Assetto Corsa and Simucube 2

I’m only using Exact’s TD settings my ffb in game is higher allong with the affects , find its the best settings for AC I’ve tried

@Andy Which SC1/SC2 are you using?

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SC2 PRO mostly race on rf2 , find the physics on rf2 excellent. … normally on AC during the day and rf2 In the evening…

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I must thank you for posting your settings and also your added suggestions.

I’ve just given them a try out and they definitely give me a much more rubber like feeling to the car.
10% slip effect was also exactly the right amount.

You said to give it 20 laps and come back to you but there’s no need. I was faster and felt more comfortable with your settings after the 2nd lap!

You certainly seem to know how to dial in these settings to a tee and I hope you can find the time at some point in the future to post your findings with the other various sims :star_struck:

I could have spent hours messing around and most likely wouldn’t have arrived at settings as nice as yours.

Thanks again.


Please instal Content Manager it’s free and its essential. Then you ca adjust and FF parameters without messing with those files. it also implements day and night racing, improved graphics and weather and so on.


Im glad you guys like those settings, just make sure to recalculate FF straight settings (Gain ) from 32Nm to what ever motor you’re using. Also it’s better idea to set in game gain to 100% and adjust and save each car individually on track in FF app, from my experience I have different settings for different cars, for example H pattern cars with power steering I set to 25~30%, high downforce quick steering rack cars 35~45%.
I’ll try to make short tutorial video on SC2 filters and setup in near future.


AC has own damper setting, MIN_DAMPER_GAIN. Shouldn’t that one be the preferred way of adding some?
Special effects, Stefano didn’t like them and was always suggesting to turn them all off, I usually only leave 5% slip and abs, that’s it.
But it’s personal preference of course.

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@Exact-Performance can you share your ini settings also?

For guys that like heavy race car like steering.
If coping for Pro or Sport you need to set AC Gain higher accordingly
You need to adjust everything when changing Gain in AC.

ps. I improved my personal records on four different cars with those settings.


I tried your settings and it feels great on race car like an old F1 lotus or GT3. But when I try on a street car like a 911 Carrera S it feels somewhat too heavy. I have the ultimate like you. I lowered the in-game gain a bit to 25% but still feel too heavy on corner and I am getting too much feedback on the track (wheel feels slightly jerky on straight). I am using the content manager you mentioned so perhaps you have some points for this types of cars I can change in the settings to feel more realistic. I have a good reference since I drive the same car on road and track. Any help or advise would be great and thanks for the tips and help you’ve given us. Made the experience much better on AC.

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Hey, what kind of wheel setups do you example older formula 1 cars like ferrari 312t? I tried exact performance setups and ac gain 60-100 and its heavy,but I like. Sc2 pro. But oh man that ferrari is demanding :slight_smile:

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Did you try setup from Jul 2 ?

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No, I tried july 9. Will try july 2 setups. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, I used the July 2nd setup. I double checked and mine is exactly the same as yours. It is like it does not account the fact I am driving a power steering car which is fine on a actual race car but does feel to heavy on cornering with cars with power steering. Any suggestions?

Usually I’m not using those cars let me have some time today with it and I’ll let you know what I came up with

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I think you going to like this


That is a huge improvement mate. Thanks for spending the time on it. Now I can fine tune it myself but it feels much better and more realistic. If I had the money I would hire you as my racing engineer. :smile:
Very much appreciated for the help.


@Exact-Performance any settings you have for SC1 for AC? or should these work on SC1 also?

those will work you just need to recalculate force for your DD motor

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@Exact-Performance This is how I translated your July 2nd setting to SC1. Please let me know if anything looks off.

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