Assetto Corsa and Simucube 2


Could anyone who is happy with their combination of settings for AC please post them here.

I could never get it to feel right with my G29 but would like to give it another chance with the SC2 Pro.

Any tips or other things I should know would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you guys think that I could try to use @LAR555 SC1 settings with the SC2…

If I could, how would I translate the damping, friction etc settings over?

For example, would friction 0.20% become 2% with the SC2?

Also, should I follow the same edits for the .ini files?


Yes, same edits. And the effects scale is 10% Simucube 1 = 100% Simucube 2, so your example is correct.


Thanks for confirming, Mika :slightly_smiling_face:

I will give that a try.


Do you copy your configuration here? It’s my first simucube and I dont’t have any configuration


These are the settings I was referring to if you want to try them out:


I just tried LAR555’s settings and they feel really good. A very big thank you to him for doing all of the hard work and making it easy for me.

Finally, AC is enjoyable after leaving it alone for many months when I had my G29.

Also, great work by the GD team. The SC2 feels awesome! :smile:

I’ll post the settings here to make it easier for new SC2 users to find.

Edited assetto_corsa.ini and FF_post_process files as per LAR555’s instructions:



In Game Settings:

SC2 Pro True Drive Settings:

Vehicle Used: Porsche 911 RSR
Circuit Used: Silverstone


It’s very strange. I have ffbclip in AC and with all same settings then it’s shows 300% gain in ffbclip suddenly cuts all ffb untill restart of PC. When i disable ffbclip in game it gives no ffb on wheel. What i’m doing wrong here?


Sorry Pavel, I have no idea why that would happen as I’ve never used the ffbclip app.

Perhaps someone with more experience can help?



And gyroscopic effect ON


Those YouTube settings feels like driving on solid wheels. Asseto doesn’t have any inertia or friction, resulting in wheel lighter than a car being on the lift and tires not touching the ground. Yes, the wheel will fee faster but that’s unnatural. Try 7% dampening 12% friction and 16% inertia( 20% on small DD motors)
it will feel like you are on tires not on bare rims and in a very short time it will make you faster same way stiff brake pedal give you a wider range of application forces. I find it way easier to be precise on inputs and counter steering. I understand it’s all subjective but those fast settings feel like FF is controlling steering, not you. Please give it a try for 20 laps and let me know if you disagree. Also, around 10% of slip effect in game reproduce nicely that gradual vibration when tires are in slip angle. We work with professionals race drivers and I’m racing for many years, our goal is to have set up as close to reality as possible so there might be settings that might make you fester in sim but is it sim then?


Your settings are the most realistic " Exact " most realistic iv tried


Thanks for the tips. I’ll give your settings a try out and give some feedback.


Converted your settings to Simucube 1 with large Mige, Exact . . . feels really nice. I had been using the opposite—with 15% damping, 7.5 % friction and inerta—but think I like your way better. Thank you for sharing.


please share your ffbsettings.ini and assettocorsa.ini settings

Simucube effect scales

Is Other Filters - Damping at 9% in the True Drive software written as 9.00%, 0.90% or 0.09% in Simucube 0.50.4?


9% in True Drive would be 0.90% in Simucube if you follow the explanation above in Mika’s post.


I never understood people turning effects to 0 in AC. You lose all the tire chatter and scrub you feel and heavily rely on in real life. Will try out your settings tonight. Thanks for posting.


Thanks @EsxPaul. I thought I’d seen an explanation by Mika somewhere but couldn’t find it. Of course, it was right under my nose!