Simucube wireless wheel support



That button box has a large single pcb wired into a usb board. So no, not easy.


Ok, thanks for the info! Then I’ll just wait until they produce something. Do you think we’ll be seeing manufacturers delivering wireless button boxes in the next month? Or more like summer/autumn 2019?


I can’t really speak for any button box / wheel manufacturers, and I don’t know their schedules.

What I can say: Please email your favorite manufacturer that you would like a Simucube Wireless compatible wheel from them! :slight_smile:


I’ll do so! Thanks for taking the time to answer :slight_smile:


For anyone interested: Simracingcoach told me they don’t have any plans to make wireless button boxes.


That just means that more people should indicate that they want wireless button boxes from them.


I think that the DIY option is a must, and here’s why.

Unless you manage to get every one of the SIM hardware guys to adjust their design to accomodate your module (or at least have a way to connect it), it’s going to go the DIY ‘hack job’ route.

I’m glad you guys are going to offer a DIY option that essentially plugs into wherever the USB cable currently does like the Fanatec Unihub Teensy conversions. I recall doing one of these and the nightmare glue that Thomas puts on the screws that literally makes it a crap shoot if you can get the thing apart without having to drill out the screws and then you end up with broken screw posts because they are made of some cheap die-cast metal.

I can’t imagine the transmitter is too much different from the Adafruit approach (BLE), with the exception that it’s not intended to be a complete replacement for the internals of a button plate/box.
But it could have that option I’d imagine.


You are right… If enough people ask, they’d be stupid if they didn’t seize this business opportunity.


Any other ‘affordable’ button box manufacturers that are known to be incorporating this wireless module?


I am pretty sure Brion Sohn ( penguin rc) is going to do some button plates.

I think he said he did not get any of the protypes, so he has to wait for production units until he can start designing.


Augury said they weren’t going to offer anything at this stage, I just ordered a wheel from speedmaxracing on Facebook, Ive tentatively asked for wireless, but he hasn’t confirmed whether it’s possible. So if thats the case Fingers crossed I can get hold of a transmitter/RX unit and hack DIY the button box later.
What sort of timeframes will the pcbs be released for consumer purchase…im hoping to twist speedmaxracings arm if it’s in the not to distant future ….


Yep I am probably going to do something (Penguin r/c), Really depends on the whole cost value proposition as we are going in a little blind as to the actual demand… So as Mika said mention let the manufacturers that you would think of buying from know that you would would like it…

As far as development time… Well unfortunately for me I missed the window on the prototypes So I will be delayed a bit in development… Because there are more options with this unit the wheels will have more functionality directly on the wheel than currently through the RJ45 interface…

There are some behind the scenes things that are being worked out between reseller/manufacturers and Granite as well with regard to cost and things of the units. Because of this some retailer/manufacturers might not know whether it makes business sense to them as it is going to be a whole dedicated line of product.

I can tell you that it will be an EASY upgrade for all current SimuCUBE units, Just a small circuit board to plug into the main board.

As for DIY, there is difficulty with this board and DIY in that it wasn’t really designed to be a DIY board. I have actually known about it since early on in development and helped design the shape of what might be considered the Easy connection board for it. This also means that for support on it going DIY becomes a bit more difficult or as Mika mentioned they would have to do a fixed input sort of situation which may not work for everyone or everyones wheel.

We are still of course early in the process so we will see how it all pans out…


Me too:disappointed:


Any news on the progress? I’m willing to buy an OSW now, but would like to get a wireless button box to go with it (since DIY a Simracingcoach box later on won’t work), but I can’t wait much longer because my old wheel is starting to disintegrate… Also, if I have to wait even longer, I might as well get a Fannytec DD which has wireless anyway… But I’d much rather give my money to an opensource community.


We will ship first units to resellers quite soon.


Ordered an OSW from Simracingbay and a buttonbox+rim from Simracingcoach. Looking forward to a winter full of racing. And hopefully I’ll find a way to integrate the wireless module into the buttonbox… I like soldering and tinkering, so if there is any chance at all, even the slightest chance it could work with the Simracingcoach buttonbox, I’ll have to at least give it a go.


Having a blast with the OSW, it feels so much more like a real race car compared to T300, absolutely thrilling.

I forgot about the cable within an hour or so (driving in VR). Still interested to see what button boxes appear on the market :slight_smile:


Congrats GD !! Good initiative. Count me in :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


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