The RaceRoom thread

I noticed there are not much topics around RaceRoom, and user settings. So I do create one here.

I cannot give any settings I am using, as I am still using the MMOS, so instead I will post a question.

Anyone using the latest Simucube (currently 0.8.12) successfully with RaceRoom?

I am currently on the edge to flash Simucube over my current MMOS 2014.

The new SimuCube FW does work with RaceRoom but, from my limited testing, not all of the game-FFB effects seem to be supported. The basic suspension and steering effects are present. There are some effects that may need to be reduced in the controller profile; the “Curb Pull” being one of them.

The following are some recommendations to start with (100% suggest creating a new controlset profile):
Go to Doc’s / My Games / SimBin / Race Room / User Data / Controlset – [name] RCS
Using Notepad or Notepad++
Rumblestrip pull factor – reduce to (0.5 / GM rec)
Rumblestripe Magnitude – reduce to (0.1 / GM rec)
Jolt Magnitude – set to zero (crash forces) Very strong at default!
In game FFB: Smoothing and Dampening must be used to reduce oscillation
10% smoothing
25% FFB Dampening

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I use 0.8.12 in raceroom, I have no problem, I just do not feel the small detail of the asphalt of the road, but there is no problem.
The morOSWer configuration is similar to mine, but I have to change the parameters of [name] RCS

Nice, maybe I should wait then to flash Simucube. Do I understand it correctly that Simucube does not support RaceRoom fully? Or is it that RaceRoom does not give enough FFB data? It feels that there is something missing (only compared to F1 2017) when traversing the road, when using the MMOS.

Actually, I have most of the settings in RaceRoom set to 100%, except for dampening (which currently I think i 0%) and FFB intensity set to 60%.

This article,, is quite interesting.
Taken from the article, I think this these points are managed very well by RaceRoom (I guess the the tester have been driving iRacing and compared the feelings from a real racing car), and I maybe RaceRoom is better than iRacing to handle the below points?

  • OSW response time is very real with virtually no lag.
  • However, track surface is not being communicated well enough, e.g. rumble strips are felt a lot more on the wheel everywhere in real life. OSW communicates but not enough. It is lot harder on the car and the wheel when u ride the rumble strips through the Esses at VIR for instances.
  • Slides: not enough feed back as what the tires are doing.
  • Steering is not this heavy in even factory built race cars when u get moving. So when u turn Torque up on the motor to get more communication, steering becomes incrementally heavy. Shouldn’t be. Steering becomes heavier in real race cars on loading the front or leaning in to turns not otherwise.
  • Cant tell tires coming up to temperature… on slicks you usually feel them rolling less when warmed up.

I think it’s not simucube problem, simucube is compatible with raceroom, but I have something wrong configured in the game

to me, personally, I like more the feelings of raceroom, iracing is not the best in physics, it’s not bad but it’s not my favorite

RaceRoom tracks do not seem to have a lot of bump detail in general. Compared to AC / AMS / rF2, there is very little texture and bump information present with RR tracks. I don’t think there are any detailed mesh-layers to provide physics detail - at least not on the tracks I’ve tried.

Using the OSW, I could not get any response with the canned effects at all in RR (ones below the primary FFB settings).

In regard to MMos vs the SimuCube FW, I’d say the FW has much improved feel but, RR is not currently able to take full advantage of it.

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I flashed Simucube FW 0.8.12, could not resist. :slight_smile:

I noticed right away that feedback is lacking when running over curbs, skidding when pushing too hard, engine vibrations, running on sand/grass outside track compared to MMOS. I do not know what is wrong.

My force feedback settings in RaceRoom are that all values are set on 100%, except for:

  • Force Feedback Intensity - 60%
  • Force Feedback Damper - 0%
  • Force Feedback Minimum Force - 0%
  • Steering Rack - 0%

And the Simucube settings are currently as follows:

  • Steering Range: 720 degrees
  • Bumpstop range: 0 degrees
  • Overall strength: 100%
  • Simucube Force Reconstruction Filter: 5
  • Torque Bandwidth Limit: Unlimited
  • Center Frequency Hz: Disabled
  • Damping, Friction and Inertia set to: 0%
  • Friction and Damping Effect set to: 0%

I think Raceroom uses some “canned” Directinput effects that I have not implemented yet. I hope to find the time to test Raceroom and F1 2017 soon.

