SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread 2



Its a work in progress. People wanted updates quickly, and also there is the need to get a build with all the wireless wheel fixes out, so no time to implement anything more drastic right now.


Any mockups of the new UI to share?
Afraid neither orange nor black would save old UI which was probably fine for DIY kit freebie but definitely not something that should go along with the commercial product.
I could understand disappointment of SC1 users if they don’t get UI refresh as well.


I will share a few screenshots of the SC2 UI later today, Andre, I was testing a few new filters last night and the FW for the SC2 now at a very good level. More later today, I have to say, I quite like the appearance :slight_smile:

In the meantime, my latest thoughts here: Simucube 2 News and Updates


Thanks Beano.
Look is secondary to a function, but always a nice compliment to the whole package showing how professional and serious the vendor is.
Enjoyed reading your impressions, can’t wait when the beast gets released into the wild.:smiley:


Wow, new UI looks stunning.
Good job GD. :grin:


Need to test Wireless Wheels with SC1 today, then I could maybe share a test version…

It will include an IONI firmware that is also minimally tested and not available anywhere else. Only changes in that are related to SC2 compatibility changes.


Really hope distributors are allowed to sell wireless system kits for DIY purpose.


^^They are, they will also provide the necessary support in that case.


Unfortunately there is a bug in the minimally tested IONI firmware, but I can report that the Wireless Wheel functionality does work fine. Also got a new button plate to test it with.



Its very beautiful :slight_smile:


That is a very nice plate :slight_smile:


Any usual tester want to have a Simucube 1 firmware for testing? PM.


Things seem to be well. Any other takers? :slight_smile:


I could test, but then I need to refit Bruteforce on the weekend, doable, 40 minutes job at most…if there are things you need certainty about, let me know, I can test then :wink:


most likely, if there are no bug reports, the version will be released publicly by the weekend anyway. I just yesterday ran into a strange issue that I could not reproduce/understand, and thats why there is a short need to gather a bit more data before public release.


Ok, please forward to me :wink:


My tests of 0.50.2
install is OK
raceroom is OK. I did not feel any difference on the sine wave effect
rfactor 2 is OK
dirt rally is OK
dirt rally 2.0 is Ok
assetto corsa competizione is OK
assetto corsa is OK


is there any way to ‘delete all profiles’ and do a reset to factory defaults?

i tried the ‘advanced’ tab and “restart everything from scratch”, but that did not wipe out the profiles. it looks like it just reset some of the wheel config.


Currently there is not, but I think I’ll have a look if things have changed and whether this could be implemented in a future version.


i have a biss encoder. in the ‘hardware setup’ tab, if i configure the motor and go into the “automatic commutation setup” and hit “disable previously set automatmic commucation settings”, both dialog buttons are disabled and there are no actions available to me except the “next” button.

there is no option to redo a setup after disabling the previous one.

i would have expected i could disable the old one, and create a new one.