Simucube wireless wheel support




The two pads on the corners of the transmitter are intended to be used as extra physical mounting by soldering a pin to the motherboard and the transmitter board. They are connected to GND (0V).

The original idea is to have an option to make sure thatif pin headers are used, the board will not shake itself loose in any circumstances.

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In theory yes, but if my memory serves, this BLE is good up to 200 meters in free field. So provided that the button box and simucube box is well designed for BLE frequencies, the distance likely does not matter where the box and wheel are in the room. Even in “bad boxes” for BLE, we have noticed that it works up to 5-10 meters without issues.


Perfect. Thanks for answering. =)


I dont know anything about wireless transmission, but if it needs a transparent window, how would it go through lets say SimuCubes that are housed in CM cases? Does it need an unobstructed path? I’ve seen people have the case under the rig or behind the monitor, or just anything in the way.

Also, Is there a list of all partners, because i dont know many, and one particular i know, i can’t even find the link anymore (website was not very overview or information friendly). It’s also not under /distributors link either.


Some CM cases might need a modification. Some similar all metallic cases have big enough fan outlets to work as the radio path. No direct line off sight is required.

We are planning on something on the www to work as a better information source and list of Simucube partners. Stay tuned about that!


What do you think Mika will it be possible to use this wireless board with fanatec universal hubs?


Unlikely without huge DIY conversion work. The wheel side transmitter module can only connect to the Simucube receiver module.


Another vote in for someone who’d buy the DIY version :slight_smile:


After seeing some more pictures of the configuration used by SimRacing Bay for its Cooler Master case, I would say that it will work without modification. I see more trouble with some other cases.


Will the signal transmit thru acrylic?


Yes, no dramas with non-metallic enclosures.


Wonderful news. But why stop at the wheel input? You can can take this opportunity to change the game with 100% wireless support. I would love to eliminate all the cabling and usb hubs in my sim rig! Great work guys!


My p1 should be here soon and im already thinking about how im going to run all the cables. It would be great to be able to lose even a couple.


This is not a practical solution to replace anything other than the usb wheel/buttonboxes. You would most likely end up running power wires to power hungry devices. Moreover, the wireless button plate modules will only connect to the Simucube receiver module.


Ok cool!
So all of the people who got my builds should be ok since the front and rear plates are high impact acrylic?


Yes, acrylic is transparent to radio.


Thanks that is good news!


Cheers Joe :slight_smile: You’re good there…


We measured the wireless module power consumption again, and also found a few optimizations. Now the estimate is that

  • 1.5h of constant button presses
  • 22.5h in disconnected state
    … every single day, using 1.5 Ah lithium cell battery, the estimated life of battery is more than 4 years.

Great job @Jani!


Super effort, thank you Jani for a top design! And a Mika for the update :slight_smile: