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Your settings feel very good, thank you!
Do you perhaps have some for assetto corsa? :wink:


In the simucube controller I use unlimited tbw, 1080Ā°, damping 2 and friction 1, the rest default
In game 60% strength, the rest at zero, then I change the ffb strength for each car between 60 to 80%
In assettocorsa.ini enable gyro=1 damper min level 0,1 damper gain 1.0
in ff_post_process.ini type=gamma enable=1 value=1.3


Thank you very much!


Tried lots of recommended ingame, simucube settings from others who dont have the issue, yet I can not get rid of the cog gear feeling when turning or the sand grinding sound.
Im beginning to wonder if the issue is with my mige kit. I even tried the sine affect at a few settings that others recommemded and it turns the wheel into a big smooth vibrating massaging my hands wheel and when turning corners the car feels like the wheels are buckled. Oh the oscillation while driving straight is Really bad.
Only thing I have changed lastnight as a last attempt to fix it was in ioni/granity it was set to 13.44A so upped it to 23.25 and 25.00A (mcc/mmc?) because that appears to be what most have it set to.
One thing I read is power limit in granity/ioni (think that what called) a few settings i read said set to ā€˜0ā€™ no limit (unlimited) if running sdr 480-720w psu yet mine is set to 480 ? This is what was set to by the retailer, who also set the mcc or mmc to 13.44A.(cant remember which one)
Not used it for days while waiting for latest simucube 0.9.4 with the updated granity 1.70.


Can you post screenshots of the settings in Granity?


Hi Mika. Here is what granity was set at lastnight. I Only changed the mcc and mmc.

While checking I found the testing printout from seller before Sent mige kit to me and I noticed that [MPP] was set to ā€œ0ā€ so I do not know why it has changed and I think this must be first think I need to change so it is back to ā€œ0ā€ for my SDR 480-720w psu ?
I noticed that the [MR] and [ML] Is less then when first tested by seller and wonder why and if this is ok or mean something is bad with motor ?


Hello everybody.
Iā€™m sorry I have lost my rcs file posted here (computer formatted) is there someone who downloaded it and can reupload it?
Thank you in advance.


I found that center point was shifted on some cars after one side ride on grass or kerb.


does this also happen in SimuCUBE Configuration Tool? Does the issues persist if you turn SimuCUBE off and then on? What kind of encoder and what settings you have for it?


You would rarely ever hit the peak power limit. For SDR 480 PSU, I would put it to 0 or to some sensible value, 700 W for example.

How much less? They are not exact parameters that have to be exactly right. Using different cables will cause these to change a bit.


this happen in config tools as well.
basic combination OSW from TOMO, 10000ppr
I found that happen in R3E beta vehical


[ML] Was 4.256 when ollie first tested kit before sending to me, but now after I run the auto test it dropped to 3.803. I run 3 auto tests to get ML number and everytime ML drops a small bit.

I have not used my kit much because I hate the cogging/notchy feeling when turn wheel at slow speed and cornering which I can not get rid of.
Its the Same notchy feeling as when servo powered off and you turn wheel very slowly.

Its just makes me not want to play.


Do you have your wiring in a loop or something like that? Can you show me the settings from Granity? Post it in a PM.


Most likely your motor shaft coupling has not been installed tight enough.


Mika. I will take pictures of setting later and PM to you.
Yes about 2 feet of the servo cables are looped and sat right next to the simucube/psu control box. I have it sat next to pc and infront of my trakracer rig.

The motorshaft is fitted tight as can go. Its a basic one that cimes with ollies kit and not quick release.


Looped cables can induce inductance which does make your issue worse.

The shaft coupling thing was in response to @Jason_Him.


Jason, I had the same center point shifting issue, and indeed it was a shaft coupling issue just as Mika has suggested. I actually could not get the coupling tight enough, as it appeared the coupling halves met and left no more travel to tighten further. I ended up taking some very thin but rigid brass shim material and putting it between the coupling and its insert (kind of a conical piece) so it could tighten a bit more. Since doing that, it has been rock solid through many a wall and trip through the grass.


my settings have way to much return to centre spring were can i reduce this in the settings ?


Sorted it had setting too high somewhere re done setting feels allot better


I just played Raceroom for the first time in a long time. Iā€™m using the wingless Formula car (probably an F1600) and upon my first oversteer moment, my OSW tends to want to apply opposite lock much past the point it should - it keeps applying more and more lock and placing a huge strain on my wrists as I try and correct what should bea simple slide.

I seem to get this behavior the most in any rFactor physics engine based game (Automobilista, Raceroom, Project Cars, etc.).

Also, if I spin, as Iā€™m spinnning the wheel will to turn with what seems like full force all the way to the bumbstops even if I try and prevent it. It makes oversteer painful and dangerous to my wrists, not to mention difficult to control (should be simple slides to control).

Does anyone know any settings to help with this? This game is almost unplayable at the moment. Even If I lower the FFB so I can barely feel anything, I can still sense the countersteer problem during oversteer.