Assetto Corsa and SimuCUBE




This has been hashed out too many times and will just get the thread off track.

If you provide information on why aspects are better/worse then that’s ok to compare titles, but just to say one is a SIM and one isn’t doesn’t help anyone.
It’s fine to be critical in your search for improving your experience.

We are better than that.
The focus is to help everyone get the best out of each title with their Simucube, and that’s good for everyone.


As GlobeSpy said, let’s not get into the one is a sim and one is a game nonsense…
Let’s stay on topic of the thread and figure out how to achieve the best feel with a DD wheel for the title. In this case AC.

I own most of the titles and enjoy driving in MOST of them. And yes they all feel different.


Thanks Pete!

I just want to get the most from AC - and I was up until 3am trying to do that.
I’m not here to bash AC, I’m simply trying to make it the best it can be as it’s our ‘gang’s’ go-to title for weekend fun where we want to try the many different cars/tracks/mods that iRacing doesn’t have.


In each sim it depends on the car that I’m driving. Some cars give much better tire feel than others. In iRacing I can feel much better steering load transitions than I do when using AC but AC gives better tire grip in most cases. When a car in AC does not have the level of tire grip or road feel that I like, I can usually get to an acceptable level by adjusting the GAMMA setting. In iRacing, I had to use irFFB to achieve the feel that I like for most cars.


Hi ledfoot,

What do you mean adjust gamma settings?
Are you talking about 0 or 1 or is there something else?

Appreciate any insights.

PS -could you share your irFFB settings - I tried that once and it didn’t do much for me, but that was a while back.


Hi GlobSpy

After you enable GAMMA, you use the VALUE setting to adjust the feel. The lower then value, the more it will amplify lower forces. The default is .5, I usually use between .7 and .8.

I use different irFFB settings per car but in most cases, I am at 50 to 65nm for FFB strength and usually around 15 to 20 for steering load and bumps.




thanks. will try this out.
So I change the value from 1 to something between 0.5 and 0.9 in the “Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\ff_post_process.ini” file?

What about the Gamma slider in the in game controls? That’s always at 1 - can this be changed?


Yes, that is where you adjust it. The Gamma setting in the game controller settings are to adjust the brake and steering wheel feel and not the force feedback.



I also highly recommend the Content Manager plugin for Assetto Corsa, it allows you to easily make adjustments and replaces the default game launcher with a front end that is much more flexible and better looking.


@LAR555 Would you run the identical INI changes + SimuCUBE settings also on the SinCos?


Hello @LAR555, could you explain better the physics.ini mod? It’s not a “cheat” for some servers configurations?
I do not found anything about.


The Assetto Corsa Content Manager tool, which is an outstanding replacement front end for AC, has a rather comprehensive FFB setup page that enables easy adjustment and testing.

Interestingly, the Gamma setting range goes up to 200 %, which translates into a setting of 2 in the ini file.

A setting I had not known about is “Filtering”–0 to 100. I don’t know what file that setting is in—but it makes a really nice difference (kind of like smoothing in the RealFeel in AMS).

Here is a screenshot of the utility with the last round of experimentation I did. This actually felt pretty good in the Ferrari F2004 F1 car.


I was in the same boat as a lot of you until last night. I just wasn’t getting why everyone raves about ac until I used the tool in granity to measure impedance and resistance for the motor. I didn’t change anything except that and it made a world of difference for me. So if your still searching you might want to try it.


If you use filter then only use very small amounts as it smooths the ffb signal in the same way Rfactors 2 filter setting does. Running at 50% will cut out the high frequency ffb so if you crash you will hardly feel the impact same with rumble strips or any jolt.


Hello, @LAR555
Thank you for sharing your settings.
I am using the osw wheel and your settings. But I want to make some changes.
I want to increase the damping and decrease the spring while the car is moving.
Is this possible?

The feeling of the wheels and the road surface while driving is not conveyed to me. (low damping)
The spring is too strong (In case of oversteer, too strong counter occurs.)


Forgot to ask, are you using reconstruction filter 5 for iRacing with irFFB?


I’ve been experimenting with recon 1 and recon 5. Both feel good in the GT cars. I haven’t tried recon 1 in the Indy car yet.


I’ve tried setting the steering Gamma from 0.5 to 1.0
There is less feel on the way into corners, and from entry to mid corner. But it seems more correct.
0.5 is a distortion. I think with 1.0 I’m quicker, it’s more like I’m driving the car, rather than being driven.
I might try upping the strength to get back some feel, as it’s defiantly easier on the arms now.


Does it make sense that the gain settings are the same on both small and large mige? I would expect that the gain of the large mige would need to be 2/3 of the gain settings of the small mige (30 vs 20NM). So I think this is a legit question. Does these settings apply on both?


@LAR555: what is your experience with the road texture with AC? My experience is that it lacks compared to Automobilista.