Wheel turning itself left/right when starting Assetto Corsa

I have a Simucube 2 Pro and the latest driver.

Whenever I start Assetto Corsa, the wheel turn itself left/right rapidly before I really enter the game.

I find it quite dangerous, like today when I was about to grab the wheel and it started to turn and almost injured me.

Is there any way I can turn this off?

happens to me too, I just built a habit to have my hands away from the wheel when I’m not driving. idk if there is any way to fix this or not.

It doesn’t happen to me at home nor at office rig. Can you show the directInput friction&damping settings?

here you go :wink:

And the fast turning of the wheel by itself occurs when I start AC at this screen:

So before I get the screen with the car displayed etc…

The spring effect is usually only used for centring the wheel in menus. In other sims this is quite violent and requires very low values if you want it enabled at all (e.g. 2%). Have you tried setting the DI spring value to 0?

I have actually taken the standard canned setup from Simucube for Assetto Corsa.

@ Bullet4Justice:
Are you also using the standard Assetto Corsa settings from the True Drive Simucube?

no, my own settings.

@ Mika:

Any feedback on my settings and the dangerous left/right turns of the wheel after I launch Assetto Corsa?

Try to test the spring effect (turn it off). This issue is not happening on my test rigs, maybe there are some modifications in your game files?

Someone else has issues in ACC with wheel flicking to one side when joining a race and it was due to having a LUT file still in use from the wheel before the SC2. Worth checking you haven’t got a LUT file being used:

LUT files can be used in AC too.

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it could be the issue, I had a LUT file still in my AC folder from my previous wheel (Logitech G920). I will remove it and report when I hop on AC next, which should be soon.

No previous file/ wheel :wink:

Tried the Simucube AC preset settings without spring effect and the problem is still there.
So I assume it is somewhere in the AC settings maybe.
Could it be some “special” feature like the gyroscopic effect etc…??

report: deleted the LUT file, entered a couple of different sessions and the problem is still there. so the LUT isn’t it. we gotta keep investigating… :stuck_out_tongue:

Gyro in AC was meant to reduce oscillations in DD wheels so check you have it on and at 100%.

Are you using Content Manager? What are your settings on the FFB page?

are you using content manager ? can you post your game settings ?

you have some settings that are causing you the problem. First of all i don’t believe you need minimum force so set it to 0. Then you have to reduse the gain , start with half about 50% and you can finetune it later. Also uncheck that unlock experimental options and leave gyro ticked and it will stil work. Also enable that hardware lock. Make sure you have the same wheel range in true drive and also the same ingame. Make sure that the bumpstop range in true drive doesn’t cause you any issues and i don’t think you need ultra low latency mode. Ofc everything in terms of ffb is so subjective but atleast those settings may help with the problem you are experiencing.

Thanks for the input!

Changed with your inputs and this weird and dangerous left/right turning of the wheel when launching AC is almost gone now.
It still turns a little bit but nothing which can brake your hands or arms!