Simucube wireless wheel support



Hi Philip and SimFai,
What is the latest on this? Is it possible yet to buy the wireless receiver and transmitter for DIY or are there any wheel manufacturers that can do the conversion? I just had a cable snapped for the second time so I am pretty keen to go wireless. If there is nobody in the US doing the conversions I will be willing to make myself available to do it.


After taking a look at the Ascher-Racing button plates and formula rim I was a bit disapointed to see that only the formula rim has the 7 way joysticks. I know there has been some talk about ease of button assignment between rims. If I were to get both of these products, and set my iRacing black box control to the 7 way switch, will I have issue controling my black box on the rim without that type of switch? or is there something to make that transition easier? Can someone elaborate on how that process works?


It seems weird that vendors aren’t ready to release wireless wheels for the SC2 launch.

You would think they would all be fighting for early-adopter market share.


Keep in mind that these wheels can also be used with SC1 + wireless wheel upgrade adapter.


Correct, yes - happy days


It did not make much sense to invest alot of time and money to manufacture something that the software was not even finished yet.


Like this one


That looks nice.
The rim is a bit small for DD Wheel.


It’s a ginetta replica is also a 320mm coming out


Well that makes sense then.

I have found over the years that 290mm seems to be a very good fit for the OSW and Open wheel cars.

The 320mm is ideal for the Gt cars.

Don’t forget about coming up with something for the Oval guys.
I am hoping that SC2 turns out to be better than the previous OSW for the Oval guys. With being able to play with keeping the fidelity without having to run forces at the high levels as before sounds like a very good combo for the Oval guys.
To date I think the Accuforce has been the ideal setup for them.


Martin Ascher have done a facelift of his webpages and some alternatives out for SWW system.


I will be first in line to buy a Cube Controls rim if they ever support SC2’s wireless tech.


Just a quote from my project in iRacing, a small project-wheel I am busy finalising :wink:

[quote=Beano iRacing]Well, it is time I finish this wheel. I knew there were very low-energy Bluetooth modules released for the Simucube (via additional plugin receiver) and Simucube 2 (native onboard receiver), as well as wheel-side transmitters.

Herewith a pic of a very special version Jani at GD gave me for testing. The unit with the external antenna is the wheelside unit (transmitter), which I will wire into my wheel then. This transmitter is compatible with both the Simucube 1 receiver (smaller board shown) and the embedded receiver on the Simucube 2.

Thus I can test both SC1 and the SC2 units, using the same wheel/button mapping…Yeay :slight_smile: More to come!




Contacted with my reseller about Wireless transmitter. He said it’s not possible to use module without programming tools which are sold only for wheel manufacturers. Is it true?


It is possible to use it, but it is not possible to change the default input pin configuration nor the default visible device name. The defaults are documented here, in the PDF file that is found on the page:

Also we are not giving any supports for DIY people for this module, as the module was not designed for DIY purposes.


Hello there,
I am on the SC1 and have just ordered the wireless DIY modules.
I have a question on the new firmware release that supports the wireless boards.
I am getting some strange reactions with the X12 button inputs now.
I run the penguin RC encoder and button boxes that plug straight in and since updating the firmware i get strange ghosting( im not sure how to exactly describe it but i press one button and 1 or two other come up ) it is the same with the encoder.
I rolled back to the stable pre wireless firmware and the problem is gone.
Is there any chance of adding wireless support to the old firmware?
the new filters seem to be as bit “laggy” on my small mige


In short, the 0.50.x series is 0.11.2 with a few bug fixes and wireless support.

I do also have the Penguinrc encoder box, and it worked just as before with 0.50.3.


Hi! I am interested in the Ascher Racing F28-SC Wireless Wheel for my SC1 (Simracingbay Small MiGe) and wonder where I can buy the chip that i install in the Simucube box (Europe).
Also Is there a required distance the from sender to reciever? Sim Racing Garage made a nice review on this rim but with SC2 where the sender & reciever is very close to each other and gives a good connection…


The connection should be even better in Simucube 1 as the receiver is not behind the motor itself.

The Simucube 1 receiver is available from many of our resellers, such as:


Have anyone found a buttonbox or a SCWW with a circular rim and a 4 way directional joystick or pad?
I love the 7-way joystick of the F28-SC from Martin Ascher, but I would like an option more suitable for GT cars. However I have grown a bit dependent on the directional selector. In both Raceroom and Project cars you might need to adjust pit strategies in race, and for that up/down/right/left selector is invaluable, and it would be impossible to do on with the other button boxes I have seen offered.