Simucube ActivePedal announced

Yes, its a revolutionary pedal.


And if the game does not have telemetry…what’s happen ?

It will work as a passive pedal as well.

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I think you should see telemetry as a bonus that will enable ABS pulsing and other rumble effects.

But even without telemetry, GD has come up with a very unique product: pedals that can be configured via software to any car or any feel that you want; that allow you to store different profiles for different cars and to easily switch profiles; and that can consistently reproduce the same feel without any degradation over time.

In particular, you get a brake that’s purely pressure-based and that does not rely on metal springs or elastomers for the feel (I might be wrong here since I haven’t seen the product, but my understanding with these pedals is that nothing gets compressed; whatever resistance you feel only comes from the motor, and can be tuned via software to whatever you like).

This is not like the Simtag ABS simulator that basically sticks a motor on a hydraulic rig just to simulate ABS. Here the whole feel of the pedals is provided by the motor.

I, for one, am very excited, even without the telemetry. The ability to import profiles based on real-world measurements (GD said yesterday that they would provide that), and then easily switch between GT4/GT3/LMP/F1 profiles is just fantastic. For me, the perspective of having telemetry-based effects down the road is just the cherry on the cake.

I just hope they reserve a couple of pre-sales units for the US :wink:


My simicube pro is the most reliable, robust, well finished sim product that i have ever bought.
To say that i’m over excited by those pedals is an understatement and i thought i never need something else than my heuksinveld.


They look pretty bulky, I’m not sure they can be mounted on my rig, how long are they?

This is screen grab from GD promotional video of them mounted to what looks like sim-lab P1X

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What interface are they using, don’t see any USB input, are they required to get plugged into AUX ports of SC2 to operate?
Also there are two power sockets, each pedal would require separate PSU or two?
What is load rating of load cell and max pressure the pedal can support?

More about the connectivity later on. But it is one USB regardless of number of pedals. We haven’t shown everything about that yet.

One Simucube 2 Pro -like PSU, then daisy-chain that to every pedal.


Looking at the photo they are very long indeed, my rig seems to short for them. Price? I bet not less 999 each

Ok these pedals look awesome as an idea at least. For sure if used as a brake this could be a game changer feeling properly the ABS (not rumble only) and perhaps in the future if sims can through telemetry convey info such as brake fatigue, wear, etc. Also, i can see them as clutch if the software tuning level would be too detailed to allow simulating a proper clutch real feel, but i doubt that current sims have any relevant telemetry whatsoever on this end. If SC worked together with sim Devs (as for example Logitech and true force) we could be looking at great stuff. Both brake and clutch are mechanical so it would probably make sense (depending also on the cost). I just dont find a purpose to be used as an accelerator since there is nothing mechanical to it.

For me, this is an interesting product but maybe ahead of its time. If the asking price will be close to an existing high end pedal set, then yes maybe people will be willing to invest on it to be future proofed. But i am afraid these are going to cost a lot more than most of us are able/willing to spend. Somehow although great in theory (maybe in practice too), i dont think it is going to be revolutionary. I guess that this is a very niche product practically to be addressed only to few people.
Nevertheless it is good to see that SC is getting involved in the telemetry FFB which might be brought as well to SC2 in 2023 (i guess) as Mika mentioned previously. Still i believe that would be more revolutionary as wheel ffb (which is more important for me at least) is lacking in many sims.


some ideas how to setup pedals if only brake is active, get an single throttlepedal from another brand doesnt feel right atm,but…

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I drive cars from RSS, sim dream development Aso, or Dallara in RF2. So I don’t need a clutch pedal, I have it at the steering wheel. I don’t use, or almost never, ABS. Since AC, with CSP 1.77 up, let me us the full 200kg load cell I think Granite should have use this too. Like @Panschoin wrote, we don’t want artificial rumble on pedals (I don’t say this is the case here). I have high expectations that AC2 will be a true simulation.But we have to wait quite some time till it’s released

Some brands require the throttle and clutch to be plugged into the brake pedal. So I guess those won’t work and you will need a throttle/clutch that can be plugged independently into a control board.

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Not to mention instead of clean same design style pedals you will have Frankenstein monster of different colors and sizes.
May be GD will add conventional clutch/accelerator pedals of the same style but without actuator, as active part on those does not provide same benefits as brake, but will make them less responsive.

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O-M-G I am looking forward to this! Now I am glad that I havent pulled the trigger on the heusinkveld’s yet hehe. But as all of us, I am curious about what the pricetag will be…

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Please, bring the guy on your team. You would be a good match. Imagine what he can do if he is not working solo in South Africa?

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I see the preorders have gone up now…
€2398 per pedal! Oof

I wasn’t expecting it to be cheap but that might be a little too far for me to justify sadly! You guys should consider providing a warranty higher than 2 years as if you are that confident it’s zero maintenance and reliable then the higher warranty length should be practically nothing for you.

Just my thoughts, I will be interested to see what the UK price ends up being next year and how well these are reviewed as it still looks promising regardless of the price.

I hadn’t seen the warranty. $2500 for a single pedal and it is expected to have major issues past 2 years, eh? Incredible.

Time to wait for competitors offers

i mean, whole life without them, easy pass until best offers are in the market