The RaceRoom thread



Yes, those new cars are looking very good and the updated physics are gradually transforming RR into a very nice Simulation with a lot to offer.


Is a huge update comming to raceroom on Thursday, 13 gig worth I saw someone from Sector 3 say.

Not sure everything in that thread is going to be released, but with 13 gig something is comming :slight_smile:


Any news about your discussions with sector 3?
we can hope soon the automatic management of the rotation of the steering wheels.
sorry for my bad English


Last I heard, they had actually found my email from last December, and their physics guy also emailed me a month ago. No news since that.



thank you for reply


At least the new physics (not all cars have it yet) have improved FFB with SimuCUBE a lot. It is possible to have the correct steering angle shown ingame. Alt+Tab to change it in SC Tool is not a lot efford.


Yes, it’s true

And for Steering lock


But it still has to be changed manually in SimuCUBE tool.


But it is sad that Sector3 still provide very limited support to Simucube.


I really like the feel of Simucube in R3E, I am not sure why you all are so disappointed.
I did began driving some iRacing, and when coming back to R3E, the force feedback is so much better with my settings. iRacing felt dead compared to R3E.

What is it that is so wrong in R3E?


My only complaint with RR has been the lack of surface detail but, Sector3 are in the process of addressing that issue. I’ve been quite happy with the FFB for the most part as it offers plenty of range for customization. Some don’t like the unusual FFB setting scheme but, it’s really pretty simple once you break it down to the fundamental effects vs extra’s.


It would appear, that Raceroom does not support as many digital button inputs on the controller as other games. Can someone confirm, that the limit is 32 buttons?

On Simucube 1, the wireless wheel buttons start at button 33, so we may have to implement a compatibility mode for this.


Yes Mika, the last I heard it was still at a 32 button limit and caused problems for those with Fanatec rims in a similar way:


Hi all, tried a lot of different settings, but still I can’t get a decent ffb for raceroom, it lacks on weight transfer and mid corner feeling. Also, wheel is too much “gummy” and has a lot of rubber band effect on it, especially on corner exit. Anybody got some ffb settings for osw small mige?
Thanks :+1:



ok, no offence, but those are by far the worst settings I’ve tried so far…


Here are my recent settings. I have to check as I may have made some minor tweaks but, give these a try.

The rest of the settings in RR-ffb are even more about personal preference so, I didn’t a include a screen-shot of those.


can you detail and explain


it feels too weak, no details on lateral grip whatsoever when turning, it just feels void…sorry mate


can you share your settings