Wheel losing all FFB in iRacing

I’ve had this happen twice now, both after hitting a barrier. I have a SC2 Pro on firmware 2020.3

The wheel loses all FFB and the game does not respond to the wheel turning.

Closing the TrueDrive software and reopening it fixes it and the wheel works again.

This question was just raised the other day for Automobilista 2 & has been asked for iRacing earlier too:
This contains the most recent suggestions, please read that and the following posts as well as the link that is reffered to.

Maybe it helps?
Please post back if this helps or if you find something else to be a working solution.

After the Crash, was the wheel turning without control? Are you holding the rim when SC2 power OFF?

All power supllies connected with blue lights on.

Hands-off sensitivity setting in true-drive? Can you minimise or disable it for the moment?

Another user(biancazzurro) resolved a somewhat similar sounding issue just today:

Please post back with this or whatever else solution ends up working for you.


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Check connection SC2 side, not only blue lights at power supplies. Make sure cables are not tight from SC to power supply