SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread 2



Ok, noted. I do not think this was changed for this firmware version, though.


also, in the ‘hardware setup’ tab, if i configure the motor and go into the “automatic commutation setup”, it does it’s thing (wheel moves back and forth), then says “Center the wheel”.

i center it and press ‘next’.
it says “initializing” then “initialization complete, press next to continue”.
when i press ‘next’ it says

“set wheel center point” and press ‘next’
i do that, then it says “processing”, then “set wheel center point” and press ‘next’
i do that, then it says “processing”, then “set wheel center point” and press ‘next’
i do that, then it says “processing”, then “set wheel center point” and press ‘next’
this repeats over and over until i press ‘cancel’ instead of ‘next’.

note: i haven’t done much UI testing lately, because my wheel “just works” (thank you!), so some of this may not have anything to do with recent changes.


Ok, probably I will have to just add a note that the motor configuration wizard does not work. It does work on my sincos encoder, maybe something got broken with biss when using the automatic commutation.


Yep, I am using SinCos here too, like discussed earlier this morning, mine worked without any hassles. So probably something small only.

Testing has been going very well, super-stable with no bugs on my end :slight_smile:


I will go to the office and test the wizard with biss-c if we have that motor where it used to be. Release will be later today after my testing.


I drove several hours with v0.50.2 on dirt rally 2.0 and I had no problem on encoder 10000 ppr


Also the X12 input configuration is missing for some reason. I’ll investigate.

edit: and that is fixed. So, all thats left is to test the biss-c motor config dialog.


I have biss c encoder and didnt have problems. Also no problems with reconfiguring the center


@Mika, you’re welcome to send me the beta if you need another biss c encoder to test on.


I did run into the issue here at the office. I had to add a bit of delay. But the functions done by the firmware are identical at that point, so maybe its related to individual system and their things.


release is out. SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Public Beta release thread


Simucube firmware version 0.50.4 is available for testing. I would like someone to now test upgrade from 0.10.x (should not be possible anymore, firmware update will stop) and from 0.11.2 (should work OK.)


I am available to test but I am on version 0.50.3


Is 0.50.4 going to release today?


I will try to accomplish that. There were no testers who could test upgrade from 0.10.x, and there are no other changes in the firmware, so a bit hesitant to release…


Simucube 1 will be getting new features and usability improvements.

One of the first ones will be easier to use bumpstop settings.

Participate discussion here:


Thats wonderful news Mika, me and my friend just recently bought SC1`s and looking forward to improved software and other improvements in the future.


Great Mika! Really looking forward from an old user of SC1!


That sounds great, any idea when this will be released?


we have just reworked some internal things for the bumbstop effect, and it appears that the damping is at least more stable now. But no timetable, we will distribute the focus towards SC1 again after we have exhausted the todo list for Simucube 2 and its filters.