Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread


We have ideas of doing just that, after we make a simple ui for users that does not need such explanations. If we do it now, the scrollable settings area would grow large and would make it cumbersome to use.

Tooltips would be easy to add.


the most details on raceroom are fake vibrations. With 1000Hz and filter OFF you can feel the zzzzzz while you’re shifting.


in 1.0.3 then i change something in filters setting under specific profile these changes are saved to profile automatically, without pressing save button. Changed profiles and now “my previous work” is missing :disappointed_relieved:


If you are going to race on raceroom and pcars you need to go to some of those threads for help.
From the way I understand it those titles need alot of things set in the game user interface.
The same is true for AC and rfactor.


If you want to revert to the previous settings, turn off device and turn back on, previous settings will be restored.


Currently on travel, but can share my TD and raceroom settings when I get back. It is a work in progress I suppose, but at least for now it works good for me.


I am looking for a realistic rubbery feeling on my wheel. I have a motion system so I don’t need unrealistic track information in my ffb.

Recon filter 0 or 1 is horrible imo, nothing to do with a real car. I would only expect something like this if I had lost the whole tire and was rolling on a naked rim.

Yes as Beano says, its totally subjective but for a real rubber tire feeling in a real car (GT) I have to set recon to 7-8 in iracing but 2-4 is fine for assetto (tbd unlimited in both sims). The 60hz ffb of iracing is so coarse and notchy! Thats were the recon filter comes in.


Sorry for the other pictures


does this help?

recon: OFF / band limit: 100Hz

recon: OFF / band limit: 330Hz

recon: OFF / band limit: 1000Hz

recon: OFF / band limit: Unlimited

recon: 2 / band limit: 1000Hz


i don’t think the recon filter is there to simulate tires, it smooths out everything! Already recon filter 1 fells too smooth to me, worse than a belt drive. With this filter you are not able to feel a rolling on a nacked rim ingame.


nothing is there to simulate tires. I am doing direct drives for over 5 years - I set things up the way I like, you should do the same :wink: there is no right or wrong here.

you should check your things ingame. if recon 1 feels smooth something is off. it should be VERY informational feedback.


something must be really off on your setup or hardware… worse than a belt drive its something i’ve never heard on DD so far from 4/5 years experience


he says worse like „smoother than a belt drive“. so smooth is bad :grin: hey different strokes for different folks!

my pro is not smooth at all without high recon filter in iRacing (60hz ffb). but its smooth in AC recon @ 2 (360hz ffb).


why is no one able to tell me if the noises heard from my base are normal?


its not dead silent. you hear it whining a bit when torque increases.

if you have a constant metallic noise something is off - like in AC you have to deactivate all artificial effects like abs, road and slip. curbs are fine tho.

edit, just listened to your videos. thats perfectly fine, sounds normal. you are not supposed to drive iracing with recon filter off. back in the simucube 1 days, granite devices stated we should use recon 5 as a baselevel for iracing. again, its because iracing has a really low ffb rate of 60hz. before simucube we used mmos and an argon driver - you had to use lots of dampening to get a good feeling. so the recon filter is a blessing. you think you loose details but without recon you feel just noise that isnt supposed to be there. try irFFB which interpolates the 60hz to 360hz - smooth as butter!

looks like you just need to get used to the smoothness of the recon filter. I use 8 at the moment and I am loving it!


thx for your reply mate.

on high torque there are no noises, just on high frequency vibrations it sounds like a cooking pan. smooth out things with the recon filter feels like no details and its undriveable for me. The videos are recorded with pcars2. iracing is not that loud, because there are no details (vibrations) from itself, also with filter off.


try different cars. the radical is a really bumpy hard drive. try the imsa corvette prototype for the opposite (same simucube settings, feels like a ship)

in reality you don‘t feel every pebble on the road. not even in racekart you would feel too much. there are rubber tires, air, suspension, rubber cups, steering column, wheel… everthing is dampening. thats why I look for that smooth rubbery feeling with my settings.

I remember a reallife GT3 driver saying the torque with a 25nm servo has to be set to 53nm ingame to feel right (servo steering) and he disliked the fact that the wheel gave any feedback on straights… in reallife he wouldnt feel nothing in the wheel on straights he said. vibrations on the wheel could be engine vibrations - iRacing is not considering them it only outputs steering column telemetry. if you want vibes get a simvibe setup (chassis) or a motion system.


that’s right, but here we are not in real life, we need to feel or simulate feelings through our steering wheel and ffb, things like gravity and other fx you feel through the seat. That’s what a ffb should do. If you have a motion rig that simulate these FX for you, then you don’t need FFB FX on the wheel, but with recon filter i’m not able to recover a sliding car.


consumer wheels often use a thing called minimum force. most sims have such a setting to keep these cheap wheels alive. you are not supposed to use it with a DD but maybe it can help you finding your preference.

have you posted screens of your settings in truedrive and iracing yet?


iracing feels smooth and fx less as i said, and no issues there. I allways set min on 0% and i’m really confident with FFB settings and i have a very high level of know how about that. I’m just very disappointed in this DD that was always praised so high and sounds like a g29 at the end. That can’t be normal?! I can’t believe that thousands of people are enjoying it and to me it feels near like crap. Something is wrong here.

Sometimes, when i steer to the left, it sounds like a sheep. This happens on Dirt Rally 2 and Raceroom. I allways play with 100% force on TD and 15-25% ingame