Which is the best Direct Drive motor? Simucube developers will find out



What is that? Do you have a website?


We both have different opinions.

It does not matter what torture testing data tells you as far as what is truly the best motor for direct drive wheel. Yes it will tell you what is truly the best motor as far as magnetic loss etc.

For a DD wheel it is very subjective to the user.
In the early days Beano /Phillip liked a very active wheel. Much more active than I prefer.
After a while he decided what he truly liked was 180degress different.

AKM and Lenze were being used on the OSW scene much before the Mige. The Mige was chosen because it is a nice motor that happens to be very inexpensive compared to the others.


I do not have a website anymore. I have been battling an illness for a few years now.

If you PM me with your email I can send you pictures.

You could also Google HRS ( Hybrid Racing Systems) hubs.
Not sure if they have a website again. Most info they publish on their Facebook page.
They are in Australia. It is all very top notch stuff! Beautiful CNC work and Anodized.


Here is what the Hubs look like.

The pic with the hub attached to the motor credit goes to Phillip/ BeanosHRS%20hub%202