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Is anyone able to feel surface texture effects in RaceRoom? It seems most OSW users agree that they can’t but, other wheels users - including Fanatec-users say they can clearly feel them, more so than in PC2. I can’t see any significant activity in the FFB-output graph that clearly shows such activity but, find it strange that reports differ so much according to wheel-user. There are similar reports with ACC and under-steer effects although, I can detect some torque-reduction effect with ACC but, not the tire-scrub some say exists.

Is it possible some effects could be lost in the USB data-transfer with certain systems? Or are there Direct-Input effects that are ignored by SimuCube completely? If so, can they be enabled and allow users to choose them if wanted?


Id take that particular Fanatec users comments with a grain of salt. All you have to do is turn on simvibe to realize there is almost no road feel in R3e and he is using sound to control his buttkickers. Im kind of surprised you are questioning it. But if it makes you feel any better it was like that with my t300 and my pc-racer. No road feel in R3E because of the way the tracks are modeled.


Yeah but, that’s not the only person making such claims. Perhaps their wheel has just enough play in it to rattle a bit near center and they confuse that for texture. I don’t know what to make of it but, some AccuForce users say they remember RR having surface texture once upon a time but, not since some recent update. At least one of the tracks is supposed to be laser-scanned but, I’m not sure which one; if that doesn’t have the texture, none of them do.


That may be the way in the past but I think ive had R3E for 3 years or so and its always felt like that. Even most of the regulars in the R3E forums agree that it has little surface detail. Im not sure which one is laser scanned either. If there actually is one id like to know which one so I can see myself. But don’t doubt Youre usually right on the money with your posts. I get where youre coming from though. I feel the same way about ACC. Guys are like this is the best thing since sliced bread and im like wtf did they do? So you start doubting yourself. Is something set wrong did I miss something?


Yes, I think you are correct. It’s time I take a break from comparing systems because I’m getting rather frustrated with what seems to be mis-information in some cases, and simple subjective differences regarding FFB preferences. I’m going to swap back to my other wheel for a while and just play. :slight_smile:

Cheers @morpwr


My R3E ingame settings are as follows:
General force feedback settings:
Force feedback: on
Inverted force feedback: off
Gamepad rumble: off
Force feedback intensity: 60%
Smoothing: 10%
Force feedback spring: 0%
Force feedback damper: 25%

Steering force settings:
Steering force intensity: 80%
Force feedback minimum force: 0%
Understeer: 50%
Vertical force: 50%
Lateral force: 50%
Steering rack: 80%

Force feedback effect settings:
Slip effect: 65%
Engine vibrations: 5%
Kerb vibrations: 25%
Shift effect: 50%
Collision effect: 0%

Simucube settings are as follows:
General settings
Steering range: 540
Bump stop range: 0
Overall strength: 100%
(Actual max current is 12A for my setup)

Filters on IONI drive
Simucube Force Reconstruction Filter: 5
Torque bandwith limit: Unlimited
Center Frequency Hz: Filter disabled
Damping: 0%
Friction: 0%
Inertia: 0%

Direct Input Effects
Friction: 0%
Damping: 0%
Spring: 0%
Sine Wave: 122%
Square Wave: 0%
Sawtooth: 0%
Triangle: 0%

The Hardware Setup Tab
Bumpstop Effect Enabled: Checked
Bumpstop maximum strength: 100%
Bumpstop effect ramp range: 10%
Bumpstop damping effect: 50%

For reference:
My maximum motor current is 12A
My encoder counts per revolution is 40000


My settings FFB for a small mige 15 A


Is there anyway to get auto rotation angle in R3E ?
All the sims that I have on hand are already have this ability to match up with simucube but only R3E left behind.


we have the example code in Github. Also, as requested, I’ve emailed a “hello” email to Raceroom developers, but I never got a response back.


Hi guys

Any decent settings for grand Mige?



it seems that sector3 wants to discuss with Mika to fire evolve simucube
watch your MP on racingfr


Thanks, I noticed that post.


Yes, Alex from RaceRoom (Physics Developer), has said that he wants to explore the SimuCube DD-wheel. It would be very good to have a specific profile (Preset) for SimuCube in RaceRoom.


Hello guys. I read through the topic and I am interested in some info. I am in the middle of moving to a new apartment and there i will mount my OSW but for now I play on G29 and I like Raceroom very much but… I read that in terms of ffb RR is not that good. I know ffb is personal preference but I want to know if gear changing pulling, motor vibrations and other stuff that make RR good in terms of ffb are present while using OSW? I know that road bumps are not present but what about other stuff? I played the demo and I like it a lot, I want to buy the premium content if it`s good… thanks :slight_smile:


Those effects are present when using OSW and have been verified to work. However, other simulators have road feel from laser scanned tracks that one just cannot feel with low-end wheel bases, and when users try RaceRoom, they report that the track surface cannot be felt as well as they expect.


My settings for test


thank you @Mika and @Herve45 for your answers! really appreciate :slight_smile: I find RR most immersive from all sims and sim with more humanoid ai which actually made mistakes. thanks again, it was really helpfull :slight_smile:


The last big update for raceroom was a big improvement and the cars that got a physics update are now quite good, still not on the level of rf2 or iracing but getting close.
The cars that didn’t get updated are still hopeless to drive.


I am waiting Porsche 964 and Class C to drop and buy the premium pack. From what I read they work again on tyres, we can change tyre pressures, have other issues with tyres which is great. Probably the devs start working on Simucube profile, that will change everything.