Possible to convert IoniCube+Discovery into SimuCube?

I have a question regarding how to convert IoniCube+DiscoveryBoard to SimCube.

My hardware configuration:
-Small MIGE

In the thread “SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread”, I saw below Tero’s comment.

“Another way would be adding missing HW features to OSW to run the original OS FW. More about that later once we know what exactly is needed.”

I think it is same as what I want and this method is faster than waiting for open SW method. Or any plan to sell the board for the conversion?

Not sure if there exists the method. I’ve been reading above thread but not finished yet as it is too long.

There are no plans to sell a board for conversion, but if there was, it would include some RS485 conversion chip, as that the SimpleMotionV2 communication with Ioni is the only feature that is missing from IoniCUBE-based builds. Also there should be some circuitry that makes it possible to have either the SimplemotionV2 adapter to PC or the firmware to keep TXEN pin safely enabled.

But there are no current plans to make the firmware otherwise compatible with IoniCUBE-based OSW, or to have separate IoniCUBE builds. There is much more important things to invest time on, so that we can get out of beta…

Thanks for your answer. BTW in addition to the HW change you explained, do you mean additional FW change is also required for the changed HW?

Well, we haven’t tried. It could work, or it could not… At least any of the inputs like the buttons and analog inputs would not work as they would not be routed in the same way on the discovery board.

Also, the SimuCUBE firmware uses 4.5Mbps baudrate to communicate with the IONI via SimpleMotion. It obviously hasn’t been tested if these high baudrates would work when used with the separate RS485 circuitry that would have to be added to IoniCUBE build.

This is why our official stance it is that IoniCUBE is not supported.

Reading the Tero’s comment and other’s similar writing in AC forum, I thought I may be able to get the HW schematic at least. But now I see it seems not feasible.

But as a Ioni user who saw SimCube lauch almost right after purchasing Ioni sets, I feel a little regret at not being able to feel the new FW introducing reconstruction filter. :disappointed:

But as it needs additional your effort, it is true that we can’t ask it for free. Once you Granite become available later, I’d like to ask you prepare something like the board or new SW for Ioni users. Then many Ioni users will purchase it with thankful mind.

Changed the topic to say Simucube, as Simcube is registered trademark or at least a product by someone else.