Sliding/Scraping noises after updating to the latest firmware

Hi, I just upgraded to the latest firmware on my Simucube 2 Pro and after that I can hear a slight sliding/scraping noise. Especially when hitting the bump stop.
But very much most of the time while driving.

Anyone know of a way to fix this?

True Drive 1.0.33
Firmware 10824

Appreciate any help

We tuned the servo drive to be more quiet when there is no torque and slightly more precise when there is torque. This might increase noise when there is torque. We are going to tune it again for next release.

Mine was dead silent before. Is it possible to revert back to previous firmware?


There is definitely a problem with that resonance tuning as FFB feels more grainy and jolty with 2021.1,
Tried increasing Recon which helped with graininess a bit but not much with spikes.
So month later after fighting with this decided to downgrade to 2020.10 to see if this is indeed FW issue and not something else.
With 2020.10 the FFB is again smooth and rubbery like I remember and what I liked, and no more jolts or spikes. Seems like there are more users noticing the same.
Hope you’ll get a chance to look at it as 2021.1 feels like wheelbase downgrade.

Titles used for testing of both FW same settings, same conditions are AC and ACC.

Same feeling when testing 2021.1 and Mika was informed by my side, hope that it is fixed along other issues in next official release

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