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Are you sure you are not getting clipping? it sounds as though you may be; check the in-game clipping meter; if anything - I would expect the curb-effects to be too strong with the default controlset parameters.

Hey guys,

I’m having this weird issue with my wheel, in sudden occasions will turns violantly to the left and will
keep on going to the left (this is the only game with this problem, AC, rf2, PC2, iRacing etc are fine).

It seems to appear when the FFB goes over a specific threshold, like when I go over curbs (or hit a wall).

If I drive slowly and on the road it’s fine, but when pushing, or when you go over curbs suddenly it keeps
pushing to the left.

When I press the ‘reset FFB’ button in the game it is fine again, but the next time you go over the
curbs it will happen again.

Normally it will happen more then twice per lap, so RRE is basically unplayable for me.

I’ve tried to deduce the cause by changing the FFB settings to a minimum, one by one, but in the
end everything was turned down and the problem still occurs.

Here’s a video to show the problem (first the settings, then the problem) can somebody help me?

Wheel is an OSW wheel with Simucube 0.8.3 firmware.

Wheel settings (large mige):

  • 540 degrees, 0 bumpstop, 25% overall strength
  • recon 1, bw limit unlimited
  • center fq hz filter disabled
  • other files: 0%

Can somebody help me?


R3E OSW Settings

Go to Doc’s / My Games / SimBin / Race Room / User Data / Controlset – [name] RCS

Using Notepad, make these changes:
Rumblestrip pull factor – reduce to (0.5)
Rumblestripe Magnitude – reduce to (0.1)
Jolt Magnitude – set to zero (crash forces) Very strong at default – dangerous!
In game FFB: Smoothing and Dampening must be used
10% smoothing
25% FFB Dampening

Oscillation is likely
No driver dampening; use game FFB dampening

Check link below for some specific OSW RCS file settings

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Thanks you so much morOSWer :smile:!

It was the “Jolt magnitude” setting, without changing anything else I put that on 0 and the problem is fixed! I guess I’ll go back to the stock FF settings and take it from there (do your other settings etc) :+1:

Since I moved from t300 to OSW with simucube, everything is better until I tried RRE. Something is wrong here.
I dont feel the road surface. Someone has found the problem?

I have spent days trying to get R3E ffb and kerb rumble to work with no luck at all, and have ended up with a sprained left wrist from earlier today.

What I have is 0-30mph I have ffb, kerb rumble and crash ffb.
30 to 31mph + the wheel gives me a snap and most if not all the ffb has gone. Also most of the in game settings and ffb settings pretty much only have a BIG affect in the 0-30mph zone.

Have tried many listed settings and 2 members settings who also have same Large Mige setups as me and still didnt fix my R3E problems.

Newly purchased Sim-plicity 28Nm kit.
Large mige,
Simucube with ioni pro hc
Meanwell 480w (720w peak) 48v psu
Windows 10 64bit pc.

AMS ffb and kerb affects work fine(just auto gearchange issues) ffb in RF2 work aswell but cant fully test because for unknown reasons the auto gearchange doesnt work, so Im stuck in manual and 1st gear (RF2 Demo Auto gearchance worked fine)

So I Im wondering if I will have to go and reload MMOS onto my kit and see if that fixes R3E.

I’m sorry to hear about your wrist.

I find it a bad habit of testing anything effects related with such high forces. I usually test with the read-only safe profile…

However, for the next version of the firmware, which is likely to be released today, a lot more effects have been implemented.

The comments about sudden snaps, etc, might be something that Raceroom is sending via already implemented effect, but which are to be cancelled by the effect that wasn’t implemented before.

Testing Raceroom myself is going to be high on the todo list on Friday when I get back into office.

Here a Lap with RRE with the new firmware 0.9


Great video. Thanks for posting it!

Can you also post your profile settings, and what details in the FFB are now working that were not working before?

I never played it before just installed it today so i dont know what the problem was before. I will make a video with the settings #soon

I dont use any of the dirext input effects the game effects, are so fake it doesn’t add a thing the only thing that does something is the called the sine effect if i recall correct. Just shakes the wheel a bit constantly lol.

The game functions fine anyway!

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