SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread 2



Is there any news about the schedule of Wireless kit to be sold from distributor? For DYI purpose on SC1.


They can be bought already.


Thank you, Mika. I’ve be looking. I’ll check again.


any news about Simucube 1 updates? or is this dead?


Its no stress but would be interesting to know “where we are now” according to this picture.
(This pic was posted the 21 of may)


We are still on the “Now” -part. We are still adding new features to Simucube 2 software and firmware.


Is it possible that we will get some kind of “truedrive” type of preconfigured settings/filters for simucube 1 as well in the future or that will be a simucube 2 feature only?


Simucube 1 development will be continued some time soon, and bringing the template profile functionality and the upcoming Simple UI mode, is under consideration - but not decided yet.


1 vote plus 1 sixpacks of beers from my side if you implement the functionality into simu1 as well :slight_smile:


Just an idea: if the development takes time and its expensive perhaps you can start a new project(open an account on kickstarter or just give us a paypal address or whatever) for that one, and everybody can send few dollars to contribute to the cost of development.
I am satisfied with my lenze+simucube 1 and if it is possibel to improove it and move it a bit closer to the simu 2 i am more than happy to pay for it…

Anyway in a given timeframe i will upgrade to simu 2 thats sure but i would wait until the preorder period closes…


Before Simucube 2 was announced, I was kind of waiting for or expecting a new revised Simucube 2 PCB that would fit in the same infrastructure, so that SC1 users could upgrade their systems in the same modular way. But turned out GD were taking a more dedicated approach with a fully integrated solution.
I do not think we can expect any further hardware developments for the modular SC1 system therefore. It’s not only the fundraising, you must take into account the human resources required.
Focus clearly has to be on the new SC2 platform from now on.

I for one will be glad, if the current SC2 developments will indeed drop down to us Simucube1 users as well (where applicable and not limited by the slower processing capabilities of the SC1), as seems to be planned and outlined on the roadmap anyway.
To me, that is a quite a commitment already, cause SC1 is not generating sales aka money anymore. It’s only customer care, real good customer care^^


It can generate money as well. I am happy to pay for the new software if needed


We appreciate the kind words!

There is much interest in having the new UI for Simucube 1, and we are leaning towards having that done. On the other hand, we can also just bring parts of that (template profiles, simple UI, etc…) But no decisions yet.


Like many, I participated in and followed the SimuCUBE Firmware Beta development from July 2017 to November 2018 as it progressed towards version 1.0. We then had a few teasers about exciting new developments, only to discover in April 2019 that this was the introduction of Simcube2 and the True Drive software, and that the SimuCUBE beta development was to be placed on the shelf for the time being.

Although this was disappointing, I never forget that I purchased my Simucube/small Mige with Mmos , and I subsequently got and still have the very excellent SimuCUBE firmware completely free. So, I too would be more than happy to make a donation for a 1.0 version of SimuCUBE with the True Drive UI and as many features as is possible ported across.


I still would love some sort of board upgrade. One can wish.


And also there will be many “new” SC1 second hand owners out there! Its still a superb wheel for years to come.


This is absolutely true!
Many people have contacted me lately who purchased one of my SC1 Setups used, asking for help to get setup.

I have actually had requests to build new SC1 controls Iately.
I have built 3 in the last month.:smile:


Is it possible please (or can be added in future) to disable FFB being turned off when I turn off a wireless device?

Reason being that often I swap from wireless to a USB wheel and would like to avoid needing to open up Simucube and clicking the box each time.



This is a safety feature - as the user has disconnected the wireless wheel, it is probable that he is going to change it and thus handle the QR, which should be automatically safed. Torque will be automatically returned if you connect another wireless wheel.

It is unlikely that we will disable this useful safety feature.


It seems like current SimuCUBE 2 and future SimuCUBE releases are full of nannies.

What you see as a useful safety feature may be a pain in the ass for your customers.

Belittling the customers wishes is not something I recommend.