Simucube wireless wheel support




This sounds like very good news, even if I still got no experience with a cable hanging around.
Do you have any idea of when some of the wheel manufactorers will offer complete wireless steering wheels?
I’m getting my OSW from simracingbay very soon, and I want to upgrade from my fanatec wheels to something real. But i dont want to spend like 1000$\€ on a wired wheel, if I can get a wireless high end wheel in a cupple of months! I really understand it might be difficult for you guys to come with a specific date.


Tomo (simracingbay) is working on a wheel solution as I have discussed this with him, I will probably be working on a solution as well which will be hopefully be at the lower cost level for those that don’t want to spend $1000.00. (granted I don’t know exactly what Tomo is doing or the point he will sell it at.

I was just a little late on getting set-up with an account so they sent out ALL the pre-production samples before I could get mine for development SO I have to wait for the production units before I can begin development on a wheel box/wheel.

Just realize though that none of these wheels will have LED Rev Counters or Screens in them as the Specification for the wireless board will not allow for it. They will be button and encoder only.


Ok, exiting there is!

So what you are telling me is that it will never be a wireless wheel with led, screens, revs++ with a solution like this board?
I have seen people using separate SLI’s mounted in front on the OSW-servo as well. Looks fine to me.
But would it be possible to get paddleshifters on this upcomming wheels?
A buttonbox is also ok, I can buy separate gear to add on. It doesn’t have to be a complete plug and play wheel. I’m looking for some kind of quality like real momo/sparco rim, ascher buttonbox and shifters.


Id like to see more wheels without all the leds and screens. If you play in vr you don’t need it. That’s why I bought my wheel from sim racing coach. He has them both ways. I don’t mind spending money but 1000 dollars for a wheel is just too much to play a game. Obviously others have a different opinion and that’s fine.


Most likely the answer to this is no, as it would involve large LiPo battery and very limited battery life (days at the best case). Due to charging and minding to have either a cable to charge the battery while driving OR having a quickly changeable battery, it would not be exactly user friendly solution.

We are gathering all feedback, such as feature requests and improvements, for future, though.


Ok, good to know. I can see the reason why this wouldn’t work very well.
Still looking forward for what to come :+1:t2:


Can the transmitter module connect to 2 receivers at the same time?
In the case one has a buttonbox and a steering wheel


The underlying technology supports up to 8 devices connected to one receiver. However, we have not considered this to be used in any other situations than a button box on a steering wheel, so only one device is supported at a time.

Why would you need a wireless connection to a static buttonbox?


I thought if you could use the receiver even for a bottonbox


Yes, but the software will, at least at first, support only one device at a time.

It would be a week or two of full-time work to implement support for multiple devices both on firmware and on the Configuration Tool. For this reason, we chose not to do it, as the static button boxes are more sensible for USB anyway. And we are not selling this ourselves to DIY people, only the simulator wheel builders.


Does this mean you have to turn one wheel off and the other wheel on when switching wheels? Or is it possible to have them on all the time?


Yes, disconnect previous wheel, and connect new wheel. There is simple paddle combination to achieve this.


teasers in the development update thread. :slight_smile:


I hope there is no paddle combination to deactivate the button box. Wouldn’t like that to happen during a race.


There is; hold both paddles pressed for 5 seconds.

Is there a simulator where this would cause unforeseen incompatibility?


No, not for five seconds. I was just a bit worried.


Or Button Box via RJ45 which with the wireless would open BOTH RJ45s for use directly…

Blatant Plug:



Yes; for Simucube, the first 32 buttons are for digital inputs via the RJ45 inputs (14 inputs + shift capability = 28, round up to 32 to make it more simple), and after that, starts whatever the wireless interface adds. You just found the reason why we added the maximum number of button inputs some builds ago :slight_smile:


Can I go ahead and buy an OSW from Simracingbay now (acrylic case) and easily add wireless later? Or is it best to wait for manufacturers to implement this? Also, do you think Simracingcoach will be making a wireless button box? Thanks!


Or is the existing button box from Simracingcoach easily modifiable with a wireless modul? I just can no longer wait until the end of April :wink: lol