Using 3rd party QR

What are the options available to attach Q1R or HRS-Xero Paly to SC2 base to avoid locking pin solution.

  • One is Martin Ascher SQR 70mm adapter, but is’t out of stock like forever?
  • Sim Racing Machines have one too, seems like can do the work, except doesn’t inspire aesthetically comparing to OEM hub.
    Anything else out there that can be ordered online?

I also have this HRS hub that is currently used with Small Mige, wondering if that one would fit


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Nope that beautiful hub will not work.
The Mige motors were 22mm shaft.

The SC2 I think are 24mm?

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Thanks Joe, afraid I heard that from GD folks before too. :frowning:
Nuts, why make such unconventional hub to begin with, 3 unequally spaced, non standard holes. :rage:

I have seen some nice SC2 hubs on HRS FB page, but they are not available in their web shop, so no idea how to find out price or order.

Hey Andrew Give Brett at HRS a shout.

This link should work.
Just tried it after I posted. You have to click on the word contact.

Those new 3pc hubs are around $140USD and he normally has pretty good shipping rates to the USA.

Yeah i am not sure why Granite decided on the hole spacing on the SC2 hub. Maybe they thought everyone would use the SC2 QR?
I must admit it looks very streamlined though.:):grin:

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Having to think about a separate QR solution when buying a wheel base gives sales to our competitors. We want Simucube 2 to be really plug and play solution out of the box.

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Is there a problem with SC2 QR?

Nope, so far it seems to be nice.

I did this, get the adapter you find bottom on this page and the xero play. it is bloody fantastic mete. believe me and it works great with the adapter


Martin just got SQR adapter in stock.
Hurry up while they last.

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It’s better than Fanatec for sure, but there are arguably better solutions around.
Beano uses HRS X-Zero play, Barry Rowland (SRG) Q1R.
I have used Q1R for years and personally think it’s cleaner executed, more compact, and easier to use. Plus I have 3 of them.
Surprised that GD made an extra effort to lock everyone into their QR, but this is business decision, totaly understand.
No biggie, nature will find its way.

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There actually was no commercial realism in any other way. Having product that is sold with a third party solution that is complicated and/or expensive and locks our company to another company (with their possible lead time and production challenges) wasn’t actually a solution that could be chosen for this product. Having no quick release would also be quite big disadvantage for SC2 product line, but the designed SQR works nicely and is easy to use, especially after rev1 received community critisism and feedback and rev2 was taken into production. But as you said, nature will find its way, no biggie if end-users want to use some other quick release if they so desire on their SC2. Will work just nicely both ways.


I think it would be a good idea if you guys shipped the units with a motor mount. Then all SC2 users would have the same motor mount.

Then it would truly be plug and play solution.:blush:

  • Martin Ascher SQR Adapter back in stock in november as he said.
  • SRM solution to replace the complete hub is in stock and Simon using it for himself
  • There is a special solution for the HRS Xero Play QR as shown above in a picture what is also in stock I think

If you dont wanna wait the SRM and HRS solution are also great.

Martin has them in stock right now, at least had in the morning.
Things could have been much easier if SC2 motor hub had standard 70mm mount pattern or had adapter included like one from Martin.

At least we have 3rd party solutions.

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The big advantage of my adapter and why I did it this way is that it gives a strong 6 bolt fixing. Anything using the standard Motor clamp part that comes with the standard SC2 will only use 3 bolts for it’s ultimate connection to the shaft and these are very close to the edge of the part.

I designed my part so that it can also be used as a 40mm wheel spacer if you ever change from the SC2 or a better part comes out from Granite. It’s designed to be strong and functional. These have been custom made for me to my own design so that the inside diameter is the perfect fit for the shaft clamp.

I ordered 150 units so have plenty of stock.


EDIT: I do not mean to say that the SC2 part is not strong enough… I am just saying that mine is very strong. This is just how I decided to design my part. I have been using mine on the SC2 ultimate since July 2019


that’s what I am using, and it works really great!
and by the way, I never had the chance to thank you Simon, I was really impressed when i received the Xplay qr + adapter literally the next day I purchased it, in Italy!!! Thank you very much!


Posting SRG video for completeness.
Feel free to add new options as they come to the market, could be a nice reference thread.

Have you checked how much tensile force M4 bolt(s) in 60xx aluminum can withstand (without deformation / thread stripping)? If you have, how much more is needed in this application in your opinion?


You can use our adaptor too,

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Andrew, at least the Xero-play doesn’t need any additional adapters, you simply remove the SQR and bolt the Xero-play directly to the SC2 hub…the Xero-play comes with the proper bits if you order it for the SC2…note you can also order it with the standard 6-bolt 70mm pcb flange, make sure you order the 3-bolt one for the SC2.