SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread

I tried Automoblista just now to see if it worked for me only for a bit but feels good at 40%

This may be related to a recent issue resulting from a Windows update or Graphics config that caused errors as I had the same thing happen. It turned out that I had to delete the D3D.dll file in AMS and the issue was gone.

I recommend consulting the Reiza forums for more information.

AMS worked flawlessly for me with the new FW.

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I tried 0 (off), 5, and 7 for the filter with Pcars2. The change in feel was very apparent at each of those steps for me.

MANY variables to play with, moved my comments to the PCars discussion so as not to confuse things…

Only tried the recon filter at 1 not tried any other values as 1 seems really good you cant feel anything of the original sqr wave.

How ever the tbw makes a huge difference with the feel of the wheel. So much so that if you want to fine tune the smoothness of the wheel we are going to have to be able to fine turning to the TBW value . Theres a big diff between 1000hz and 680hz. 800 or 900 would be the sweet spot.

Can anybody test or confirm this?

Tested this in the caterham with raw 100%ffb 47 volume and 47ish tone 0 fx

Come over to this thread. :slight_smile: Project cars trouble shooting

There have been a few cases where the users have decided to want to flash back to MMOS. This requires to open the SimuCUBE case and moving the dip switch as explained here, in Case C:

I used a OSW Argon Lenze with MMos until yesterday.

Got the Simucube with Lenze running and there is only one thing bothering me:

In a corner under load, I feel a crunch/grinding in the Wheel. Like digital noise.
It does kill my immersion and there was nothing like it on the OSW Argon.

It feels like a to high TBW in the Argon but is not TBW related on the Simucube. It is there no matter what settings I try. (tried TBW from 150 - unlimited)

Fellow Simucube Users are feeling it too.

On MMos I could push the overall filter a bit but there is no such thing in Simucube.

Is it possible that GD can add kind of a filter do get rid of that digital grinding thing? Or is it just how things are on Ioni Simucube?

I got same issue whit my small mige and i can´t use TBW unlimited. Only 680Hz or lower works whitout noise.
I´dont know if the problem is wrong granite settings Brion share in iracing forums or what.
Also there is sometimes little unnatural fast shake in iracing when i´m braking.

Jarno, I get the same noise with TBW above 680, following discussion about this a couple of days ago in this thread it became apparent that it is caused by inductance in the Mige, not by the new firmware, I think we just have to accept that our Specific Mige need to run with a TBW of 680 or less. It’s likely that the .drc files in Brian’s thread have a TBW greater than 680 so it will have caused the noise to appear… so not really a bug, just something you need to tune for your specific Mige

I discussed this inductance noise a few days ago, wrt MiGe servos and TBW above 680Hz. It has occurred since the Argon days, and is not FW related.


Guys I have no Mige, driving a Lenze and I brought up the question :wink: I am not the only one feeling it. Martin Ascher for instance got it aswell. Its not related to the Mige, neither to the TBW.

It is there, even with TBW at 150hz. Never felt it on the Argon with the same Lenze Servo.

Going to try Beanos drc file now.

Is this felt physically, or some kind of audio pitch? With my Lenze and Simucube updated with opensource firmware I dont feel any crunching (and tbw set to unlimited). Did you try with my .drc? Happy to share any settings/test with you to share experience with multiple lenze.

Hope you can find improvement.

Edit - wondering if it would benefit to form a Lenze Simucube user group/thread, as there’s a few of us, could help when lenze specifics get lost amongst the Mige mass

Before all this talk of noise with high TBW it never used to bother me and I only rarely ever noticed it when wearing gloves.

Now I can’t help but notice it, so I’ve gone from unlimited to 680 or 460 with a mid to low recon filter instead of a high recon filte and high tbw that I used to use.

Without the high TWB induced noise the tires feel a lot firmer now while still getting the road noise. The suspension feels a lot bouncer now not overly so but the cars hug the track better.

Do other people think that the inductance noise has got worst lately?

@Mika from your experience with ir ffb, does ir produce frequencies which would be filtered out with a tbw of 680? Or put it another way what range of torque frequencies does ir reproduce?

Jon its kind of both. You can hear it and feel it. But its very very subtle. Most people wont feel anyting I think.

I tried your drc, Beanos drc and another one. There are differences but very minor.

I just know it doesn’t matter what TBW, what Recon Filter setting nor did I ever feel it with my OSW Argon Wheel. It’s the Simucube/Ioni that produces it.

Can’t tell if its the new firmware because I only know 0.71.

Iracing, because of it’s low update rate, produces higher frequencies as the jumps between updates are larger.

I haven’t measured frequencies as such, as it is infinite frequency square wave signal. If there are much lower frequencies, then it must be something that comes from their tyre model etc…

@Mika So AC frequencies running at 360hz will always be lower than IR 's frequencies running at 60hz if they run the same car?

Meaning that at tbw 680hz will be more likely with IR to filter out frequencies over 680HZ than AC at its higher input and lower frequencies?

Does that also mean that the recon filter up sampling to 2500 frames will help keep the the difference in torque between 2 contiguous frames low enough so that it doesn’t produce a frequency over 680hz?

Big Mige… no issues on unlimited…

Can’t really answer to this, as I haven’t yet had the time to get data from AC, so I do not know what frequencies there are in typical signals there.

The noise you are feeling and hearing is crosstalk noise between the current sense channels and encoder channels. The magnitude of the noise is related to the inductance of the motor; the higher the inductance, the higher the noise. For example, the high voltage Lenze @ 42.1mH is a serious offender, while the low voltage Lenze @ 10.5mH exhibits significantly less noise.

I’m certain GD has done everything they can on the filter and firmware side (firmware update with filter last year improved noise significantly @ TBW <= 680Hz).

The latest IONI hardware revision V29 also reduces this noise by ~10dB. I have one of these on order, but from what I heard from others the improvements aren’t significant.

Argon builds have insignificant crosstalk between current sense and encoder channels, so the noise isn’t a problem on those builds

While IONI is better than Argon in almost every way for our application, this crosstalk noise is definitely IONI’s Achilles’ heel. From what I understand, it may be possible to virtually eliminate the noise with a PCB redesign. Maybe GD will consider a special sim racing edition IONI. :slight_smile: