Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread


again the only thing wrong is not using reconstruction filter and dampening in the settings.

my Lenze made strange sounds after a simucube update. I had to manually dial the inductance and resistance in granity to calm it. But I can tell you the SC2 pro is a very silent servo IF you set it up right - the servo has no cogging whatsoever but if you feed a noisy signal like iRacing FFB it gives exactly that. don’t forget the beeps you hear are not a speaker - its the servo. you just feed a certain frequency and that thing can play songs! so what you hear is what the servo gets from the simulation - there is nothing wrong with the simucube2 servos.

most sims are not yet tested - don’t ask me why years of simucube 1 experience did not lead to a better result on all the well known simulations for the simucube 2 start. but I am sure we have not seen the full potential of SC2 in any sim yet.


He Mika
Do we need to play with config files in games like on SC1 ore its not needed with SC2?


Also found that it’s easier to catch slides with lower filter setting. Now driving at 2 and unlimited. But your rattling sound of wheel is very strange.



In principle, we should be able to be at a better position for the game developers to include our device to be detected, as we are now the real manufacturer. However, it hasn’t really happened yet for SC2 as the product is so young.

Currently titles that absolutely need in-game editing of config files are Dirt Rally 2.0 and rFactor 2. I’m in contact with rFactor 2 developers to include proper config files.


So for AC ore iRacing if I have adjusted config files for SC1, should I revert it back to original?


For iRacing, the only adjustment really needed is the displayLinearNm thing, and it should be done for all DD wheels as well.

For AC, Simucube devices work great with default configs. All game file modifications are only to make it even better and to enable experimental features that the games do not have user interfaces for. Those features can also be tried on low end wheels, but their effect (improvement or not) is just more noticeable on DD wheels.

No need to revert back settings of those games.



Here is my suggestion for the next version!


High pass filter? strange. Can you describe what effect this would have? Static force reduction filter might be already doing something similar, have you tried it?


Mika, do you think it would be a good idea for you or one of the team to start separate threads with suggested settings for each sim, in the same way that we already have for SC1?

It would be nice for inexperienced DD owners like myself to have a place where we could reference suggested settings and tips from the experienced users who know so much more.

As an example, I wouldn’t know which baseline settings to use for my first try in each individual game or which setting to change if the servo had strange noises or behaviour, similar to what @nicsos123 is experiencing.


Yes. Insufficient time to do it yet, but its the plan. Also there will be game specific data in user guide and also directly in the True Drive software.


Just started one for Raceroom and Simucube 2. I dared share my settings, so lets see if I get called out for the DD noob I am :slight_smile:


Yes i tried Static Reduction and it works good for me. But this has nothing to do with my issue. I don’t have any issues on high torque! Only on high frequecies Vibrations.

That on high frequencies it makes so much noises and i can’t feel really an improvement on the ffb isn’t normal to me. Why am i the only one having this issue?

There must be someting broken, because i’m able to drive only with filter off and cutoff 100Hz and with Recon Filter on it smooths out ewery thing and feels rubbish to me.

So, if you think my base works wery well, then i need to have filtered only high frequencies, because with low frequencis it feels good to me without filter.


Do you really think Static Reduction Filter does something similar? I’,m talking about high frequencies and not about Torque.


I feel like no one is understanding my issues here!!! If noises are normal, why is no one talking about it? Why is every one saying how smooth and reach of details DD feels? Why is my Simucube 2 not like this???


You issue with the metallic noise is something we are investigating, and taking seriously. It might have something to do with unforeseen resonance condition in your wheel/simucube/rig system. There will be a selection for running Simucube 1 -type processing for filters in the servo drive, and that might cure the issue.


One reason is you refuse to use the recon filter. All OSW feel like driving on solid steel tires if you leave recon off.

There may be an issue with your unit, but you need to get used to the feel of the wheel with recon filter on.
Set it to what some of the others are recommending then get into iRacing and start pounding out the laps. If there is truly an issue with your unit it might be more noticable after another 1000 laps or so.


Mika as already mentioned about the noises, I think there is something that creates problems with the clutch effect.
Here I was in Raceroom, look how the steering wheel does if I move the slide


i have same in iRacing, but as i understand these filters have nothing to do with iRacing…


same here, but only on turning to the left


Tonight I wanted to dedicate myself to tests, the first problem is that already written about Raceroom, then:
On Assetto Corsa if the reconstruction filter is actually disabled the sounds from the engine increase, but another strange thing if you go on the off-piste feels like walking on a grater, otherwise no problems again.
On Assetto Corsa Competizione ditto if the reconstruction filter is reset the sounds become stronger and the signal as if dirty, setting it to 2/3 disappears even if not completely and the game seems to go well.
In my opinion, however, there are still adjustments to be made.