Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread


do you use irFFB for iRacing?


That’s how i can play Assetto Corsa now: thx to your advise to set down slew rate, now i can set Filter Off with max 680Hz bandwidth and finally feel the road surface :slight_smile: with no noises. I’ll test more settings and see, how it influences the driveability.

big THX for your help

Maybe this could be an issue and recon filter 0.01 - 1.0 is needed and not 1.0 - 10.0 :wink:


Using that value is absurd, it completely kills the speed of the servo, but it bodes well with FW updates to solve everything


that’s why i post my settings here with no noises, so GD can investigate faster on this issue :wink:

I swear, now i can feel the road textures on AC, how it should be in my eyes


With this servo no. this configuration is what maximilian benecke uses.
In assetto corssa I have not tried yet


I think it depends of the game, but in AC recon filter on 1.0 kills everything


Seems like we just need more time so that more users can play with settings and come to some sort of agreement on the best baseline settings to start from on each game.

@nicsos123 I’m glad you are finally getting to enjoy your SC2. I thought you were going to send it back to be checked?

Do you think maybe you had changed your settings too far in one direction and that could have been causing the strange noises you were getting?


I really don’t know what’s the point for the noises, because i don’t know exactly how this servo works, but what i know is, that if set recon filter to 1.0 it makes less metallic clinks and it feels too smooth to me. With recon on 10.0 it feels flat. Now with Slew limit at 0.10 - max 0.20 and filter OFF it feels reach of details with no noises in AC and pcars2 and i can’t really feel the slew is going slower.

I hope GD can solve this issue to avoid a senseless shipping.

It is very important to hear from other users how they feel or hear the SC2, to find out if the metallic sounds are normal. Unfortunately, there are very few that are able to exchange useful informations.


this dd units its not supposed to be used whit recon off… same was for any OSW and sc1. seem a bit impossible to me you dont feel any detail with recon 1. for example iracing its plenty of detail also with recon 8 and tbw unlimited


There is rough details that one can feel more when reconstruction filter is off, especially in iRacing. However, that is nothing that the game developers intended it to feel like. It is just noise artifact from the limited update rate of FFB torque commands, especially in the case of iRacing but others as well.


i don’t think iRacing has enough details to feel what i mean. iRacing has good physics and wight forces, but road textures are flat. That’s why I do not use iracing as a ffb reference.


@Mika Is it possible to add a window in TD that shows us the output ffb curve in real time for settings purposes?


It is possible, but limited development time to do such things that do not affect driving feel.


the road texture you want to feel its just noise from ffb… something totaly unreal. not even in a kart you feel that


What I mean I can even feel on my Audi A4, why should this be different in a race car?


For what you want you should sell/ return your SC2 and buy an Accuforce.
There you can mess with all of the canned added filters.

I do not think you will ever be happy with an SC2.


yeah right just return your sc2… its not for you i think and listen to joe advice.


Guys can we just please respect each other’s preferences? The great thing about these SC wheels, wether SC1 or SC2, is that you can tune it just the way like you want it to feel. No one should tell anybody else that their settings are not good, as each has their own preference and/or idea of what is real.


Raimond, respecting other’s preference is not the issue.

The issue is that Niksos are running unrealistic settings, then blaming the hardware for a rattle we all have around Center position when running similar settings. That’s why we have filters, to set things more realistic and being able to tune out unwanted effects.

Unless I am totally wrong, which might be the case, I suspect proper settings will settle his wheel and the rattle around Center down proper. I have the same on all my dd wheels if I use those settings. It seems it was recorded with a sensitive microphone close to the shaft.

Can Niksos confirm this?


Why 194% dampening in fine tuning?