Simucube firmware 0.50.x feedback thread


Just playing with AC for 2 hours, and no problem with v0.50.3.
The feeling of FFB is smoother than v0.10.4 in my opinion. FYR.



Hi there,

Simucube v1 + large MIGE (SinCos) + 0.50.3: the initial firmware upgrade succeeded, but I am unable to operate the wheel or get through the configuration wizard or even reapply the same firmware a second time. See screenshots below. Any suggestions?



Show settings from Granity, reason for motor not initializing must come from there.


Unable to connect. Behaves quite strange: sometimes an empty list, sometimes a large number of entries. USB cables are both connected.


The state is still “turn the wheel to find index point” so probably that is the cause of the multiple entries. You should go to a state where it says really “IONI Granity connection mode”. This can be achieved via the motor configuration wizard, I think.


Ok, turning the wheel about 180 degrees to the right resulted in “Operational” state. From there the configuration wizard worked without a problem again. So, maybe this strange state “turn the wheel to find index point” should be considered when starting the motor configuration wizard with an additional step or warning message or similar? I never experienced this state before in any of the updates.



you probably use index point indexing, or set up the motor to do that indexing mode?


I normally use “Automatic indexing mode” if that was the question.


Hello there,
with the 50.2 release and the new firmware the X12 inputs are behaving strangely on my box.
I get button ghosting where i will press one button and sometimes it repeats or displays the button and another a random button at the same time or shortly after. ( the rotary encoders are going better but they are a bit flaky)
this seems to follow through into game play also esp in iracing, where im getting double button presses
i rolled back to the older release (11.02)and it behaves properly.
(i have the wireless diy boards on the way so thats why i was keen on upgrading)
The force feedback seems to be alot more damped than before also. Ive had to turn the recon filter down from 6 to 2 and my wheel ( 18nm augry mige) seems quite sluggish now, its not reacting that well changes in direction.
on rolling back to the previous release the wheel feels alive again.
Is this something that you guys would expect?


Strange issue as the ffb side and also the x12 input processing is totally untouched from 0.11.2. Only change is maybe the torque update rate reduction from almost 1700 Hz to stable and consistant 1250 Hz.


thanks for the feedback,
the x12 inputs are weird. in the older release the button press visually is asserted for a longer time (ie the graphical button goes black to show its asserted. and seems to hold state for a second maybe)
the new 50.2 asserts and deasserts the graphical button faster but there are random ghost buttons.
Maybe the lower torque of the 18nm mige is more effected by what ever changes were made to the force feedback side of things
But i have rolled back to the previous stable version and the wheel is back to a more lively state.
with the new firmware it just seems to slow, there is an improved smoothness for sure, but change of direction, its seems to react to slowly now.

hope that explains its a bit better


Hi Mika,

I noticed that if you click on “reload settings from simucube” on the advanced tab, the filter settings on the profiles tab are not updated. You have to restart the app.


@Mika, I don’t know if you saw the proposition from Magicfr in Racingfr forum for FFB calculation…

" I would love to see the Damping/Friction/Inertia effects being independent from the max torque. So users would set a Torque Factor instead of a percentage, this way users could share value and the effects would be similar on each motor even with different max torque for each motor.

So for in simplification , this

Damping Current = MaxCurrent * Damping Percentage / 100 * - Omega.
would become

Damping Torque = ( Damping Torque * -Omega ) * Torque_To_Current.

Obviously that would also mean the software have to know the max torque in Nm of the motor , which I don’t know if it’s possible without a user input ( for Simucube 1 , as SC2 are known )"


This type of ease-of-use is something that we are considering changing for SC2 as the motors are always known. Most likely not for SC1, as the torque calculation based on the current alone is much more complex as the torque can be limited by voltage as well on some motors.


Is 0.50.4b safe for new install now?

Do you still have to set the bumpstop settings to a wrong value save and then change back to correct settings?


It has been tested for new installs. The fixes are listed in the changelog. The bumpstop setting has been fixed.

Note that 0.50.4c is the current version.



Can you clarify if the bug reported by @Jos is reproducible and indeed a bug in 50.4c?

““reload settings from simucube” on the advanced tab, the filter settings on the profiles tab are not updated.”


Most likely that bug exists, i.e. the profiles in the profiles tab are not cleared/reset to the ones from the device. This is due to the connection manager part of the tool being heavily revised for SC2 True Drive software, and the SC1 tool just does not do all the right things.

Low priority for fixing, though…


If I always close the config tool after selecting a game profile, then re-open if I change games and need a different profile, this should be a non-issue, right?

Thanks Mika.


yep, the issue only affects the “reload settings” button, as Jos described…