Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread


I might be wrong, but the direct input filter I have assumed that leaving them on 100% will not alter them in anyway from how the game present them. If you leave sine wave at 100% you will not increase nor decrease the sine wave effect from the game.
As far as I have noticed, if I leave the sliders on 0%, the effects are gone so it is sound logic that 100% is then untouched.


Simucube Force Reconstruction Filter on [1 minimum, “fast”] feels rubbery to me and 10 is like flat. Off has best feel but makes noise like a hole glass bottle filled with little stones.

Is that an issue or should it be like that?


That is how SC1 feels. The lower you set reconstruction filter the motor is going to make more noise.
One function of the reconstruction filter is to filter out signal noise. Running zero reconstruction filter on SC1 feels like CRAP!


The higher you set it, the more rubbery it feels. That’s my experience and that’s also what the manual says. So either you have a different explanation of “rubbery” or your screen is upside down :stuck_out_tongue:


If you are more happy with the T300 and did not immediately feel a substantial difference with the SC2 I would suggest you sell or return your SC2.

And to be clear I am not trying to be negative. Most people including myself the first time driving a DD wheel all you can say is WOW!!
Ask your reseller if you can return it. There are plenty of people who are waiting for one. I would not think it should be an issue.


Well, yes, for me it’s also like :astonished: cause Fanatec CSL belt was like made of rubber, and no information on wheel and it was sooooo light. I’ve driven Aston Martin GT4 car in real life and barely could turn wheel it pits. Now i have more or less same strength DD wheel and have tried several TD setting from this community, but cause i don’t understand DD yet, i’m wondering if i can then how to get it more to real life experience…


Their should be some good info soon as far as what settings must people like. The issue now is very few people have tried the new SC2.

If this is your first DD wheel I would suggest going to some of the different forums and read the Simucube threads.
Iracing has alot of info.
The threads are very long, but lots of good info on there.
Search for threads with Phillip and Brion Sohn. Brions post are very loooong, but he gives alot of good info.


This is my first DD wheel, previously I owned a T300 and I have read that you can tell the difference between OSW and DD wheels and even with sprint pedals, they weren’t wrong.
I manage to get an adaptor today whilst I am waiting to receive the correct power lead, and copied other people’s settings that I found on these forums, and afterwards I was like WOW. I have high hopes for my purchase especially how quickly the GD team fixes any problems and all the helpful advice I have found here.


Yes it is amazing!

It takes a little while to get used to not having all of the little rattles etc that you felt in the lessor wheels. At first you are thinking that stuff was detail, but it was just the bad signal noise.
On SC1 in the beginning recon filter 1 seemed the best. After the software matured some more recon 5 felt the best to me.
Many people now like recon 8.

Plus it also makes a big difference if you are running simvibe or motion etc. Then you are getting detail feedback from other sources.


I must admit that doing settings for the first time with a DD wheel is a bit daunting. It is just so different, but slowly I am getting there. I might do it all wrong, but I constantly do better laptimes on tracks with the SC2 in Raceroom.
Acc I have given up on so far, I think my system isn’t powerful enough to run it properly, I don’t get a decent framerate to play it, I got everything on low and it look like shit so leaving that one for now.


waiting for my sc2 pro to be delivered, you can post a picture of your simucube software ffb settings. thanks for everything


If someone is able to send me his TD settings and tell me which combo Game/Car/Track is best for WOW, then please leave these informations here. thx


I haven’t tinkered with all the settings yet but so far I get the best (most realistic) feeling with recon filter OFF or 1, and Torque bandwidth to 100Hz (the lowest setting).
That’s for iracing with F3 at Imola.


Did you fix jsou SC2?


OMG i just tried these settings on Raceroom and it feels amazing, filter OFF and limit 100Hz made it!!! you saved my live bro :wink:


100 Hz low pass filter might reduce some details from the road,but good that it works for you! Please try to also test with 1000 Hz, reconstruction filter 2 or 3, and then the new slew rate limit filter to something like 0.5 Nm/ms. It would give us data on where your gritty sound issue comes from.


You’re welcome, I’m glad it worked for you :slight_smile:


To go back on topic for the TD feedback: I would like to see a short explanation of what each settings does, directly in the TD screen. Either next to the sliders or a popup when you hover over the sliders.
That saves me from looking things up in the manual (once everything is there :wink: )


100hz completly kill the DD experience on level of details… 1000hz should be minimum setting


We are all different where ffb is concerned :wink: