Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread


Yeah, that is just crazy setting, could produce unstable operation (depending on what kind of damping coefficient game will output).


Hi @Mika

maybe you can add a button to check if there is an update of the software and download it automatically ? Same for Simucube 1 if it’s possible :slight_smile:



@Joe @raekwon
What is this supposed to ??? Did I offend someone? Is it a problem for you that I’m not 100% satisfied with the SC2 at the moment? I ask everyone to stay calm and not to insult me, I have the same rights as you all !!! it seems that there are many specialists who know everything better, but please stay nice!

it was recorded with an iPhone 7+ with a distance of 40cm

I’m still trying around with settings and at the moment these feels the best to me. The metallic resonance is quiet but present and most on curbs.


i was playing around and maybe ingame it was to low, so i increased it there. this was with AC. On iRacing i set it to 7%


iRacing does not use the effect at all, so it can be set at any value in that game.

AC does indeed use it.


I did not notice anything unstable. Why is there the possibility to set these dangerous settings then? I have a User Interface with sliders that can be set from 0% to 200% and i’m the strange?


I thought here people help each other. But apparently it is a problem if someone does not like the average and you will be rejected immediately.


oh sorry, it uses friction i see that


and i know also that raceroom uses only sine wave and Friction wich also makes noises. Just to say because of my last screenshot :wink:


@mika for what is the OFF option for? i mean the recon filter


Again, it is not the issue that you like different settings. The issue is that with the settings you want to run, it is not possible to have a smooth silent setup…especially with a low ffb-update-rate sim like iRacing.

So don’t get defensive when people are pointing this out, we’re trying to guide you, but you’re not taking the advice…which is fine, but then you can’t blame the hardware :slight_smile:


this should be the slogan for the next campaign!!!


again, i don’t talk about iracing when i talk about details. I know it has 60Hz, so why should i chose it as reference?


and let me say that iracing is not the game that makes noises or other issues.


I’m at the end of my nerves, so just leave me alone, thanks


Hi Phillip, since you are a highly respected person in the simracing community and also had your hands on these sc2 wheels as one of the first users, I tbink it would be very helpful to all of us new users if you could share your settings, or at least a base setting as starting point for us noobs :wink:


and one more thing, I have always followed and respected all recommendations. What is this statement supposed to do?


What’s with the emojis ? Doesn’t help the situation really does it. The dude is having issues and from reading the recent posts it seems like he is being mocked. It’s very unprofessional.


thank you, thank you, thank you !!!


Hello Raimond,
I can do, but my settings is iRacing-specific, as I don’t race other games…

I am just about to leave from Finland back to Australia, so it will be roughly 30 hours before I can post anything. But you can check my latest 2 or 3 videos, there I explain some of my settings. Just search ‘beano Simucube 2’ on YouTube…