Which is the best Direct Drive motor? Simucube developers will find out



What is that? Do you have a website?


We both have different opinions.

It does not matter what torture testing data tells you as far as what is truly the best motor for direct drive wheel. Yes it will tell you what is truly the best motor as far as magnetic loss etc.

For a DD wheel it is very subjective to the user.
In the early days Beano /Phillip liked a very active wheel. Much more active than I prefer.
After a while he decided what he truly liked was 180degress different.

AKM and Lenze were being used on the OSW scene much before the Mige. The Mige was chosen because it is a nice motor that happens to be very inexpensive compared to the others.


I do not have a website anymore. I have been battling an illness for a few years now.

If you PM me with your email I can send you pictures.

You could also Google HRS ( Hybrid Racing Systems) hubs.
Not sure if they have a website again. Most info they publish on their Facebook page.
They are in Australia. It is all very top notch stuff! Beautiful CNC work and Anodized.


Here is what the Hubs look like.

The pic with the hub attached to the motor credit goes to Phillip/ BeanosHRS%20hub%202


any news on motors ranking and comparison??


Id love to see this before the new Simucube 2 are released.


Can’t imagine any other outcome than the Simucube 2 models taking the top spots in this comparison, right…? :wink:
But definitely very interested to see the results!


yes but i think we will never know the motors model used in SC2. untill someone disassemble it


Imagine if they find out there’s a mige inside. In my opinion it is possible that they have found a less expensive engine that is more suited to this use to keep costs low and increase profits



I bet on this


The motors are customized by us and are custom made for us.


That definitely looks similar and it fits what we have heard about the supplier being in Europe. However, that’s a hybrid stepper motor, not a servo motor.

It’s a shame that we still don’t have a lot of detail about the intricacies of the various SC2 models.For instance, we know that the Sport model doesn’t have support for the following features, but we don’t know if they are actually important.

  • Adjustable torque slew rate limit
  • Non-linear force saturation
  • Multi torque cogging + ripple


That’s funny, thanks for the laugh :slight_smile:

The Sport and Pro versions are excellent in terms off efficiency (we can use smaller power supply, user also saves of electricity), in terms on torque density, (we can make smaller user friendly package around the motor) and also have very low cogging and torque ripple. In terms of torque density (torque per volume), and if we pick a good known reference servo motor, these have about double the torque density compared to small mige motor and/or double the efficiency in terms of copper losses per Nm, (so based against there criteria, Sport and Pro are about 2 times better than MiGE motors of similar size / offer more than double the amount of torque in the same volume). So when building complete product around the motor, for us it is paramount that the motor is excellent. Then, the Ultimate motor is also something that is not seen in simracing community, it is servo motor that can output 70Nm of torque in a very compact package, excellent responsiveness, reliability, smoothness and linearity. Ofcourse, we have limited the motor torque output because we had some doubts that the user would actually need more than 32Nm.

I searched in my opinion quite large amount of motors, compared 56 of them by their spec & suitability and asked to send the best ones here for testing or we purchased these motors here for final performance & torture testing and picked from those the best ones suitable to our product. At least I am confident that we have chosen the right parts, motor included, for the complete product.

ps. I am not claiming that the product we have made is 2 times better than SC1 based builds in raw performance, but the motors are better (based on our criteria and testing) and there is noticeable difference, not only due to the motor. The chosen motors are better in ways that make the complete product outstanding.


Are we any closer to having the final test conclusions posted (with explanations for those of us that aren’t servo experts) :slightly_smiling_face:



I think many of us look forward to seeing the motor comparison but, what really matters most is how the SimuCube2 compares in terms of feeling in hand.

What are the notable differences one can expect coming from a SC1-Mige - for example? How do improvements in low-cogging and torque-ripple improve the performance for the end-user? Technical data is great but, I hope for some combining it with “in hand” results as well.


A couple more weeks and ill let you know.:grinning::grinning: Well unless someone on here can pull some strings and get it out early…


I’m looking forward to recieving my Pro model too.

I won’t bother posting my thoughts as my only point of reference is a G29 :yum:


Coming from that its going to take a week or two to adjust to how much you can actually feel. The first few days is like sensory overload. lol


Will the SC2 fit on my SimLabs P1 (black) with front mount?
The MiGe motors fit perfectly and for me that compatibility is a must have.

After just going through the expense of building this new rig, the SC2 would have to be plug and play.


SimLab front mount is compatible with both Sport/Pro and Ultimate versions.