Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread


The Simucube 2 motors are really efficient and if the smoothing reconstruction filter is turmed off, one can feel and hear the really grainy FFB that the games produce.

Reconstruction filter is supposed to be used :slightly_smiling_face:


The Static Force Reduction slider goes always completely to the right :wink:



another test with RR3 , problem friction effect


also to me, but as you move it restores the full scale, I also believe there is still something to be seen again


But as already mentioned SimuCUBE is well known in the world of simracing. I guess the problem could be that Fanatec is an advertising partner of Sector 3 and it seems as if
Advertising Partner > customer


This has already been reported


I love this idea.

I’ve had my SC2 Pro for two weeks, yet I’ve only used it for about five minutes. My first impression was really negative so I’m hoping that the community can come to some agreement about settings before I try again.

The titles I primarily care about are rF2, RaceRoom, Dirt Rally 2, and KartKraft.


iRacing, Dirt4, DirtRally2, KartKraft, ForzaHorizon4 with Gimx,


I’m in the position of having my Pro wired up and ready to go but still have yet to use it as I’m waiting in some pedals to be delivered.

My concern at the moment (I hope I’m mistaken) is that I’m getting the feeling that people are moving sliders and changing settings to try and minimise unusual noises instead of going for the most realistic feeling.

It’s as if you cannot achieve one without invoking the other.

Like I say, I have zero minutes in experience with a DD so I hope I’m 100% wrong.


ok, i’m sorry i missed that


Su Assetto race in the off-piste area also with a 3 filter on the grater type stent.
I also used the reconstruction filter with SC1, which is also a Must for me, I just did some Testing


if you reduce the value to zero the " slew rate limit " that metallic noise disappears


Thank you, i’ll give them a try :wink:

0.10 is the minimum value


And torque mode “enable”


that’s true, on 0.10 it disappears


Try this configuration


thank you mate,

does your servo also makes metallic noises?


One question: I don’t see why to set down Overall Strength, this can be done ingame to avoid clipping and leave the whole dynamic range on the FFB.


i just gave the a try, slew rate on 0.10 did remove the metallic clink, but the whole config itself feels like no ffb to me. Thank you anyway


with this configuration that I have spent my ffb is very good. I have also heard metal sounds, but by activating the torque mode there is no noise. it’s for iracing