True Drive 2021.1 not starting after boot

Same here.
Truedrive starts but reports “disconnected”.
Have to do a Power-Cycle on the SC2.
Purchased End of 2019.


I have to say that this happened to my device at home just today. We are investigating.


I had same problem after downgrade of firmware from beta to latest public version.
I unplugged the usb from back (with clip) plugged back in and it cleared everything.

Also noticed that when it’s on and I boot the pc of my uncle… it won’t boot into windows. After I switch it off - windows loads?!

Firmware 2021.1 - SC Sport R2

We are investigating this on high priority.

I have same issue (simucube2 disconnected from USB) even with the solution proposed by Mika.
At this time the problem is not solved. It happens very often . I’m desappointed

We would like to know the following details

  • firmware release / version
  • does this happen always
  • if issue can be fixed, then how?
    • does power cycle of Simucube 2 fix the issue?
  • Is there a Simucube 2 visible in Windows Devices list at all?

Hello Mika,
Here are the details of my settings:

  • Model: Simucube 2 Pro

  • Software release: 2021.1

  • Firmware version: 1.0.33

  • Servo Drive firmware version: 10826

  • True Drive version: 1.0.33

  • Simucube 2 Serial NR: 1788

  • Drive UID: fc6562e2

  • HID UID: 51003a-32385112-31303532

  • the DD is connected on a USB2.0 port by a small cable with gold connector and ferrite.

  • Windows turn off USB devices disabled

It happens yesterday 4 times during one hour of gaming with assetto corsa. It seems more with the latest version but I don’t know if it is related ? The first thing I hear is the typical sound of a windows USB disconnection. the next time the problem happens I will see in the windows device manager if the SIMUCUBE2 is still displayed.

I forgot to say that I need to quit Assetto corsa and power off/on the simucube2 to fix the problem

I have another issue this afternoon and I saw that simucube2 was not in the windows devices list

I am having this exact issue. Google led me here, so I am glad I am not alone in this.

When it happens, True Drive shows disconnected and Simucube 2 Pro disappears from devices.
Then, the unit beeps, True Drive shows operational, and Simucube 2 Pro reappears in devices.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Model: Simucube 2 Pro
Software release: 2021.1
Firmware version: 1.0.33
Servo Drive firmware version: 10826
True Drive version: 1.0.33
Simucube 2 Serial NR: 7014
Drive UID: e186c625
HID UID: 290051-4e535010-2030324e

Windows 10
Version 2OH2 Build 190.42.746

Simucube 2 Pro is in devices

Running iRacing

Turn off USB disabled

Using the USB that was included

Power cycle has no effect

Hey guys,

Never had any disconnection while playing, but when trying to activate True Drive in the next day after a session, the wheel is always disconnected. Need to power cycle the motor in order for it to start.

Troubleshooting it, found a warning sign on the USB under the device manager (was not sure what could be it). Once I turned off the motor, the warning went away. 90% sure the warning said “Device was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match”. Need to confirm it when the issue pops up again.

I am aware that AMD systems have more sensitive USB drivers/issues, so it could help to see if people having this issue are on AMD or Intel platforms.

Model: Simucube 2 Pro
Software release: 2021.1
Firmware version: 1.0.33
Servo Drive firmware version: 10826
True Drive version: 1.0.33
Simucube 2 Serial NR: 8783
Drive UID: ? (not sure on where to find that)
HID UID: ? (not sure on where to find that)

Windows 10
Version 20H2 Build 19042.746

Ryzen 5 5600X
Asus Rog Strix X470-F

Hi Luciano,

Can you try downgrading to 2020.10 firmware package to see if it solves this for you? Follow the instructions in the downgrade topic. Simucube 2 firmware downgrade

I will give it a try, Mika.

Will let you guys know if this solves the issue.

I may try this. But I feel that I might need to clarify a bit.

This is a continuous, repeating issue for me.

In other words, the wheelbase looses connectivity [whether this is a power issue or something else is unclear] then re-connects within 10 +/- seconds.

I have 2 of 3 SC2 Pros installed now and this is the only one that has exhibited this behavior. I may attempt to swap this one with one that is still in the box, but I’m a little reluctant if it’s something with the power supply. I do not want to have something unexpected happen with a good motor.

I have downgraded but the issue still remains.

First video link SC2 Pro issue
4 minutes of your life you wont get back :neutral_face:

Thanks for the video, something strange is happening indeed. The fault you got after the device rebooted itself is due to you turning the steering wheel and thus generating voltage with the motor just when the servo drive was not yet initialized fully. Cycling e-stop will always clear the faults.

Thanks Mika.
So I have swapped in the new motor and get the same issue.
If I set the log to verbose will that give us some clues?
Also this CommFault just showed up as well. 485001 SMV2 application error

I decided to try the SC2 in Assetto Corsa and can confirm the wheel exhibits the same behavior as it does in iRacing.

The exact error in the device manager is Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed).

I’ll try to downgrade to the previous firmware version now - again, in my case, no disconnections during use, I just need to power cycle the unit in order for True Drive do recognize it.


I have a similar issue regarding the detection of the wireless wheel after upgrading to the latest firmware. I now always need to power down and power up the SC2 during the windows session so that it detects my wireless wheel. This never happened with the old firmware, so I think something has changed with new firmware. I am not having the problem that the SC2 disconnects during ACC. It is an AMD-platform I use.
Hope this helps to find a solution.