Simucube firmware 0.50.x feedback thread



Was just about to install 50.4c but went back up through the thread since the 50.xx series FW have been around.

Several people in this thread have reported that the FFB seems much more dampened than before, and requires going down to much lower reconstruction filters. which in many cases just introduce ‘noise/chatter’ that is interpreted as FFB.
More concerning were reports that the wheel forces were not as strong and wheel response felt “slower”.

Going back to 11.2 resolved this it seems, so what could have changed to create such a result with the 50.xx series FW?
With two reports detailing the same feedback, it’s unlikely to be placebo.
I’m all for a smoother more natural feel, but not at the loss of wheel liveliness and responsiveness - that seems like a poor trade off, and essentially ‘dumbing’ down the SC1?

I can’t imagine how complex this software is, and appreciate that you continue to actively support your loyal SC1 owners. But could the changes from SC2 be counterproductive for SC1 owners in the most important areas like FFB strength and responsiveness?
Appreciate your input as always.



It is placebo, no changes on the code side.

Only change we made is to reduce the torque update from free running to constant 1250Hz that makes it possible to implement smoother filtering.


Placebo continues to be the most intriguing phenomenon.
Is there something in Granity that can measure the actual forces of the wheel so I could take a look at that data before and after (0.11.2 to 0.50.4c)? I seem to recall a section for this?

That would make things much clearer if there are changes of statistical significance.


Granity has the testing tab, but it cannot be accessed when Simucube is using the Simplemotion bus.


Hmmm…so essentially no point in using that since it ‘bypasses’ the software interface for the FW that could potentially change the wheel feel/forces?

I wonder if there are 3rd party tools that can monitor this? Perhaps, but no way to have them communicate with your software.
So, I suppose the only way is to ask a few friends over (especially ones who know nothing about DD wheels so have no idea what to expect) and do back to back blind tests with same track/car and FFB settings.


Is the same FW in 50.4c being used (at least the core) in SC2?
If so, then the focus will be on best experience for SC2, and that may be why with ‘lesser’ motors like the MiGe there’s a perceived detrimental effect?

Just trying to think through this, with of course very little understanding! :slight_smile:


Yes, it is the same core firmware, although the sc2 is already quite a bit reworked.

You are thinking about things that just are not possible.


Then I will cease to dream up the impossible :smiley:


I have given the 0.50* a very good workout prior to release, I noticed the change on torque update rate, things felt better and slightly smoother on Bogeyman, but overall, there was no reduction in detectable torque levels.

Perhaps because it is a bit smoother, you might perceive slightly lower torque levels, but it would be mostly placebo-effect, as Mika says.

Even with it as it is, you can still drop the smoothness down to totally noisy and unrealistic levels, so do not be concerned, the operating-window on these Simucube systems are by a significant margin the widest of all dd wheels available.


Thanks Phillip.
So basically might need to move the recon filter down a click or two and lower effects?

I’m going to try today, if my placebo meter is high and I don’t like it, I can always go back to 0.11.2.

And that’s the beauty of Simucube - not being forced into whatever FW the developer thinks everyone likes.
Or at least I hope it stays that way (safety implementations aside that will likely be more of a factor with SC2).


We will only support the latest versions, and a downgrade is not supported on Simucube 2 at the moment - but there is a way to do it if there would be a need for such.


What versions are you still supporting on SC1?


The current versions I’m guessing until advised otherwise since the old thread was closed and we are in the 0.50.xx series


Yes, we do not have the resources to keep product support up for many versions. Various hidden things were changed for 0.50.x series, so if a new issue with 0.11.x is found, the first task is to update, and then if not fixed, we will fix it for the next version.


updated to 050 no real difference noted,


Ok thanks for clarifying.
I saw the old thread was locked, but no post was made to why.


It was meant to be the release thread, not for discussion.


I also went from 11.2 to 50.4c and felt no difference (iracing).


I’m on 11.0 Any practical reason to upgrade if everything is working fine as is?


Not really.
But for practical reasons you should be on 0.11.2 ideally as that was the ‘final’ stable version of that branch and resolved some issues with high CPU load.