Assetto Corsa and Simucube 2

Indeed ffb is very subjective and that is what most of us have been saying. It depends on our sim gear, our driving style and experience, what type of cars we prefer, etc. etc. The video you have posted is quite good (had watched it many times 1 year ago) and gives a good understanding of what the settings do. However after a some time of using the SC2 i realized that the most important thing is the in-game settings, provided though that the TD ones are somewhat balanced. Once you have the in-game settings in a direction that the ffb feels more or less right, then you can use the TD ones to fine tune the feeling. One more thing if you are new to sim racing and a DD wheel, is that what you like now and what feels right might be very different after 1 year. There is a learning curve to this. I keep changing my settings all the time trying to find what is best as i become more mature in this. And honestly that is the beauty of a high end gear such as the SC2, as you improve as a sim racer, you can be improving the ffb.

Yes that its what I was also thinking that first thee in-game and then the True Drive settings.

And as I have also some bass shakers to my rig, I have to set these also in relation to the settings in the Simucube.

Hi everyone,

I am mainly driving iRacing but I would really like to take a look at a few AC mods for fun.
Also I have tried so many different settings for SC2 Pro and AC but the FFB never feels right. My biggest issue is that it feels like there is some huge centering force/center spring effect. Can anyone help me to get rid off it? I still have high hopes that I am just missing some setting in AC though. Thanks!

Hi everyone.
I’m new here as I’m a new SC2 Pro owner.

I’m looking to setup my new device for AC (Meanly for GT3 cars) but I have big troubles.

Well, in every test I never find the correct feeling with the car and the correct FFB, there is always something wrong.

In every test also I notice that when I have steeringwheel straight I have FFB, weight and I can feel asphalt, disconnections and curbs. As soon as I start to steer there’s like a gap and I don’t feel details anymore even if I have a bit of ffb and weight.

I need an help… thx

Hey A-F

First of all Thanks for all members here
I’m using LarsT TD settings with some tweaking in AC Content Manger settings

My test AMG GT3 in Silverstone
In Game FFB 100% you can increase or decrease by + - in Keypad
AC CM control settings Dmaper Gain 50%

In TD Hardware settings no Centering Strength and Hand Off = Off
and Disable FFB Tweaks in Custom Shaders Patch

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Happy New Year guys!
I have spent some time lately refining my settings for AC and thought of sharing them with the community which keeps growing! You will need Content Manager and Custom Shaders patch as i am using the gyro implementation from ffb tweaks of CSP. I think it gives a better feeling and car control overall.
These settings are good for any type of car (from GT3 to drifting). The only thing that will change is the FFB of each car (in-race) and depends heavily on the type of car, mod you are using and you personal preferences. This should be anywhere from 50 to 120. For example for drift cars i use from 55 to 75, for high downforce cars from 90-120. Try it out and use what is best for you.
It is very important to copy exactly what you see in the posted pics, e.g. degrees, hardware lock, etc., everything apart from the in-race car ffb.


Awesome! Looking forward to trying these settings. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi iBra, thanks for posting your set up!
I test it.
Same of my setups and others I feel it a bit soft.
Actually a felt the steeringwheel a bit too loose and sometimes not really precise.
Step by step I did the foollowing modifications:

  • enabled Gyro
  • turn game damper gain to 0
  • TD gain to 100%
  • game gain to 60%
    I felt it a bit better but I’m still not happy.

About every test I make I notice a weird feeling that I would like to correct.

I try to explain it.

Even if I test strong gain on TD and game I can easily feel every effect about road and curbs with steeringwheel straight. Sometimes even too much, with some strong movements.

But as soon as I turn a bit (10 degrees) I loose almost every effects. With strong gain and some friction I don’t lose the weight of the steeringwheel but I lose almost everything else. Sometimes even some curbs or bumps.

I can really feel the difference between steering wheel straight or a bit turn.

Sometimes I feel better with high % of Static Force Reduction and the steeringwheel has some opponent force and movements while turning.

@A-F give a try to the settings i posted yesterday. I think the gyro implementation of CSP kind of solves the issues that you are describing. For me it transformed the feeling a lot so it might make sense to you as well.

Thx Panschoin, i test it and is a good one like the one from iBra.

But is not solving the problem that I have.
Steeringwheel straight and I can feel the road as well the steeringwheel has some small movements (not only vibrations).
When I turn is like an other dimension. The road feeling disappears. Vibrations and small movements.

Can you notice that when you drive?

Am I the only one to the have the feeling that I describe before?

Maybe someone from Granite Devices can give me an help?

Hi A-F, i am not sure i understand what you are trying to say. Do you still have feedback while turning or not? What i can say to you is that some cars have better feedback implementation than others, while also the track plays a role in this. Sometimes also the stock car setup is awful. Give a try to Mercedes 190 evo on a laser scanned track with 110% incar FFB and see if it is any different (use my rest settings).

I’ve just picked up AC for a bit of fun (rf2 being my ‘proper’ sim) and am experiencing an odd high-frequency resonance in my rig that must be annoying the hell out of my partner watching tv on the floor below!

It’s an audible frequency that starts off quite high pitched and drops progressively as the speed increases - a bit like someone playing a scale on a double-bass…:rofl:

From memory, I’m running recon 1, in TD. Are there any key TD or CM settings that will take this out?

My partner is used to the bigger thumps from kerb hopping etc. in rf2 - but this continuous vibration could be quite trying…


I still don’t have feedback while turning.

Trying to explain.
Steeringwheel straight: vibrations from asphalt, small movements on steeringwheel, strong feedback from curbs and bumps.
Steeringwheel turn: like a more flat feedback, no more vibration or movements. Feedback from curbs or bumps not always.

You can test it also on you configuration. Any track. (Now I’m using Imola) Try on the straight line to turn more than 10-15 degrees. I can feel a big difference on the feedback.

I usually test with gt3 cars on kunos tracks.
Now I’m using Imola with BMW Z4

I will test also with the 190 Evo that I also use sometimes with my previous servo (Fanatec csw 2.5).

On real life is anyway not the heaviest (and precise) steeringwheel that I drove.
I raced once with a DTM replica.


That is nice!! I ll check later on Imola and come back to you, in the meantime try Nordschleife with the Evo, there is enough road feel and bumps there to check this issue.

That rising and sinking frequency is the Road Effect setting in AC. I don’t like it so I set it to 0% (same with ACC).

Ok so i tried at Imola with 911 GT3 2017 and i can confirm to you that while turning i get bumps, vibrations and noise from the SC2. This is with my settings and 100% in car ffb. These are not overly pronounced in Imola with this car but they are definitely there. With my settings (please check that you have copied exactly everything) and this car-track combo try reducing recon to 1, increasing road feel to lets say 50% and use 120% in car ffb. If with these, you still don’t get anything then its either a setting you have missed, or there is a hardware issue, or you have very different expectations. Please also take a screenshot of your settings (especially the AXIS tab from CM) and post it here.

Thx I will check and tell you back.