SC 2 Pro too smooth?

Hello all, I just installed my new SC 2 Pro. I’m not sure if this is how the wheel is supposed to be behave so I could use some help. By way of background, I came from a TM T500RS and drive my cars at the local track roughly 10x/yr. I play iracing and AC.

The SC feels extremely smooth, unrealistically so. When the car is going straight, there’s no vibration, no engine noise, and no road feel. Turning feels like rubber banding. This is not how cars feel on the race track. It is true you feel more information from the game compared to T500RS; however, subjectively T500RS feels more realistic.

So it seems like the SC2 is a better gaming tool but a lesser simulation tool compared to cheaper options. This was not what I expected. Could it be my settings?

I’m using Dan Suzuki’s settings here for iracing:

For Asseto Corsa, I’m using the forum’s setting here:

This is my first DD wheel so I have no point of comparison. I would appreciate your thoughts on the above.

High Torque mode is enabled?
These are not the best AC settings, you may want to drop all extra dampening/friction/inertia/low latency filters, and dial down recon filter to like 1-2.
Set TBW to unlimited. And go from there with fine tuning.