Steering Wheels of the SC2 Community

As suggested by @phillip.vanrensburg, I started thread about which steering wheels the SC2 community is using.

To make this a little more uniform, please post the name of the steering wheel, the price, where you bought it, what you like and what you dislike about it, whether it worked with SQRv1 and/or SQRv2 and maybe post some nice pictures of the wheel.

I’ll start.

The round/GT rim I’m currently using is the SRC GT-1. Cost me about 430EUR (inc. shipping and taxes). It’s a pretty well-made wheel for a decent price, the magnetic shifters especially are incredibly satisfying. The wheel rim itself is from Motamec and included in the kit. The knobs & buttons are tactile, feel okay and respond easily. They’re from Leo Bodnar. Supposedly automotive switches but I’ve felt better.
The only downside, in my opinion, is the pretty short coiled cable on the button box itself. I can’t really rotate the wheel the full 900 degrees without ripping it out of the (included) USB extension cord. I’ll have to find a better solution for this.
It mounted easily to the SQRv2. All screws were included. It wouldn’t have worked with SQRv1.

Now it’s your turn! What are you using?


Customized Sparco F10a from Fitech


Just ordered the SRC CUP which seems pretty similar to the gt1 (If anyone knows the differences, if any, I would love to hear).

For the time being I’ll make do with a momo millenium (without buttonbox or paddle shifters) once my sc2pro arrives (on the 21th).

The SRC CUP is the same button box as the GT-1 with a round rim.

Why does it remind me on Predator movie :joy:


so true! once you said it… wow.

Using a real Polaris RZR wheel Sparco wheel for some time. Feels great. Custom small 700w motor.


I believe that RZR wheel is a Sparco L360 in Leather… or at least that is what it looks like as it is the one I used for a friend on our Porsche Cup Wheel box

Although his is the suede version ( I modified it to have the green center stripe and the blacked out Sparco logo

Here’s my SC2 Pro with Ascher BM16M-SC and an interim rim attached to it (forgive the quality of the suede :stuck_out_tongue: ) I’ll order an OMP Trecento very soon to go with the ascher buttonplate.

The desk works wonderfully for my use of sc2 pro, so far its been surprisingly sturdy even with stronger forces ive accidentally threwn at it :smiley: sc2 attached to a piece of wood and another piece screwed into the underside of the table so i can really screw the wood clamps tight on. Hopefully in less than a year i’ll move to a better living situation with more room for my hobbies and then upgrade to 8020 rig fit for the wheel :sunglasses:


Where did you get the bracket/mount from?

Its a bracket by the Finnish Sim Gear.


Just received my BM16M-SC today, Ascher ships things quick :slight_smile:


I continue with 2 Thrustmaster rims, i like the button layout and at the time its the cheapest solution for me, because im a low force driver and dont exceed the 12nm mark on my Sport
SQR attaches at the back of SRC Allinone adapter, so I faced some problems with my SQRs rev1.

TM Open Wheel works flawless. Im using Augury spacer (problems- threads on spacer are deleted to attach adapter and SQR)

Ferrari 599 Alcantara, works well but the upper arc can bend over hi load (no spokes) not a problem for me because i dont hang on it.
Same problems related to SQR rev1 but different solution. No spacer. Original 70mm adapter threads deleted. Washers.


Add to the upper post that the difference between using Augury spacer and not attaching it, translates in different TD setting to compensate the overweight.

Just to finish, my main rim for RBR and road cars, Momo Montecarlo 350mm, skiny round and uniform grip, i love it!

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Wow they’re working without any issues and they didn’t cost you an arm and a leg


200€ each, not counting TM wheel.
+50€ SimucubeQR +50€ Augury spacer (not needed with SQR rev2 if new spacer is included too) +100€ SRC AllinOne adapter

I dont have the TM Sparco R383 anymore but when using it with T-GT base, the rim can feel weak and bend much more than Alcantara one, TM made them all with same plate thicknes, but original T300rs is made of a harder metal

finally someone with the Sport :slight_smile: how’s it going so far? I am gonna receive it in two days !

The Ascher Racing F64-USB arrived today. It’s a gorgeous wheel. Unfortunately still waiting for the extra SQRs I ordered last week. No testing until the weekend (hopefully my extra SQR will have arrived by then).


This wheel looks so much more beautiful then the pic from the website, absolutely gorgeous!


Waiting mine sc2 pro and f1s from augury. Anyone with same wheel to share experience