Steering Wheels of the SC2 Community

Ah, was over-thinking. Just dropped it in the main TruDrive folder…duh. Thanks.


Next version of True Drive will alter this functionality, just as a heads up.


Alter eliminate, or alter enhance?

I printed one a few days ago I’m waiting on a 70mm rim I ordered to come. Do you know If there will be one for a 50mm bolt pattern rim?

I’m sorry but i have no idea, try send the designer a massage and ask.

But i can report that my 2 printed QR’s seems to hold up fine. I use one on a 350mm round wheel for rally etc and one on a Momo 29c and no problems so far. There is a litle bit of flex compared to the original version but that is almost what to expect.

Received my new wireless buttonplate a couple of weeks ago from NSH Racing and after using it for a bit I’m really happy with it. Paired it with a OMP superquadro which is excellent as well and goes well with my Ascher racing F28-sc.


If someone makes a wheel image of this wheel, then we will include it to our True Drive by default.
Can you report what the wheel name is in the Wireless Wheels tab?

I’m also looking for a round wheel next to my F28. How is the quality of NSH compared to Ascher?

Its good, a lot of 3d print compared to the Ascher but I knew that before buying and it was also quite a bit cheaper. The one thing I dont like about my Ascher is the buttons, I know it’s down to personal preference but there’s just a bit too much resistance for my liking.

The NKK buttons on the NSH are nice and clicky and I have no problems with accidental presses. The shifters are full carbon with a really nice click to them. There non adjustable but I have no problems reaching them even with relativly small hands.

It shows as NSH GT-BLE

Ascher everywhere - also here

DimSim F320H Steering Wheel (Selling on ebay)

QSP Wheel fits also with Ascher


I currently have Ascher F28-SC, but in the future I would also like to have a round GT style wheel (30 cm radius). My question is, what button modules would you guys recommend that are on par with the Ascher quality? I would go for Ascher button modules, but they lack funky switches which I don’t think I could live without (iRAcing black box management is so nice with them). Unless you can somehow easily manage black boxes with Ascher button modules.

Have a look here:

Johan does custom as well as the normal Comp300 V2 with dual funky switch



I really like the design especially the sections for bolts head that surprisingly missed even from the original QR v2. It’s very annoying sometime.

If you can manage to make it with ( absolute zero flex ) and cost around 50 ( vat included ) I’ll buy it for my future 4 rims.

Thank you.

Sorry, no plans to sell. I takes me 7 hours to print one and i would never give any guarantees.


you made a noble decision but honestly ( for a reduced price ) considering how much cost this wheel from factory… seems not fair enough for my taste.

Anyway. When and if a real replica “exactly cloned with leds in the same exact position” of this wheel become available i think to buy one. Exact for me is “exact” not similar or good. This wheel are produced by 5 people but no one is a good replica for me.

I have a Ascher button plate. The black box of Iracing I can manage without problems whit two rotary.
one rotary move the black box and the other move inside the black box. If I press the button of the one rotarys up thevalues and if i press the other rotary the values down. and whit any bottom plate I use like toggle


The SimRacingBay GT3 wheel, really awesome piece of kit! The wheel’s rim and the suede covering it feels top notch in the hand, the whole wheel is very stiff, the paddles are a step up from the base ascher’s in my opinion. The only negative I can think of is the rotary dials feel a bit plastic-y/vague but A: I don’t use them much at all and B: they still do the job and C: I don’t know if other wheels feel any different, everything else on the wheel is top notch quality. I get 100% signal with the SC2 pro w/ antenna attached.


I agree on the rotaries, pretty much the only downside. Can’t say I can notice any difference between these shifters and the ones on my B16M though.

A great wheel, have fun!


Yeah the only thing I like/notice about the paddles on this wheel is that they’re taller and have the 3 ridges milled into them. Pretty minor difference, nothing that makes a real difference lol.