Simucube wireless wheel support



I just saw the antenna extension. I believe it’s a must for SC1 setups with an external box away from the wheel. How did you testing come along? can you share strength delta’s on your SC1 setup with and without antenna?


Hi Mika,

Hoping you can clarify. I have recently purchased the SC2 Pro and my next investment was going to be Martin Ascher’s F64 wheel (until I read that not all the buttons will work). Will this next wireless version require hardware changes to the SC2 pro or will it be a software update only?



F64 is USB only. I haven’t seen a wireless option. The USB version shouldn’t have any limitations with buttons working or not as it’ll go into your PC.


Thanks Robert. I should look more closely. I thought it was wireless like the F28. Still would like to know whether the next wireless version requires hardware changes to the SC2 or only needs an update with software.


Next wireless wheel module is a new version of the wheel side module. The module within Simucube 2 does not need update, although the new features will require firmware updates.

No timetable yet for this, it is in the idea gathering phase.


Hi thanks for reply, so if have 2 wireless wheels, on PC they still show up as a single device? That’s useful if they do.


Yes, they show up within the Simucube device. Hot swapping in games without alt-tabbing is also possible.


just a quick video of what its doing ( this is 1 button press at a time at a rate of 1 per 2 seconds)
rolled back to the old firmware and the button assertions on the software interface are fine (they stay asserted for longer …maybe 1 sec?) the new firmware seems more responsive to the button presses.
using CAT6e cables, pretty basic setup in terms of rig, augury steel enclosure with 1 ground on a alu chassis.
it almost like you guys had some sort of input filter on it before?
Just got my wireless boards today. so will test out to see if they work, may be an issue with my gear.


We changed how the presses are shown in the Configuration Tool UI. To see how the games see them, please see the control panel or use DiView.


Do you lose signal sometimes with simucube 1 ? I got the martin ascher b16 with simucube 2 and sometimes its lost signal … really not nice :frowning:


Hi Nuke,

could you try to remove the antenna plastic cap carefully (rotate the cap)? I suspect the antenna wire to be squeezed too much inside the cover, compromising signal quality. The wire can be rearranged and the cover can be popped back in with a drop of glue.
There should be no signal losses or disconnects in any situation, obviously.


Any date range when more B16L-SC wireless wheels will be available?


Next batch is expected to be finished until the end of August.


Hi Nuke,

i had the same issue and made a costum solution for this, with a RC Car antenna Cover. Remove the cap slighly. Theres a small cable antenna inside - release it. Afterwards drill a small hole for the Plastic cover like this:

Afterwards i had 60-100%


Will the next batch of F28-SC have less issue with wireless? A bit worrying to hear some are having issues and have to DIY fix it when the price is such as it is.
Though perhaps I should wait for this new version of wireless to get more performance for the money, if it’s not too far out.


Hi what cable is needed to place the receiver PCB away from the main PCB, I thought it mounted directly? Do you think a 50cm or 1m cable would work? Thanks.


This is much shorter, maybe 20 cm. The wire/cable goes by many names, search for “Dupont Cable Breadboard Jumper”. This is only if you have an obstruction and need to get the card/antenna out of the metal box that houses your SC1.


Where did you get the bracket and is that a spacer attached to the wheel side?


Seem hot swapping isn’t possible, or at least, it’s pointless. I have two devices from Ascher Racing, both use buttons in range of 33-60, but they are not at all assigned in the same position.

For example, the pit limiter button on one may be increase brake bias on the other. So I can setup and bind one device perfectly, but have no say then on where those functions are on the other device.

Wish I had just bought USB unless there is a fix for this.


Hi ! I use this board since july without any problem on my 3D printed wheel. I use a 1200mAh battery since I got the board and I didn’t reload it. i made the 24h of lemans and more than 100 hours of playing…impressive consumption !

Now I want to install an encoder. Can someone give me the keywords to find some on aliexpress ? I want something for brake bias, TC etc…