Tingling in my hand from Steering wheel handle and paddle shifter


I’m having this issue for some time, where holding the steering wheel handle causes tingling in my hand and it aches after a while. I noticed that turning the gain or power of the Simucube 2 enhances this. I grounded my rig and pc and searched for some broken cable but nothing helped. Are there any further tips? This problem is bothering me for some time.

When you say the steering wheel handle, do you mean one of the metal spokes? If you take the wheel off and touch one of the bolts that holds the QR onto the shaft do you feel any tingling then? If the SC2 is plugged into mains power but not the USB cable do you still feel it?

When charging my old phone with a metal case and also if charging my metal cased laptop via USB-C I would feel a strange vibration / tingling if stroking the metal case (oo’er missus). I never worked out what it was but assumed it was the ground through the USB cable.

I can feel the tingling when I touch the handle of the steering wheel but also when I touch the shaft of the Simucube 2. I tried to ground my rig by connecting a cable from my rig to the heating system, since the heating system is usually grounded, but it didn’t help. The heating system may not be properly grounded.

I dont know if this problem has to do with my rig not beeing grounded, since the I feel constant tingling and not a shock.

Edit: I also remember with my previous steering wheel, that sometimes the buttons would not work when the Simucube 2 is turned on and beeing used. As soon as I turn the e stop on, the button work properly. Also the paddle shifter of the steering wheel were a bit loose by design when not pressed, and I noticed when I turn the steering wheel with the Simucube 2 turned on, the paddle shifter move a bit, because of the magnet.

This is grounding issue 100%, had the same symptoms with old OSW that needed proper grounding wire run from the motor. No issues with SC2 though. Do you have wheel plate, they should have ground wire that you supposed to connect to quick release.

Do you mean the wheel plate from the steering wheel? I didnt get any ground wire. I can link a picture of how everthing looks.

Edit: Incase the grounding from the grounding from the heating system doesnt work, is there any other ground source except from the socket?

Like this, see that little wire coming out and bolted to the Q1R?

Unfortunaly I dont have such wire, would this eliminate my issue though?

Unrelated to your tingling I think your shaft extension is far too long.
That is very hard on the bearings on the motor.

Be sure not to put any weight on the wheel. Like holding on to it when you get out of your seat.

Beano posted a great EMI/Ground Loop elimination guide for older OSW builds.

Most images are gone now. Attached is my local copy.
EMI_Grounding.pdf (985.4 KB)

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I noted this and will pull the wheel base along the alu base near the seat to remove the spacers. Maybe this will remove some of the tingling since the spacer are not so conductive because of the paint the electro static builds up in my steering wheel.

Thank you for the link, I have a question regarding the guide. What does he mean by “house grounding soy stem via the standard IEC power cord”?