the overall FFB in AC feel more realistic, consistent and controllable than my previous settings. Nicely done and thank you. :slight_smile:



How to you avoid the extremely violent ‘bouncing’ that you will have when you hit into the bump stops using soft lock with an OSW?
Even on my small MiGe with Skeijmel’s numpstop damping settings in the Simucueb app, it’s very violent as soon as you reach the bumpstops, which will happen easily with cars like the Huracan GT3/Ferrari’s that have 360 degrees of rotation that can be ‘hit’ when trying to catch and correct an oversteer situation.

Do you run much lower Amperage on your Simucube and/or lower in game FFB settings to avoid this?

If you use the very amazing AC Content Manager app, could you share images of your settings, Simucube settings and ini files (if you are using anything different from what LAR555 just recently posted).


Thanks Loukas!
So you have individual Simucube profiles for most cars? That’s a lot of profiles!


I haven’t noticed violent bump-stops but, I can’t say that I reach max steering-lock very often either and maybe I just haven’t noticed it. I’m not running any different settings than LAR555 but, do run FFB at about 35% in AC and IIRC, SimuCube at 12amps. Most per-car FFB is near 100%, some maybe a bit more or less by 5-10%.


LAR555 . . . your settings are great. Seems counter-intuitive to turn off all DirectInput damper and software damper gain off, and still have a minimum damper—but somehow—the settings make for a great feeling ffb in AC.

Dean—very much interested in your method to get the soft lock to work. In my Content Manager, the hardware lock function is greyed out–with a notation of the wheels it is designed for. It would be nice to have one setting in Simucube for all cars in AC.



I have soft lock off btw because of the problem that you point out.

I don’t have that much profiles. I choose the car i want and nowadays i remember it’s degrees of rotation (even if i don’t , i have the list bookmarked and check it) and i quickly set the rotation in game settings. You have to be quick if you don’t want to loose the car hahaha. I enter the race and then i just alt+tab (i think 2 times) , i press left click in the down right corner (windows 10) and just set the same rotation on simucube.

I have some cars here Large Mige Sound and feel but you can find an updated list i think on the ac forum


Thanks Loukas! Will try these out - great reference!


Dean—very much interested in your method to get the soft lock to work. In my Content Manager, the hardware lock function is greyed out–with a notation of the wheels it is designed for. It would be nice to have one setting in Simucube for all cars in AC.

@manashttu, I’m not using Content Manager so I can’t be of help with that - sorry. I set the SimuCube rotation to 1180 and also in AC. I’m not sure how precise it has to be but, maybe it can be forced in the ini (?) I’ve never had to use any other rotation values in AC, nor change any steering-lock values.


A friend of mine , Alex , told me that it is faster to set 1180 both in Ac and simucube but you will still need the list with the degrees of rotation in order to set the bumbstops in simucube .


I think I understand what is happening.
By setting 1180 in both Simucube and AC, you will likely see the virtual wheel in the cars stop (say the ferrari FXX-K or Huracan GT3) at their software coded 360 degrees of rotation but your physical wheel will continue to turn beyond that point.
If you have the soft lock option enabled in AC then you would have the very violent FFB
‘bouncing’ off the AC software introduced bump stops when you reached the maximum turning degrees of the particular car you were driving.

As many have pointed out, you can’t NOT notice what happens when you have the AC soft lock feature enabled - it’s literally undriveable unless you are using your Simucube at FFB levels of a low end consumer level wheel that won’t really notice the soft lock like a DD wheel will.

If you are sure that you indeed have the AC soft lock feature enabled (it’s in the assetto_corsa.ini file located in your main steam install directory SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg) it would look like this:



If you have this set to ‘1’ and you are running your Simucube at normal strength, I’d love to know what else you have done to achieve what no-one else has been able to. :slight_smile:


Ah, you are correct, soft lock is not enabled in the ini. I’m sorry, I thought it was but, I believe you regarding the violent stops. None the less, the auto-steer lock per car seems to work fine with everything at 1180. I’ve driven road cars, GT3, Vintage to F1 over the last few days with the same settings. I wouldn’t make it out of the garage using 1180 in rF2. :grin: