Steering Wheels of the SC2 Community

Hi Kledsen,

No I’m really happy with it! I bought the 383 for Oval racing and it’s a great size for that and has a really nice thick rim, it actually feels great with sports and GT cars too. There’s a good amount of natural damping as the wheel and button box are pretty weighty together which I like.

Only thing I’d say is because of the slight dish and 330mm diameter you need pretty big hands to be able to reach the buttons!

I went with the M simply because that was what Martin showed paired with the 383, I’m not sure if the curvature of the L would work.

Ok, thank you Si-Po,

I would use it for road, do you see any problem with that or would you slightly change something if that was the goal?
I would use it for skippy/GT3/GTE/GT4 mostly, but also would be good if it works ok for open wheelers.

Prob. should pick a slightly smaller size for my use…
Something like a Momo Mod.31 320… Damn, I like the looks of your Sparco R383 more 8)

Anyways, thanks for your input & congrats on that nice looking setup!

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Just in love with those Cube Controls


hi all, I need to know if the Turn r20 fits to the Ascher B16M model and not just the B16L; I am looking to match the two but at the moment only the M version is still on stock.



Yes it fits perfect, I’m currently running a R20 on a b16 medium sc.

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@Picia71 Where did you ordered that beatiful cube Sparco pro?

hello and thank you, I purchased it directly on the CubeControls website. Hello

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I confirm your thoughts on the encoders. I have installed CTS288s from Bodnar in other applications (without push-button function which may be the cause in different feel here) and they are much more solid with their clicks/detents.

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Does anyone have a .png Formula Pro Wireless picture?

Cube.f1_400 CSX-400p
hello, I don’t know if I understand correctly but I send you these photos even if it is not wireless.

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Thank you very much!


How is CSX 2 serving you? I’ve read quite few issues with their QC and CS, but that’s usually case with many things, people complain when something doesn’t work but rarely anyone say good about stuff that works great.

Yesterday I got my Cube control Sparco P310 pro wireless wheel and it is wonderful. Its strange that new premium wheel can feel totally different than my previous 3d printed bb and Motamec wheel. Its just stiff and it feels like lots of more input and power is coming from motor. I did improve over second lap time record in Imola yesterday with my Holden. :blush:

And by the way, can I change buttonbox name, as it is now seen in td “unnamed bb”. I’am not in pc now. Also is some one using cube conttrol Sparco .png file to show wheel image?

I wish I could find a second from changing a steering wheel :flushed:


Yeah Simon,it did feel strange that got superiour time to me,it was 1.43.185 but maybe it was just one of the days that all just went good on track. Though I did’t find same speed on race but wheel just did feel sharper neverthless on time. Sparco feels spot on with V8 cars. :blush:

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Love the CSX2 ergonomic and build quality and attention to details is out of this world, shifters clutches switches Everything feels on Another level compared to other wheels. But the screen software is bad, I have problems with it all the time :confused:

Can someone provide total lenght of any Simucube2 base with Ascher F28-SC wheel?

hi chris,
Total length of sc2pro and f28sc is about 345mm.
About 145mm from motor front plate to the front of the wheel.
Note: measurements to the front alu plate of the f28sc, not including buttons heights and not taking into accounts plugs or antenna on the motor (just the motor body)

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