SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread

Hello everyone!

In this thread, we will be publishing more timely updates about the SimuCUBE open source firmware development. This will be the primary channel for updates, and this community forum is going to be used for feedback, ideas and discussion regarding the firmware.

As we only want to deliver high quality and low latency, the release of the firmware has taken longer than first expected. The main features of the upcoming firmware include:

  • Close to 10 kHz update rate of torque commands to Ioni. This is accomplished via the SimpleMotion bus, rather than PWM&Dir. This will enable a lot more fidelity in effect calculation and open up a lot of possibilities for filter development.
  • Motor and encoder support is handled via Ioni. This means that any motor and encoder supported by the Ioni drive will work by default.

For now, we have implemented only the constant force support that as needed for iRacing. Similar effect as implemented in rFactor is next on the list, and more effects on a sim-by-sim basis will then be added later.

Configuration tool (on Windows) and configuration protocol development is in work.

ADC inputs and button inputs for the X11-X12 ports is in work. ADC needs some debugging and buttons will need a debouncing code, but those shouldn’t take long.

There is still work to do in SimuCUBE startup and initial setting up routines to ease up the user experience, but it is our goal to make it almost plug&play (“select motor, run a wizard = motor and encoder are configured”).

After a closed beta phase, we will be providing beta builds for the most adventurous users via this forum to registered users.


Great news, and looking forward to what IONI/Simucube can do in the FFB space in the future.

Happy to be part of this team :slight_smile:


Great to hear an update from you guys. Looking forward to what is coming.

Excellent news! I look forward to playing with what you guys come up with.

Hi all glad to be apart of this group I’m a bit of a tinkerer and am always looking to improve my osw. The gear you guys produce it top quality and I have built quite a few simucubes and argon and ioni build before that and have had a good experience with all.

great to hear that there will be a kind of a wizard, i had luck that i got a pretty good howto guide when i bought my simucube in december last year, without it i may have lost interest in it pretty quick.

Really looking forward to see what’s coming :sunglasses:

Hi guys
Great idea to have specific forum for the SimuCUBE development. I’m looking forward to see what’s coming.

Great news and glad to be part of this community!

Hi guys,
after more than 1.5 year’s of using the Ionicube 1x board and still having a Simucube board laying on my desk i would love to switch back into tinker mode and test some new firmware :slight_smile:

Looking forward testing and especially using this!

Awesome, looking forward to testing and to new ideas.

Looking forward to do some test! great job guys!

I’m excited to see things progress :+1:

Thanks for this Community and Forum. What is already a great product can only get better.

If you need a complete idiot to test anything, I’m your man.

Well done gentlemen, awesome idea.

Thanks for creating this forum, I think this will be beneficial for everyone involved.
Really looking forward to seeing what cool things are coming forth in the future😉

Kind Regards

Yay, can’t wait! Dis gonna be gud!

Hi there:slight_smile:!

It’s great to come closer to this great release!

Will the open source firmware also run on the STM32F4 Discovery board (used in the original OSW solution) or is it limited to the SimuCube hardware?

Thanks for your great work,

The OS FW will fully utilize all hardware features of SimuCUBE so at least the exact same binary won’t run on OSW build. However, because it is open source, anyone can fork it and adapt it to OSW (We welcome such code commits! We could create dedicated OSW branch in the GitHub for OSW compatible version to help keeping it up to date.).

Another way would be adding missing HW features to OSW to run the original OS FW. More about that later once we know what exactly is needed.

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Thanks, Tero!

That’s great to hear. I’m more familiar with developing software running on Atmel MicroControllers (and using Atmel tools), but maybe I’ll start to get used to the STMicro world and port the software to the discovery board. If no one will do it before me:-).

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